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“No More Wasted Love” [new song video]

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💖 Living-Room Video #57: “No More Wasted Love” 💖 This is a new song about refusing to compromise in relationships — about not only wanting the best but also wanting to be the best, in terms of integrity, authenticity, mutual encouragement and perceptive self-awareness. It’s all in the song. Here are the lyrics:

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“If You Can Answer Yes” [Living-Room Video #45]

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“IF YOU CAN ANSWER ‘YES’!”, Living-Room Video #45. This is a song about real connection in relationships. As I recently wrote: “I would never get into a relationship unless it was based on a mutual desire to create a masterpiece”. In this song you can see the brush-strokes behind such a masterpiece. I would even say that this song is a vivid example of verbal foreplay. (That should freak a few folks out! 😉). . Click above to watch the video. Here are the lyrics: Read the rest of this entry »

The Challenge to Modern Womanhood: Rediscovering the Gentle and Tranquil Spirit

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A great many people get mad these days if you start quoting the Bible. I had a woman insisting to me recently that the Bible was written in the seventeenth century by some church people appointed by the king who were creating a book with which to oppress the people! She said that even if there were any original texts they were long-since lost and that it was all just made up. Another said to me that the Bible was cobbled together by some evil church people in the fourth century who deliberately missed out the real books which should have been in there (by which they are referring to what are known as “pseudepigrapha” — books written by false teachers using the names of the apostles and disciples of Christ to give their own wayward teachings some authority). Read the rest of this entry »

Free Download of my eBook, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait”, Now Available

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Front Cover

I AM VERY PLEASED TO TELL YOU that my new book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait: The Road I have Taken”, has just been published and is now available for download in high-resolution interactive PDF format from its dedicated website: https://narrowgate-pathwaystrait.com . There is no charge for the book, which is completely free as my love-gift to the world. It now contains 595 pages, 219,000 words, 1.3 million characters, 243 headings and 700 footnotes. On the site, you will see a number of tabs which will tell you about the book and its background, show you some readers’ comments, together with a page for downloading, including instructions. It also has a page for “Sample Pages” of the book, where you can preview the Contents pages. Plus, there is a “Contact” page where you can communicate with me directly or request to be on the Under the Radar email list. You can also contribute to the Readers’ Comments page by sending me comments of your own about the book.

This has been nine months of solid work. I hope you will think that it has been worth it! For me, it has been a wonderful experience of faith-deepening and mindblowing epiphanies.

UPDATE: The book has just been updated to version 1.04a. A couple of important updates in two places were made after I had a Eureka moment in the night! Some typographical errors were also corrected. I would strongly advise downloading this version in preference to any previous versions. This should stabilise now.

Love & Blessings from me to you,
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Aiona [poem]

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This frail, dependent endophyte engages
with my eyes in hesitation’s insight
as I ask her soul: “What is your story,
O child who sojourns from beyond the Sun?”
Then she locks her trusting vision cleanly
(for I have seen no dirt or tarnish there)
upon the centre of my pupils with
that heady mixture of naivety
and wisdom only children here can know
and speaks with wordless laughter mingled with
the swagger of a womb survivor’s ease:
“I have returned to play my walk-on part
within this dream-play specially made for me”.
At which I saw her mother’s tears fall to
the earth to play their part in nature’s game
of come and go and ebb and flow in time.
For though she fed this girl-child from her breast,
she also saw the last page of the play
and, despite her grudging heart acceptance,
it still was like a dagger in her chest.
To bring a part of you into this realm
and know she will one day no more be here,
would any mother’s ardour overwhelm.
Therefore, the only way for mother’s grief
to be annulled and thus, in love, made whole,
is not to dwell upon the passing charm
which shows itself alone in outward form,
but see the endless being hid behind
the smiles, the tears, the theatre’s cause: Her soul.

© Alan Morrison, 2018

Ethical Quandaries: Is it Always Wrong to Judge?

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Ethical Quandaries

This is the first in a mini-series in which I examine closely a few modern ethical quandaries, which have only become quandaries because people make them so. When one cuts through the bullshit, understanding them is actually very simple and even liberating.

In this article, I begin the series by asking the question: “Is it always wrong to judge?” Today, it has ­become extremely fashionable to say that “We must never judge” or “We have no right to judge another”. In fact, it has become a kind of litmus test about your credibility as a decent human being. If you judge others, so they say, you cannot be spiritual or a good person. How has this idea that it is always wrong to judge come about? I think it is partly because people confuse the words “judge” and “judgemental”. To be a judgemental person means that one habitually comes to thoughtless, mean or unfounded and condemnatory conclusions about other people, which is obviously not a helpful frame of mind, for oneself or for building a community based on love and grace.

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Exposing the Negative is Positive

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TO BE A TRULY SPIRITUAL PERSON does not mean being able to practise hundreds of yoga positions, or meditate using a certain technique, or sleeping with the right essential oil under your pillow, or owning a bagful of crystals, or knowing how to travel on the astral plane, or being a Reiki master, or posting lots of quotes from Rumi, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle or Deepak Chopra on Facebook. None of those things are definitive signs of being spiritually awake — although such fashionable “virtue-signalling” on social media is often mistaken for being so. However, the reality is that waking up spiritually has a huge “knock-on effect” on one’s perceptions in everyday life, which then has far-reaching consequences and can be the cause of some discomfort and surprise. For waking up spiritually will naturally involve becoming acutely aware of all the deception and skulduggery in the world. It doesn’t matter how “spiritually-correct” one appears to be in one’s projected image on social media; the fact is that a spiritually-awake soul is one who refuses to be “taken for a ride” in ANY sense — whether by politicians, mainstream media pundits, doorstep confidence tricksters, phoney gurus, new age teachers or evil spirits claiming to be of the Light (and there are plenty of those around these days!).

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