Month: Mar 2015

The Girl on the Quayside [poem]

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She was naught but a girl of fifteen;
her skin was like porcelain unstained.
Her heart filled with delicate dreams;
her fantasies bred unrestrained.

As she lay on her mattress at night
(the moon and the stars in her bed),
no inkling she had of the plight
which would one day engulf her ahead.

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Ride my Heart

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I INVITE YOU TO RIDE MY HEART TODAY on a wave of contemporary folk. Click on this link to listen to the entire title track of my 2010 album. . It’s about a couple who have made a pact that wherever they are in space, time and history, if one of them dies the other will join them. Alan Morrison on acoustic guitar & vocal, Emeli Jeremias on cello and Johan Ahlin on French horn. Produced by Lasse Englund in Sweden.