Time to Make a Public Appearance

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IT’S TIME to make a public appearance again, just to put a personal touch on what I write here. This shoot was from a stroll yesterday deep in a forest, in army “fatigues” (though with sandals instead of boots! 🙃), as an indefatigable cosmic warrior. ⚔️💥

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A Bouquet of Ifs [song video]

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #79: “A Bouquet of ‘Ifs’”. Just completed a couple of days ago, this song takes me back to my folkie roots again, where I love to be. With my 12-string guitar too. It’s a song which, in part, reflects the saying from The Little Prince: “That which is essential is invisible to the eyes”. As one of the lines suggests, we need to go “Beyond the broken boards which blight this theatre’s floor” and “live in truth and screw all else”. It’s time to let go of the “desperate barbs” which we clasp and un-immerse ourselves from the “childish shadowlands” where we choose to dwell. Click to see and listen. Here are the full lyrics:

If I thought that you could take the truth,
I would feed it to your soul.
If I believed that this would be of use
and would fill your aching hole,
I would make a featherbed for you
of dandelions and myrrh.
But you’re too immersed in shadowland
and the child who you once were.

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You’re So Naive!

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“No More Wasted Love” [new song video]

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💖 Living-Room Video #57: “No More Wasted Love” 💖 This is a new song about refusing to compromise in relationships — about not only wanting the best but also wanting to be the best, in terms of integrity, authenticity, mutual encouragement and perceptive self-awareness. It’s all in the song. Here are the lyrics:

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“I Would…” [new song video]

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #53: “I Would…”. Here is a new song which speaks of immersive, what I call “holistic” love in a way which transcends mere infatuation, showing how a real sexual relationship involves not just the physical but the whole person. I hope it moves you. Here are the lyrics:

I would bathe me in your blood
if you were real.
And spectators, please don’t
hold me by my heel.
For no portion must be spared
and I give my ‘all’ right there.
Such completion is the spark
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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #46: “Blonde for a Day”

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #46: “Blonde for a Day”. Please enjoy this exuberantly direct song which I’ve just written. (Well, I enjoyed writing it!). The social context is all in the introduction on the video. Hope it resonates. The lyrics are below. Love to one and all… 💝
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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #39: “Fathomless”

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🔥LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #39: “Fathomless”🔥. There is a nautical meaning to the word “fathomless”; but this song carries the metaphorical sense, as explained in the video. (See you there). In my head, there is a light band, string quartet and cor anglais. Definitely one for the next album! 😉 Here are the lyrics:

I’ve always swum to the bed of the sea;
have no desire just to skim.
Somehow the pull of the deep conquers me:
Love living out on a limb. Read the rest of this entry »

LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #38: “My Friend Called Pain”

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #38: “My Friend Called Pain”: Newly-written song about my recent extended experience of pain and how I came to terms with it. I befriended it! More details in the video. On my next album (recorded in Athens? 😉 ), this will have The Big Treatment, complete with orchestra. Here are the lyrics:

When first she came to touch me as a thorn deep down inside,
I saw her as an enemy — an assailant of my mind.
But little did I realise when first we met that way
that she’d become a treasured vintage wine. Read the rest of this entry »

“Virtual Embrace” (from my album, “The Key”)

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The relationship one has with one’s songs is always interesting, as each contains a little piece of one’s heart. But there are some which have a special place in there. Out of the 300 or so songs which I’ve written over the years, “Virtual Embrace”, is still in my top five personal favourites. I was so happy in the studio when it got the treatment it needed from producer, Otto Wellton (who also played the very tasteful piano part), and the arrangement for the Stockholm Concert Orchestra (oh, those sweet, sweet strings!) by their director, Johan Ahlin, and that “submarine” bass from Samuel Laxberg. The song recounts an occasion when I met an old friend after many years and we each pretended that we were happy when we weren’t. “How are you?” Pause. “Fine”. Familiar scene. But between us there was a virtual embrace which awaited fulfilment. A snapshot of truth. Please click on the link above to listen. Here are the lyrics:

She looked me in the eye and said “My dreams are satisfied”
but something else was screaming from inside.
The smile upon her face didn’t match her mournful gaze —
I saw through her disguise Read the rest of this entry »

LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #34: “My Rocketship, ‘Apocalypse’”

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #34: “My Rocketship, ‘Apocalypse’”. Here’s another raw video of a song I just wrote. It’s just a very personal (if somewhat surrealistic) take on some old situations and their consequences in my life, and my being freed from them. It contains 4 verses, 4 refrains and a vocal bridge. (There will also be an article related to this on my new website specially designed for articles later this month, entitled “Truth Attracts Lies & We All Know Why!”). I hope that it speaks [sings] to you. Living-Room Videos are made of songs I just wrote. They are not professional grade but raw and acoustic, filmed on a webcam in my living-room. If this was in a live concert, there would be a full band, synthesizer and orchestral instruments. Here are the lyrics: Read the rest of this entry »