Shadows of Daddyo, Part 1 [song lyric]

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You think when you’re controlling
the random things unfolding
along the frozen path you tread (so dead)
that somehow you’ll defend your
imagined roundyourself wall
which you’ve built up with years of pain (insane)

I’ve felt the sting of your bite.
I wonder who it was stole your delight?

You long for no adventure!
That invite that he sent ya
just made you stop dead in your tracks (that’s a fact!)
You’re frightened of commitment
you don’t have the equipment
to handle what it takes to blend (surrender)

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“If you Want to Hang Around with me” (LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #28)

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Here’s a new “living-room” video of a song I just wrote. It’s about how easy it is to be a true friend of mine. Feel free to share! With love from me to you…  The lyrics are below:


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Mahler’s 6th Symphony: The Catastrophe of Civilisation

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This is the greatest piece of music ever composed. That is a sweeping statement, I know. But I have believed this ever since I first heard it more than thirty years ago. There are a few other contenders for me (e.g. Bach’s Mass in B minor, Mozart’s Symphony #41, Schubert’s String Quintet, Brahms’ Piano Quintet, Bruckner’s Symphony #8, Shostakovich’s Symphony #11, etc.). But I always come back to Gustav Mahler’s Sixth Symphony; for at the end of it, when the final pizzicato notes have died away, I think to myself “How on earth did any human being ever conceive of that, let alone write it?”

This is a symphony which has you sitting on the edge of your seat in rapt wonder. To listen to a Mahler symphony is to go on a journey, and his Sixth is one hell of a journey! To put it in modern terms, it is like watching a film which has every emotion one can experience within it. (John Williams, the composer of film scores for movies such as Jaws, Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Superman, E.T., the Indiana Jones series, the first two Home Alone films, the first two Jurassic Park films, Schindler’s List, and the first three Harry Potter films, has always said that one of his key influences is Mahler). There are highs and lows, glory and damnation, angels and demons, death and life, destruction and renewal. Way ahead of its time in terms of structure, orchestration and instrumentation, this is an innovative and involving work which still operates within the confines of classical tonality, though one is aware of being in the presence of a genius who stretches the boundaries.

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If you want to hang around with me [song lyrics]

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If you want to hang around with me,
don’t take yourself so seriously.
Hang loose to what you think you own
and don’t regard this earth as home.

If you want to hang around with me,
Ensure your mind is honed and free.
Then be prepared to dance and sing
and don’t be triggered by a thing!

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“Powder & Lies” (official video)

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“POWDER & LIES” – THE VIDEO by Alan Morrison. An animated video of the song, “Powder & Lies” (with lyrics), from my most recent album, “The Key”. This is about the “suits” who think they run this world (though one day they will receive a terrible shock). This EXPLOSIVE song has a 7-piece band, including 2 backing singers. CRANK UP THE VOLUME so the whole universe hears it! Credits at end of video. Please share!

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“…and Joy” (LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #27)

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #27: “…and Joy”. Here’s a new “living-room” video of a song I just wrote, entitled “…and Joy”. Designed to inspire and encourage, it speaks especially to those who may feel lost and alone. It comes with love from me to you…  Feel free to share.

(Click on the link below the video to read the lyrics)

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…and Joy [song lyrics]

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Caught in confusion;
obscured from the Sun.
Can’t see your stars stain the sky.
Then we narrow our scope
and we forfeit our hope;
thus allowing our vision to die.

When fear misleads us;
sucks us into its dark
numbed by the ice in our veins.
Then we think we’re alone.
Cannot find our way home.
Wrapped around us: our own self-made chains.

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