“A Trace of Sky” (song video)

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #63: “A Trace of Sky”. This new song has a percussive arrangement and would benefit from a full band. But you’ll have to make do with lil ol’ me me and my unplugged acoustic. The song is a slightly surrealistic and metaphorical take on what it means to be a bunch of defences (with a touch of sociopathy thrown in). How important it is to have your face touched, leaving a trace of sky. And just who is that “she”? 😉 Here are the lyrics:

Searching for a reason
He’s trying to find the answer why
Brave hearts to believe in
Need to feel something real inside

So long in the desert
Dried up in the breeze
Barbed wire all around him
Armour-clad… he’s not sad inside

[1st Refrain]
His mum put some
Strange things in his head
His dad was mad
But now he is dead (cobwebs)

Shipwrecked in a bottle
Broken sails on the sea
Big waves going to drown him
Doesn’t care or despair at all

Puffed up in his courtyard
Shades shut out the sun
Blinds down in his windows
Blinkers on — has no song to sing

[2nd Refrain]
When young, got stung
Won’t do it again
Now old, controlled
Think 12 Angry Men (mayhem)

Listened to the circus
Thought it came from outside
Heard clowns in the shadows
Masquerade only made him sigh

Earthmound is his future
Earthbound from the start
Palaces were places not to be
Didn’t know where to go for love

[3rd Refrain]
Girl quest obsessed
Old wounds intertwined
He knew so few
Connections that rhymed (love-blind)

Time to toss out that burden
as far from him as it will go
Don’t mark where it landed
No return, so won’t burn his soul

Fly high in the morning
Shooting stars just for fun
She’ll come in the evening
Touch your face, leave a trace of sky
Touch your face, leave a trace of sky

© Alan Morrison, 2021

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    djsbzbee said:
    Jan 25, 2021 at 9:47 pm

    I’ve always loved this song! 😀

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