“Powder & Lies” (official video)

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“POWDER & LIES” – THE VIDEO by Alan Morrison. An animated video of the song, “Powder & Lies” (with lyrics), from my most recent album, “The Key”. This is about the “suits” who think they run this world (though one day they will receive a terrible shock). This EXPLOSIVE song has a 7-piece band, including 2 backing singers. CRANK UP THE VOLUME so the whole universe hears it! Credits at end of video. Please share!

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“…and Joy” (LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #27)

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #27: “…and Joy”. Here’s a new “living-room” video of a song I just wrote, entitled “…and Joy”. Designed to inspire and encourage, it speaks especially to those who may feel lost and alone. It comes with love from me to you…  Feel free to share.

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…and Joy [song lyrics]

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Caught in confusion;
obscured from the Sun.
Can’t see your stars stain the sky.
Then we narrow our scope
and we forfeit our hope;
thus allowing our vision to die.

When fear misleads us;
sucks us into its dark
numbed by the ice in our veins.
Then we think we’re alone.
Cannot find our way home.
Wrapped around us: our own self-made chains.

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“Sophia” (LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #26)

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #26: “Sophia”. This is a home-performance of the new song I wrote a piece about yesterday. It’s about a recurring dream I have in which I come face to face in various situations with a feminine entity. Some say it’s my “twin-soul”. Others that it is a manifestation of Sophia, archetype of wisdom. As for me, I say… Well… have a listen to the song. Just click on the video. Feel free to share.

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Sophia [song lyric]

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I saw your face in a dream.
It had a wild kind of theme.
Light in your eyes
when I saw your face in a dream.

I wandered far through that night;
higher than birds go in flight.
We were there —
angel pair,
when I wandered far through that night.

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Vaughan Williams’s Symphony no 5

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IF YOU RECALL, a few weeks ago I presented Shostakovich’s 11th Symphony as THE symphony for our times, in its realistic depiction of state evil and its warning that history repeats itself. Well, here is another symphony for our times but in a very different sense altogether — one which reflects beauty, honour, glory and everything noble and virtuous about life which is nostalgically lurking on the hinterland of the universe and in a hidden corner of our hearts. The 5th Symphony of the English composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams, is, to my mind, the most beautiful piece of pure music ever written. It is certainly one of the most spiritual pieces of music ever composed. Astonishingly, it was written at the height of the Second World War! Vaughan Williams was inspired to write it while composing his opera “Pilgrim’s Progress”, which he viewed as the manifestation of morality and this is what lies at the heart of this symphony. There is an order and cleanness which feels wholesomely noble. The very opposite of the chaos, amorality and disorder which lay at the heart of Europe when the symphony was being written. From start to finish, it is rivetingly beautiful. Just when you think it couldn’t get any more beautiful than the first movement, the third movement (coming after a lilting scherzo) is nothing less than divine, music to bring you into the presence of God. The final movement is the perfect end to the work; the coda in the last few minutes being one of the most beautiful endings of any symphony ever written.

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“I’ve Tried!” (LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #25)

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #25: “I’ve Tried”.

This is the first song I’ve written for almost 18 months. Lots of articles and poems but no songs. Too much other music-making going on in 2016 with recording and releasing “The Key” album in Sweden to be writing songs. But now they’re back. Details in the video. Enjoy!

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