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THIS IS TO INFORM ALL “FOLLOWERS” that Alan Morrison’s investigative and spiritual articles are no longer placed here on The Naked Troubadour, which is now reserved solely for his music and poetry. If you also want to receive notification of his articles, which are published very regularly (e.g. four new items in the last week), the new website, known as “Diakrisis Project”, is here: .

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“The Essential Apocalypse: Making Sense of the Book of Revelation” is ready for download

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HERE AT LAST is the first eBook edition of my 658-page book, “The Essential Apocalypse – Making Sense of the Book of Revelation”. (Front and rear covers above). You will find the download link for it at the foot of this piece as a free downloadable, fully interactive PDF file. This book was first conceived many years ago, but initially only as an in-depth article. It was finally begun as that article in July 2021. Then it quickly turned into a lengthy essay. Then it rapidly turned into a book — the book that you now see here.

The first draft manuscript was pored-through by proof-readers, two of whom have made comments which now grace the Readers’ Comments on page 4 of the book. They look like this:

You will see there that one of the readers had to adjust to my style, which in this book is informal and conversationally tries to engage with readers at a personal level. I wanted this work to be as jargonless and as free from classic ‘Christian’ clichés as possible. I am not ‘preaching to the choir’ but to the world. I have wanted to make the Book of Revelation as transparent as possible to anyone interested in it. And there is much interest in that Book today, mainly through certain elements which have caught the imagination of those who are interested in the many conspiracies which abound in this world, such as the number 666, the ‘mark of the beast’, the four horsemen, the “two witnesses”, and the so-called Millennium. So much baloney has been spoken and written about those elements that I wanted to set the record straight. I am not part of any sectarian belief system (e.g. dispensationalism) and have endeavoured to bring an objective, rational analysis to the text which is compelling in its presentation of what I believe to be the truth and heart of the text.

The Book of Revelation is not a mere florid analysis of the so-called Endtimes. It has been relevant throughout the entire age — from the ascension of Christ to His return, which period is the main focus of that Book. For it seeks to reveal what has been God’s plan of the ages in having what Satan usurped once more “become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ”. It is the revelation of how Christ has uniquely forged that restoration, which we see through His opening of the scroll with its seven seals, which open out into the seven trumpets, which open out into the seven bowls of Divine fury. I hope that I have conveyed that revelation in all its glory.

There are serious warnings in the Book of Revelation to anyone who adds to the text or who takes away from it. I can assure you that these warnings have continually been in the forefront of my mind as I wrote. Now, after having just gone through the book once more with a fine toothcomb, I am satisfied with the contents and it is being made publicly available. (If any readers have an earlier (therefore incomplete) draft of the book in their possession, please could you delete it now). After a few months of the book being available in eBook format (during which time any corrections could be made if suggestions are received), it could be made into a physical, printed book if funds can be raised. I present it to you now (in the link below to version v.1.4) as an encouragement and it comes to you with all my love. 💝

Alan Morrison,
10th June, 2022.


© Copyright, Alan Morrison, 2022

[The copyright on my works is merely to protect them from any wanton plagiarism which could result in undesirable changes (as has actually happened!). Readers are free to reproduce my work, so long as it is in the same format and with the exact same content and its origin is acknowledged]

My Book on the Book of Revelation is Now Complete

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LAST NIGHT, I completed the book on which I’ve been working for the last 9 months. Perfect gestation period for a baby! (Though it has been building in my soul for many years). So now I have a first draft with 622 large-format paperback pages (6″ x 9″) containing 202,000 words. That’s the reason I’ve been holed up for months in ‘self-imposed exile’ in a hovel-on-a-hill in Cornwall. The provisional front cover which I designed is attached to this post. The image on the cover is from the 3rd century ‘Papyrus 47’ manuscript of the Book of Revelation showing a fragment of the uncial Greek text with the highlighted letters denoting the Greek numbers for 600, 60 and 6, the famed number of the beast and number of humanity, 666. There has been so much wild speculation about this number 666 and also the ‘mark of the beast‘. So I hope I have infused some sanity and clarity into the midst of that.

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[I would not normally publish this on my Naked Troubadour blog as all my articles now go on my Diakrisis Project blog. However, the subject matter is so important that I am exceptionally putting it here as well]

THIS MORNING I FEEL MOTIVATED to create what I’ve somewhat pretentiously entitled the ‘State of the Word Address 2022’. It was going to be a video of me as a talking head at my desk. But I thought if I put out the transcript of my talk as a little article, it would be better than exposing my ugly mug to the world, as people can reread sentences rather than having to keep going with the flow of a video recording. So here we go…

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A Knight’s Code to Live By in 2022

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AS ANOTHER WATERSHED YEAR WINDS DOWN — having once more shown the true colours of many institutions, organisations and people, and as a new year looms into view — what could be better than living by a code of sanity which immediately sets one against the rising madness of this world. You can see such a code in the image accompanying these words. It promotes some qualities which are less common today, such as honour, duty, honesty, gallantry, diligence, fidelity, cherishment, self-scrutiny, valour, steadfastness, charity, grace, empathy, compassion, etc. Some years ago, I found what was a very brief but pithy 1000-year-old medieval English Knight’s Code of Chivalry which, over the years, I have substantially adapted and built into the code you see here. I have sworn to exercise it with conscientious dedication and to live by it, to the best of my ability. It is not a charter for mere virtue-signalling, for it demands the highest dealings between one human and another and between oneself and one’s conscience. In many ways, I think it sorts out the wheat from the chaff. I hope you find this helpful and encouraging and that you can even adapt it for yourself. I wish you a very fulfilling and growthful year of 2022.

