Looking Forward to Being Excluded from “Normal Society”…

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Whenever I try to make a “meme” I always wind up with an essay! It could have been much longer. Soundbites don’t work for me… 🙃

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BREXIT: A Théâtre de l’Absurde Contrivance

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I WAS GOING TO WRITE ANOTHER ARTICLE about the théâtre de l’absurde contrivance known by its portmanteau word, “Brexit”. But, being in a playful 🤪 geeky 🤓 frame of mind today, I created an image instead. Feel free to share…

Dear Victoria Beckham…

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Dear Victoria Beckham,

I can’t help noticing the vast number of people on social media dictating to you that you should constantly smile when out in public. I found this so bizarre that I feel compelled to pen these open words of support to you.  Read the rest of this entry »


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It isn’t often one can get close up to a Jackdaw (Swedish: Kaja) in the wild. But this fledgling, who can barely fly, allowed me to approach him/her and posed politely for a photoshoot! Beautiful bird (smart too). Look at the gorgeous eye colour! Click it into full size on your screen and see the feathery detail!

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Nothing Stays the Same [poem]

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Even though our faces take the same form every day,
Secret changes happen there (the realful underplay).
The time will come when –
Looking in the mirror at our eyes –
We’ll see that transformation comes
And realise
Time flies.

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