“The Writing on the Wall” (song video)

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HERE IS LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #62, “The Writing on the Wall” (lyrics below). This is a New Song for a New Year and it doesn’t pull any punches. It’s about the need for inner conviction, courage, discernment, integrity and a commitment to Truth and Justice. In the studio or concert hall, the arrangement I hear involves an expressive violin part (fills and solo), upright bass, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboard drone, with minimal percussion. But for now you’ll have to make do with l’il ol’ me and my unplugged acoustic guitar. I hope it resonates with you. Here are the lyrics:

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“The Writing on the Wall” (A New Song for a New Year)

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So here we are again
on the threshold of ‘once more’;
another year lies loomly through the door.
Turn the handle if you dare —
if you can handle what I’ll share.
Not for the fainterhearted is this war.

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Imagine an Empty Sky (song video)

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HERE IS LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #61, “Imagine an Empty Sky”. This new song, played unplugged and raw, asks if you could imagine a world without music and birds. The lyrics I wrote three days ago. The melody — in a somewhat mournful but robust folk style — has been floating in my head forever, waiting for its lyrical home. Below are the full lyrics:

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Out of Time [new song video]

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #60: “Out of Time”. This is a new song that was originally going to be a short story. I think it’s an interesting subject. I describe its heart and meaning in the video. See what you think. Click on the heading at the top and you’ll be able to read the lyrics:

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Two-Faced Man [new song video]

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🎼 LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #58: “Two-Faced Man” 🎼 A driving ‘song of conscience’ dedicated to all politicians everywhere. This is ostensibly a new song, though it has been lying unfinished in a ‘drawer’ for more than 15 years and is now complete — having had a number of verses added, many bits changed, and an arrangement made for it. I say more about it in the introduction in the video. Here are the lyrics:

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“No More Wasted Love” [new song video]

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💖 Living-Room Video #57: “No More Wasted Love” 💖 This is a new song about refusing to compromise in relationships — about not only wanting the best but also wanting to be the best, in terms of integrity, authenticity, mutual encouragement and perceptive self-awareness. It’s all in the song. Here are the lyrics:

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Subterranean Berth [new song video]

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #56: “Subterranean Berth”. Another new song in unplugged format. It’s about what I call “the paradox of down” — the way that in order to be closest to the Lord of the Universe and Master over all, one has to be stripped of everything unnecessary for essential survival. Hard, hard lesson. And just when you think that you’re as down as you can be, you discover that there is even further down to go. But, in spiritual terms, down = up 😉 I hope that the song resonates with you. Here are the lyrics:

My dear Lord of the universe
and Master over all…
I’m here filled up with gratitude
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Vaughan Williams’ Glorious 5th Symphony

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THIS MUSIC REPRESENTS MY MOOD TODAY — heartfully wistful, strangely valedictory, gently profound, and full of a yearning for that-which-cannot-yet-be-reached. The 5th Symphony of the English composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams, is one which reflects great beauty, honour, glory and everything noble and virtuous about life which is nostalgically lurking on the hinterland of the universe and in a hidden corner of our hearts. This is, to my mind, the most beautiful piece of pure music ever written. It is certainly one of the most spiritual pieces of music ever composed. Astonishingly, it was written at the height of the Second World War and first performed at the BBC Proms in June 1943 (with the composer himself conducting). Vaughan Williams was inspired to Read the rest of this entry »

“Thinkers” [new song video]

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🔥🤯 LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #55, “Thinkers” 🤯🔥 Written yesterday, this is a song which grew out of the concept of another song, entitled “Blinkers”. I prefer “Thinkers”. It’s more suited to the needs of our time. I wanted a song which would be more encouraging rather than simply observational. It’s more upbeat than many of my songs have been lately. It’s a new era. The lyrics are below:

Once upon a time, I wrote a song.
I called it “Blinkers” — but I was wrong.
It’s not about the blinkers people wear;
and so another song I hereby share:

[1st Refrain]
It’s called “Thinkers”! (c’est necessaire)
Prefer “Thinkers”! (for thoughts we wear)
Let’s have Thinkers (to show we care)

I’m not talking here about IQ.
Thinking’s something which we ALL can do.
We don’t need to have a Ph.D
to let our brains become what they should be.

[2nd Refrain]
We need Thinkers! (who understand)
Just be Thinkers! (and make a stand)
Be deep Thinkers! (now take my hand)
Oh yeah…

Have you ever thunked a startling thought
which you then think that you should not ought?
That policeman’s planted deep in you
by people frightened what your thoughts can do!

[3rd Refrain]
World needs Thinkers! (fearless ones)
Outright Thinkers! (with minds that stun)
Piercing Thinkers! (’cause thinking’s fun)
For real…

The evil folks who think they run this show
must crush your thoughts so that you can’t grow.
They want you mindless watching your TV
on which they exercise their sophistry.

[4th Refrain]
They’re scared of Thinkers (who see right through)
They hate Thinkers! (that’s me and you)
So love Thinkers! (there are too few)

This ain’t about mundanities,
brain-ticklers, or some thoughts that tease.
The need for serious thoughts is grave
if your mind’s no more to be enslaved.

[5th Refrain]
Embrace Thinkers! (with all your soul)
Seek out Thinkers! (that should be your goal)
Your tribe’s Thinkers! (helps you to be whole)
So true…!

   [Vocal bridge]
   The thinking I mean
   ain’t just cerebral.
   You’re not a machine
   who’s trapped in a skull…

Our Creator gave us all a brain
so we could find our way back again
to what we’re put on earth to truly be:
avatars of Light who are strong and free.

[6th Refrain]
That means Thinkers! (who see what’s real)
Free-range Thinkers! (who more than feel)
Outright Thinkers! (who will not keel)
Oh yeah…!

In school they taught you all just what to think
so your minds would come to be in sync
with the powers which work behind the scene,
so you’d then be used as their machine.

[7th Refrain]
So be Thinkers! (a rebel force)
Brave bold Thinkers! (who’ve gone back to Source)
Untainted Thinkers! (with love, of course)

When your thinking’s finally your own,
you’ll no longer merely be a clone
of those who want to make you think like them.
Your integrity will blossom then.

[8th Refrain]
You’ll be Thinkers! (in word and deed)
You’ll see Thinkers! (within your feed)
Just free-Thinkers (born to lead)

Something interesting which you should know:
Thinking opens up the rate of flow
exponentially; it’s like a dam
which bursts its wall, so then you can…

[9th Refrain]
become Thinkers! (in a full-time sense)
All-out Thinkers! (without a fence)
Profound Thinkers! (it’s so intense)
It is…!



© Alan Morrison, 2020

Letting Go [new song video]

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🎬 LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #54 🎬, “Letting Go”. Here’s a new song written as a result of the feedback I received from a post the other day, entitled “People Among Your Close Friends or Family to Remove Yourself From”. The first line of the song, “Learning to let go is not an easy thing to do”, popped into my head and the rest flowed from there. Here are the full lyrics: Read the rest of this entry »