Identifying the Mark of the Beast & 666

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AS MY ARTICLES ARE NOW PUBLISHED ON ANOTHER WEBSITE, readers here may be interested in the latest addition there, which is an update of a previously smaller article to twice its size. It is an excerpt from my upcoming book on the Book of Revelation. Entitled “Identifying the Mark of the Beast and the Number 666”, it shows what really lies behind these verses of the Bible. Popular culture is now dictating the identity of the mark of the beast (a cue they get from all the wacky interpretations from so many churches!). Popular culture ignores the fact that the Book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ rather than whatever anyone thinks is right. Popular culture makes memes about a “satanic agenda” (when they don’t even know who Satan really is); then it claims that the mark of the beast is a microchip or even a vaccine passport or the vaccine itself. What a travesty! Why do we let them steal the agenda? Since when has the ekklesia let the world-culture dictate the meaning of a Scripture? The answer is: Since churches started twisting it too! The number of pastors and their puppets that I’ve seen online claiming that the mark of the beast is this or that (usually a barcode, QR code, or microchip) beggars belief.

So, if you want to be counterculture (as the ekklesia should be), then what IS the mark of the beast? Or 666 for that matter. If you read the latest piece in my 3-part series on the 13th chapter of the Book of Revelation, you will see what happens when biblical principles of interpretation are applied. First rule of hermeneutics is to see if there are other applicable verses in scripture (especially from the Old Testament) which apply directly to the verse(s) in question and by which they can be more clearly interpreted. Second rule of hermeneutics is to grasp the complete context of the verse(s) in question rather than pull them out of context to suit our own wacky ideas. Without such principles applied, one will simply put mud in the water and come up with anything which takes one’s fancy — a fate which the Book of Revelation has suffered more than any other book of the Bible. Click on the following link to read what I have to say about the identity of the mark of the beast and the number 666. I hope you find it helpful. . And while you’re there, you can join many others in subscribing to the Diakrisis Project blog to get notified of new articles. See you there!

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Hi there! If you are subscribed here on The Naked Troubadour but not to my new blog for investigative and spiritual articles, then from now on you will only see my poetry and music. If that’s okay with you, then fine, I’m glad you’re here. But I recently started another blog dedicated solely to my articles and they will not appear here any more. So, if you are interested in them, you need to subscribe to my new blog, the “Diakrisis Project“. If you click on that name you will be taken there. You can be subscribed to both and then you will have access to all my published material. A number of new articles are on my Diakrisis Project blog. “The Beast Rising Out of the Sea”, and “The Beast Rising Out of the Earth” (both of those are excerpts from my upcoming book on the Book of Revelation), “The Fathering of Lies – Ethical Philosophy for Dummies”, “Why ‘Saving the Planet’ is the Ultimate in Human Arrogance”, “Transhumanism, Posthumans, & the Need for Authentic Leadership”, and more than 300 other items. So go to the Diakrisis Project blog now and subscribe. I look forward to seeing you there!


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FROM NOW ON, all my spiritual and investigative writings will be placed on my new Diakrisis Project blog and NOT on the Naked Troubadour blog, which is now reserved solely for my poetry and music. So, if you want to continue to receive notifications about my spiritual and investigative articles, essays and reflections, you will need to go to and subscribe there. I have no way of carrying over the many subscribers on the Naked Troubadour to the new blog, so you will have to do it yourself. Remember… only my poetry and music on The Naked Troubadour blog, while my spiritual and investigative articles will be on The Diakrisis Project blog. There are already many new pieces on there which you are missing out on. So please go there now and subscribe. Thank you and see you there!

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AS THE DIAKRISIS PROJECT BLOG has now been completed and gone live, the spiritual/investigative articles on the Naked Troubadour site will gradually be deleted as they have now been transferred to the the new blog which you can find here: If you wish to continue to receive notifications about new articles written, you will need to subscribe at the Diakrisis site. From now on, The Naked Troubadour is being reserved solely for my poetry and music (or articles about poetry and music). So please don’t forget to re-subscribe on the Diakrisis site if you still want to receive notifications about my articles!


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FROM NOW ON, this blog, “The Naked Troubadour” will be reserved solely for my poetry, fictional writing, and music (or articles about poetry, writing, and music) and will function as my arts blog. In future, all my investigative or spiritual articles will be on a completely new blog, entitled “The Diakrisis Project” (link below). This is a revival of a hard-copy magazine I started in 1990 called “Diakrisis” (Greek for discernment, the ability to choose wisely), which morphed into an online service later in the 90s and continued until around 2011 when I went under the radar to go right back to the drawing-board regarding spiritual matters. I emerged from that, recharged and renewed, in 2017 and wrote the book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait”. Now, continuing in that vein, “Diakrisis” is back as “The Diakrisis Project” blog, with around 300 items already there for you to read. As I will not be putting any investigative or spiritual articles on The Naked Troubadour in the future, if you are following me here and you want to continue to receive an email notice about my articles, please go to where you will see an invitation to “follow” or “subscribe” by registering your email address to receive a notification each time something new is published. I look forward to hearing from you there. To whet your appetite, a new 8,000-word article, entitled “Transhumanism, Posthumans, and the Need for Authentic Leadership”,  has just been placed at the top of “The Diakrisis Project” blog (with PDF version at the foot of the article, if you prefer that). I hope it will set the standard for what is to come. Blessings and best wishes from me!