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FROM NOW ON, this blog, “The Naked Troubadour” will be reserved solely for my poetry, fictional writing, and music (or articles about poetry, writing, and music) and will function as my arts blog. In future, all my investigative or spiritual articles will be on a completely new blog, entitled “The Diakrisis Project” (link below). This is a revival of a hard-copy magazine I started in 1990 called “Diakrisis” (Greek for discernment, the ability to choose wisely), which morphed into an online service later in the 90s and continued until around 2011 when I went under the radar to go right back to the drawing-board regarding spiritual matters. I emerged from that, recharged and renewed, in 2017 and wrote the book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait”. Now, continuing in that vein, “Diakrisis” is back as “The Diakrisis Project” blog, with around 300 items already there for you to read. As I will not be putting any investigative or spiritual articles on The Naked Troubadour in the future, if you are following me here and you want to continue to receive an email notice about my articles, please go to where you will see an invitation to “follow” or “subscribe” by registering your email address to receive a notification each time something new is published. I look forward to hearing from you there. To whet your appetite, a new 8,000-word article, entitled “Transhumanism, Posthumans, and the Need for Authentic Leadership”,  has just been placed at the top of “The Diakrisis Project” blog (with PDF version at the foot of the article, if you prefer that). I hope it will set the standard for what is to come. Blessings and best wishes from me!

Mapping Out the Book of Revelation

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MAPPING OUT THE BOOK OF REVELATION. Laying it out on the floor and correctly dividing it with colour-coding into the Introduction, 7 parallel visions, and the Epilogue.

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A Personal Hello for Once…

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OUTSIDE TODAY, here in the mountains, everything is in the clouds, low visibility with rain and freshingly cool for April. Inside the cabin, the cosy smell of smoke from the wood-burning stove, a stack of washing-up in the background, and in front of me a (so far) 15,000 word article (entitled “$cientistic Dictatorship: The Use of False $cience and Medicine to Control Society”) and an unfinished song being written on my laptop, a mug of ginger tea standing next to it. Just a personal “Hello!” from me, for once…

The Cult of Trump and the Demise of Veracity

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[Readers who would rather download a PDF format edition
of this piece will find it at the foot of the article]

INTRODUCTION: The Cult of Trump and its Strange Bedfellows

There is going to be a lot of counselling needed soon in the Western world. I am referring to the followers of Donald Trump, who are going to be hugely disillusioned when they discover that in four years not even the tiniest part of the swamp was ever cleaned, that all the paedophiles in the world have not been arrested, that Amerika has not been made ‘great again’ (and never really was, actually), that QAnon must surely be an intelligence services psyop to test the gullibility of conservatives/rightists and as a likely pilot for future mind-control projects, that the “deep-state cabal” has remained completely intact (not even been dented), that all the wonderful acts of justice which had been promised to happen never took place, that Joe Biden has been inaugurated without a coup d’etat occurring, and that Trump has not got another four years, as they claimed he definitely would. Really, it has all been a spellbinding four years of hypnotic powermongering and cult-gathering.

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My 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

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For what it’s worth… here are my resolutions for 2021. And if I may add that all these resolutions are distinctly achievable. I never make stupid resolutions like “To climb Mount Everest” or “To marry the woman of my dreams” or “To parachute off the Empire State Building”, etc.

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“Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait” Has Now Been Extensively UPDATED to v.2.0!

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Dear Friends,

“Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait: The Road I Have Chosen” has now been updated to its third edition, version 2.0. After weeks of work, version 2.0 is now available for download FREE OF CHARGE from the download page on its dedicated website, . This new edition has 670 pages, almost 250,000 Read the rest of this entry »

Israel: The Making of a Terrorist Nation-State

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BELOW IS A 2009 MAILING that I sent out to my news and views email list (since discontinued) of some 1500 worldwide subscribers. I just rediscovered it on an old external hard drive and reckon it has as much relevance today as it did then. So I publish it here unchanged.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dear Friends:

Having read my earlier article, “Abraham our Father: Jerusalem our Mother”, which overturned the false claim that modern Israel is a land promised by God for Jewish people today, a subscriber asked me recently if Israel therefore has any right to exist as a nation-state. It is high time for a little update on my thoughts about this matter, so this is what I want to address here. (I would respectfully ask that you look at all the weblinks too as they contain much explanatory and supporting information).

Previously, I have taken a kind of semi-neutral stance on this specific subject of a nation’s right to exist, and I haven’t really gone into it in very much detail. One of the reasons for this was because in my original lengthy article about Israel, I was providing specifically a theological examination of the whole aspect of Israel and did not want to allow any Read the rest of this entry »

BREXIT: A Théâtre de l’Absurde Contrivance

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I WAS GOING TO WRITE ANOTHER ARTICLE about the théâtre de l’absurde contrivance known by its portmanteau word, “Brexit”. But, being in a playful 🤪 geeky 🤓 frame of mind today, I created an image instead. Feel free to share…

*SPECIAL NEW YEAR OFFER!* Download Book Now for EVEN LESS than Free! 😉

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*SPECIAL NEW YEAR OFFER!* Previously, my new book was ABSOLUTELY FREE to download, and many have already taken advantage of that. But now you can have it FOR EVEN LESS THAN FREE 😲 when you click the link below! Containing 606 pages and 224,000 words, with 7 chapters and 10 appendices in 235 sections, plus 734 footnotes, it begins with 70+ pages of spiritual autobiography, followed by sections on such subjects as “The Hallmarks of the Spiritual Life”, “Self-Awareness & Unravelling Your Baggage”, “How to Be Protected from Darkness”, “The Link Between Darkness & Disconnectedness”, “Who is the Christ & Why Did He Come? ”, “Understanding the Spirit of the Antichrist”, “The Scourge of Religious Correctness”, “The True Meaning of Satanism”, “Christ Never Came to Start a Religion”, “The Benign Power of Disillusionment”, “The Forces of Darkness & the Power-Elite”, “New Age Satanism”, “False Authority & Paedophilia”, “Resistance to the Light”, “The Purpose of the Creation of this Cosmos”, “Compromising Christ with Churchianity & Christianism”, “The Cosmic Vortex of God”, “666 & the Mark of the Beast”, “The Myth of the Patriarchy (& Matriarchy) ”, and so much more! As this “civilisation” spirals into its inevitable downfall, this book is a call to authentic, radical spiritual discipleship to bring hope and purpose into the midst of this orchestrated chaos. If you’re disillusioned with so-called “spirituality” today or you’ve felt alienated or have been abused in a church, sect or cult, or if you’re simply curious as to what lies behind this life and your place in it, then this book will put all that into perspective and provide some pointers on your pathway. (You can read the front and rear covers by clicking the attached images). Now you can download this book in a specially-designed interactive PDF file (pleasantly readable on all devices and Kindle) for EVEN LESS THAN FREE OF CHARGE 😲 by clicking on this link: . (PS: I am always more than willing to discuss personally any of the aspects of the book about which you may have questions. So please don’t hesitate to contact me by personal message or email, as many already have done. I welcome interaction! 💖). [PPS: Please share this post/information/offer with your friends! Thank you!]