Gender Myths and Government

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Beyond Patriarchy & Matriarchy in the New Aeon

Love Lies Bleeding

There have been many times when I’ve heard it said by a woman: “You men have had your chance at running the world and all you’ve done is destroy it. So now you can move over. It’s our turn”. Or, as I’ve also heard it said: “The patriarchy has had its day. Now it’s time for the matriarchy, like it used to be way back before men began to ruin the world”. Some questions arise here: Is it really the case that there was a harmonious matriarchy ruling in ancient times? Would women really be better at “running the world”? Is it merely a question of gender which determines how history flows? Or is there another issue which is completely overlooked in any discussion about the world-system and the enhancement or destruction of the world?

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Brussels and Hollywood

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brussels_and_hollywoodImpostors & Bedfellows

RIGHT NOW, I’M IN BRUSSELS, the supposed European capital — or, rather, the capital of the European Union, which has cunningly usurped the real Europe as if it was the same thing, especially in the malleable minds of the young. Which is isn’t. Not at all. The real Europe doesn’t have a capital city. For that Europe has always been a loose group of neighbouring countries which have a common heritage, do business with each other and help each other when necessary. On the other hand, the European Union is a budding superstate conceived by elites (and initiated originally by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, as I showed in an article last year) which seeks to lord it over its member sub-states, as preparation for the absorption of a small number of superstates into a single world government (born out of darkness posing as light). Then the Big Lie and deception will be complete (followed swiftly by its collapse in a blaze of Light).

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More Blessed to Give than to Receive

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The Noble Work of Generosity

WHY ARE WE HERE IN THIS DIMENSION, on this planet Earth, at this point in space, time and history? One may never be able to answer that question satisfactorily enough, in verbal terms, so long as we are limited in our thoughts and ideation by the boundary of words (even though that boundary can be stretched the more we reach it). But we can say that we are all involved — whether we know it or not — in an increasingly expanding growth of understanding in mind and heart which takes us further into the unknown (thereby revealing its knownness) and deeper into the twilight zone of consciousness, beyond any perceived limitations. This is the evolution of the soul — joyfully harrowing, vitally necessary and deliciously inevitable.

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Social Media Friendship: A Contradiction in Terms

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2000 FB Friends

“Congratulations, Alan! You’ve reached 2000 friends today!”, Fakebook announced to me. Teehee! [Excuse me while I chuckle]. This bizarre landmark has forced me to meditate on what the meaning is of friendship in this strangesome day and age. So, first, I will write a little piece about this, then, at the conclusion, I will share three poems I have written on the subject of friendship in a “Facets of Friendship” series, entitled “Friendship Lite” (about superficial friendship), “Fairweather Friends” (a sonnet about those friends who only stick around when the going is good or when they can gain something from it) and “True Friends” (about those few friends in life who can truly be called Friends, who will be there for you, whatever the weather, and on whom you can rely unconditionally. But first, social media friendship…

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© Alan Morrison, 2017

The Prosperity Trap

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WHEN WE LEARN TO TREAD ONLY THOSE TRACKS WHICH ARE UNBEATEN, then life becomes a chain of fulfilling adventures rather than an inadequate series of accidents. When every road sign which says, “Obstruction ahead!”, makes you press your foot harder on the accelerator with anticipatory exhilaration, then an explosion of entropic ecstasy will scatter the colours of your soul across every flickering trace of darkness. Don’t take my word for it (or for anything). Try it yourself. It can only bring you good (which can come in many disguises, including those which look “bad” 😊). If you follow the untrodden road, epiphany after epiphany will spark in your mind until you almost want to beg for mercy from the avalanche of insights received and experiences gained! Hope and faith will grow within you like a snowball rolling parallel down a hill. Then you will begin to see everything as a gift, whether seemingly “good” or apparently “bad”. You will even see that your times of despair in the past were a gift too. For despair is a gift to keep us humble — to enable us more to appreciate the fullness of joy — for it brings a challenge from the Universe to change our ways and deepen.

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Love vs Romance

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I USED TO THINK IT WAS REALLY COOL TO BE ROMANTIC — or, should I say, “A Romantic”. After all, isn’t that what poets, or artists of any kind, are supposed to be? However, the older I’ve become and, maybe, also the wiser I’ve become, I’ve realised just how superficial all that romantic stuff really is. In fact, I came to realise that it is actually a cheap counterfeit of something which goes infinitely deeper — namely, Love. Romance has come to play such a huge part in affairs of the human heart for a number of reasons: Inadequate parenting or abuse as a child; inability to face up to the harsh reality of life in this dimension on earth; a failure to transition healthily from child to adult; superficiality and narcissism; and plain old wishful thinking. All of these aspects have — during the last century or so — been avidly exploited by Hollywood movies and Mills and Boon novels (currently 18,000 of them!).

So here are my reasons for abandoning romance in favour of what it counterfeits so insidiously:

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Just Fucking Do It!

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How many now will seize not just the day (which Carpe Diem signifies) but every moment, second, hour, in every way (beyond how all our drudgeful habits make things seem) — will take our lives out to a place we do not know — will just be crazy for the hell of it and to the wind all caution throw, then watch our earthquake epicentres grow? Microsecond madness is sublime. Trust me. That’s how I’ve vowed to live my briefsome life through every day and all the wholesome time I’ve left on earth, which may be short but always will be sweet.

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