“No More Wasted Love” [new song video]

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💖 Living-Room Video #57: “No More Wasted Love” 💖 This is a new song about refusing to compromise in relationships — about not only wanting the best but also wanting to be the best, in terms of integrity, authenticity, mutual encouragement and perceptive self-awareness. It’s all in the song. Here are the lyrics:

“Why aren’t you writing love songs?”
said a voice to me today.
I replied that all my songs have love
within them anyway.
“But that’s not what I meant”, she said,
“as you know very well”.
She’s right, of course, so in this song
I’ll venture forth to tell.

For over years, my views have changed;
I only want the best.
I’m not prepared to compromise
so I avoid ‘the rest’.
Romantic love’s not real enough
to sate me anymore.
I’ve found that friendship is the best
foundation in love’s store.

[1st Refrain]
If you think I’m being too selective —
cut my nose to spite my face, they say —
I’ve the right, in love, to be perfective
finding love to come and then to stay.

But then that voice hits me again
and asks me bluntly “Why
are you still floating round alone?”
So here’s my best reply:
“I’ll wait to find a stream which flows
from mountain down to sea
which hasn’t been obstructed by
a tide which isn’t free”.

If you can’t understand what lies
behind that metaphor,
then you won’t figure out why I’m
a wandering troubadour.
For if someone is still controlled
by shadows from the past,
then all relationships they’re in
are destined not to last.

[2nd Refrain]
Don’t condemn me now for my commitment
not to waste my time on waves of strife.
There’s a need for mutual enrichment:
The only basis for a man and wife.

You’ll never understand why I’m
the monk upon the hill
until you see why I reject
all things ‘run-of-the-mill’.
If frisson-special isn’t there
each time I see her face
throughout our lives, then with me
there can never be a place.

And for the record, now I say
that I’m not speaking here
about the classic beauty which
so many do revere.
My only interest is the soul
which nestles deep within,
and which a healthy lass will show
for that shines through her skin.

[3rd Refrain]
“You’re unrealistic!” says the chorus now
that on the table all my cards I’ve placed.
“Au contraire!” do I cry, for here I vow
no more my boundless stores of love to waste.

I’ve not much time left anyway
to spend on worthless stunts;
and I don’t care if this love song
will cause folks some affront.
I reckon there will be a few
who know just what I mean
because of their experience
and hearts where they have been.

And now my song is over
so you can all now breathe
a long-drawn-out sigh of relief —
that’s what I here bequeath.
In time to come I hope you’ll share
my lack of compromise.
For in the realm of love the ends
by means is justified.

[4th Refrain]
So sacred is the love I have to share;
that’s why I’m now so careful where it’s spread.
Unless two souls are firmly self-aware,
then fruitfully they cannot share a bed.

© Alan Morrison, 2020

One thought on ““No More Wasted Love” [new song video]

    djsbzbee said:
    Aug 27, 2020 at 10:07 pm

    What a refreshing perspective and apologetic! So many are compromised beyond belief. But I believe in redemption and you (and I) are proof that it is real and compelling. The riches of grace are sufficient as evidenced by your willingness to hold out for what is right. Lead with light! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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