To Whom Do You Bow Your Knee?

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LIVING ROOM VIDEO #77: “To Whom Do You Bow Your Knee?” This new song, written last night, asks that simple question. For everybody serves someone (or maybe even someTHING). And if you say, “I serve no one and nothing”, then you most likely serve yourself (which is someone). 🙂 Everybody serves someone. Who you serve will determine not only your way of life and relationships, but it can even have far-reaching consequences well beyond this present realm. This song would be cool with some banjo and fiddle, upright-bass, and a bit of subtle percussion in a concert or in the studio. But here it’s just me and my unplugged acoustic guitar. For those who like to know these things, the guitar is in Dsus4 tuning (DGDGCD). Here are the lyrics:

Friends, I hope you will excuse me
if I address some solemn facts.
For within these fewsome verses
some bold controversy enacts.
So, I here present this love-song:
for vain ideas it counteracts.

Are you wondering what’s been happening
across this crazy beauteous sphere?
Do you find you’re having trouble
grasping what’s been going down here?
Well, it all falls into place
when you identify the mutineers (or puppeteers).

Cos the world you watch around you
is not controlled by who you see.
Those folks called politicians
are just a front for background villainy.
This is a world based on deception —
watch out to whom you bow your knee!

[1st Refrain]
This goes back to ancient days
when certain angels misbehaved.
That then spread to human ways,
thus human hearts became depraved.

Now behind the veil of matter
which thrusts itself before your eyes
is a secretive dimension
which, in a sense, means matter ‘lies’.
But about that veiled dimension
you need to learn and thus get wise.

For therein’s a mighty battle
which has spilled over on to earth,
where angels are in warfare —
some fight for right for all they’re worth.
For the rulers of this age now
resist the one that’s giving birth.

Earth received an ultimatum
two thousand crazy years ago.
I tell you this verbatim
so from now on you’ll surely know:
“Turn from darkness unto light —
to God from Satan”, then you’ll grow.

[2nd Refrain]
This goes back to ancient days
when certain angels misbehaved.
That then spread to human ways,
thus human hearts became depraved.

So, I finish with a question;
I ask it unreservedly.
It reminds me who I’m serving;
I ask it deep and tremblingly.
So, my friends I ask it kindly:
“To whom do you bow your knee?”

© Alan Morrison, 2021

[The copyright on my works is only to protect them from any wanton plagiarism which could result in undesirable changes (as has actually happened!). Readers are free to reproduce my work, so long as it is in the same format and with the exact same content and its origin is acknowledged]

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