Slippery Slope [new poem]

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The days roll by
showering down
around my ears
like dutiful confetti
at a shotgun wedding
while my flamethrower
of unfulfilled retardant
dreams engulfs them all
in oxygen-starved nostalgia Read the rest of this entry »

Rehearsing for the Storm [new poem]

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I am not afraid of viruses of any kind;
I’ll take my chance, my future undefined.
For I look after my old system of immunity —
eat well, spend time in nature & the sun
and exercise at every opportunity,
take supplements & have myself some fun.

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There’s Something Going On [new poem]

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It’s plain there’s something going on when,
after pouring out some twenty-thousand words
(or more), this soul sane says with weariness,
“I simply can’t be bothered anymore”, & presses on
the key that’s marked <delete> with infinitely more
conviction and panache than it has ever had before. Read the rest of this entry »

Worthy of Love [new poem]

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WORTHY OF LOVE  [new poem]

Some say those you love must be worthy
of that love, and if they’re not, then you
should never waste your love upon them,
shrewdly saving it for 1 who worthy of it is.
This poet used to firmly reason this way too,
until he realised that there can be not one Read the rest of this entry »

The Time has Come [new double sonnet]

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THE TIME HAS COME [new double sonnet]

There’s much fine-trimming going on round here;
I’m slimming down my world to just a flame —
a single candle burning bright and clear.
To keep my equilibrium’s the aim.

So those who make false claims will be the first
to get the axe from my uncensored hand.
Next, constant rudeness which is interspersed
with hubris and disdain will get you banned. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m an Unashaméd Nutcase! [new poem]

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I'm an Unashamed Nutcase

I was HopSkipJumping through a glade
one strangesome Summer’s day when
I ‘lost my marbles’ in the kind of way
which seems to irk straitjacket friends
who revel in their self-appointed roles
to judge the sane as being ‘round the bend’.

They fell covertly from my pocket as I ran
with joy across the desert of this world,
although I was not really disconcerted but Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Never Black and White [new poem]

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Illustration of Vector Tunnel Template. Optical Illusion Curved Vortex Hole

I see no white, by which
I’m meaning 255 times 3.
I see no black, portrayed as
zero thrice in swatchy RGB.
For those are colours which
would not look right on skin.
(In any case, such outerness
is shallow, surface, paper-thin).
I see a lot of shades of pink Read the rest of this entry »

In Mimicry of Faust & Rumpelstiltskin [new poem]

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Faustian Soul-Selling

Dead-hearted, sex-frustrated human counterfeits
(pretended males whose flabby breasts protrude like
shabby tassels on a stripper’s cheapened tartlet tits,
and female impersonators sporting ersatz ‘beards’)
litter the earth like confetti on a bridegroom’s coffin;
ever willing to lick the boots and arses of the nabobs
who imagine they have power given from above.
Every one of them is whirling in a vortex spun by lies,
rejecting counsel and collaboration of the wise,
and void of any semblance of the truth… or love.

The Nazi Reich was seeded here by such as these;
when almost every one espoused the cause or Read the rest of this entry »

An Ode to Idiocy

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This may not look like a new poem; but it is… an Ode to Idiocy! 😉

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I Am Everything and Everyone [new poem]

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I am the poem that no one wants to read
the bird-shit on the washing on the line
the friend with whom your parents disagreed
the nips and tucks performed by Frankenstein

I am the wet dream junkie’s wishful thought
the stuff in which no human wants to tread Read the rest of this entry »