Life-Star, part 1 [sonnet]

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When you sit highest in the Summer sky,
and all that can be zenithed shimmers there;
I think of all your powers which underlie
this fallen corner of creation’s lair.
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The Waves we Make [sonnet]

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The waves we make will flow to worlds unseen
if fostered in a heart which will not cling
to what it sings, nor be a dark machine
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A Strictly 3-D Craze

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When boundless love cannot be full expressed
through hands and words and gestures of the heart —
when skin and soul aren’t there to be caressed —
a vacuum grows, and life is lived apart.

To question why one should be in this state,
enrobed in flesh and orphaned without source,
will yield some startling answers arrowed straight
between your eyes to hit you with full force.

Exploding loveness then goes absolute
in longingful magnetic mindly ways.
For skin is always just a substitute —
a second-best and strictly 3-D craze.

Such yearning fosters grief and loss in some.
But on my knees to God with tears I come.


© Alan Morrison, 2018


Mission Statement [sonnet]

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Lonely Man on Earth

Thus, deeper through the undergrowth I flow;
for soon the time will come to disappear.
When kissed beneath the cosmic mistletoe,
it shows it’s time to leave this biosphere.

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Winging It! [sonnet]

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We think that all that’s us should be “in place” —
all neatly stored in boxes on a shelf;
until the day arrives you’re face-to-face
with all the secret layers of your self.

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Why? [sonnet]

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Why should existences exist at all?
Why should eternity not now apply
to physicality [I know… the Fall].
Why is there even need for questions why?

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There is no Autumn [sonnet]

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There is no Autumn in my fertile heart,
where nothing falls but must ascend like heat.
My greensome coloured leaves do not depart
from twigs and branches. Summer’s not complete.

No frost can come my way to freeze the dew.
The crops sown in my fields no harvest need.
For melancholy moments now are few
and flowers in my soul won’t “go to seed”.

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