Alan Morrison

Originally from the UK, Alan is a writer, poet, songwriter, performer and occasional actor — a troubadour who could be found in any one of a number of European locations, having lived and practised his art in France, Sweden, Germany and Spain. He lives wherever he is called to be at the time. He regards himself as a “Cosmic Warrior” — a bearer of the Light of Christ and a lover of Truth.

Shortly before the turn of the century, he determined to live entirely from that art or starve (inspired by the central character in Knut Hamsun’s ground-breaking 1890 novel, “Hunger”). So, for the last nearly two decades, thanks to the encouraging generosity of others, he has survived and created much, having written numerous articles, published a 200-poem eBook, a 670-page spiritual autobiography and presentation, performed many concerts, worked with many musicians and created four CD albums.

Although Alan’s music has been described by one reviewer as a mixture of “English folk rock, contemporary folk and alt. country”, it is so much more than that. Whether it is a slow ballad to tear out your heart or a more upbeat piece to shake up your mind or a ‘song of conscience’ on a controversial social issue, its aim is always lyrical communication. One musician listener said: “Your music always makes me want to sing and cry!”

Creating profound, thought-provoking poems and lyrics with fine-lined melodies — coupled with an empathy for the privileges and perils of human passion — Alan creates messages of love and conscience: music from the heart for the soul. You can hear samples of music from three of his albums at https://soundcloud.com/alan-morrison .

During recent years, as a multi-disciplinary artist, Alan has been involved in a number of creative projects. In 2006, he released a 12-track pilot CD album, entitled “A Trace of Sky”, which was recorded in France and distributed to selected people on a word-of-mouth basis. Through this, he was testing the relationship he believes that all art should have between the creator and those who receive it.

In 2010, he released the CD album, “Ride my Heart”, recorded in Stockholm, Sweden by Grammy-nominated producer, Lasse Englund. For international distribution, this received a good response. “Hard not to like… powerful songs with good lyrics and a warm voice”, said IKON Magazine. “Alan Morrison creates smart, beautiful love lyrics that live beyond the ‘oh baby’”, said Kristianstads Newspaper.

In the last half of 2010 and throughout most of 2011, Alan spent time in Sweden — some of it in an old stable on a horse-farm in the countryside near Ystad in the south of the country — quietly writing songs and poems, preparing himself for his next project.

In the first half of 2012, Alan was organising performance projects in France, where he was acting in the professional theatrical production of a touring English theatre company as well as writing and performing the incidental music for the stage in the same production.

In June 2012, he began recording his next CD, “The End of the Song”, again in Stockholm. Containing sixteen top-class musicians playing twenty-one instruments (including a string section, cor anglais and French horn), this CD was launched in March 2014.

In March 2015, Alan designed and published an eBook containing more than 200 poems, entitled “Vagrant on the Hinterland of Time: Poems, Songs & Sonnets”.

In the Summer of 2016, he recorded another CD album in Stockholm, entitled “The Key”, with a number of the songs having a full orchestral accompaniment, played by the Stockholm Concert Orchestra, directed by Johan Ahlin (who arranged the strings on Alan’s previous CD). The producer was Otto Wellton, at the legendary Kingside Studios near Stockholm.

Throughout 2017, Alan was working on a didactic novel, entitled “Reluctant Angels”, which was shelved in 2018 to make way for a related project — a 600-page, 244,000 word spiritual autobiography and presentation, entitled “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait: The Road I Have Chosen” ( available at https://narrowgate-pathwaystrait.com ), as well as writing many articles and poems. As of 2021, Alan is writing a book on the Book of Revelation, entitled “The Meaning of Apocalypse” which is scheduled for publication in the Spring of 2022.

As of September 2021, this blog at The Naked Troubadour is only used for Alan’s poetry and music. His spiritual and investigative articles will in future be published on the dedicated blog, The Diakrisis Project, which can be found here: https://diakrisis-project.com . There you will find some sample chapters of the above books, many articles and essays, social commentary, and exposés of world developments.

Please feel free to interact with Alan via the contact page by clicking on the tab at the top of the page. He is not only open to discussion on the topics he covers but is also available to give concerts internationally as well as a variety of talks and courses.

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