LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #38: “My Friend Called Pain”

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #38: “My Friend Called Pain”: Newly-written song about my recent extended experience of pain and how I came to terms with it. I befriended it! More details in the video. On my next album (recorded in Athens? 😉 ), this will have The Big Treatment, complete with orchestra. Here are the lyrics:

When first she came to touch me as a thorn deep down inside,
I saw her as an enemy — an assailant of my mind.
But little did I realise when first we met that way
that she’d become a treasured vintage wine.

She appeared as an intruder — an invader of my space.
She disturbed my equilibrium and she neutralised my grace.
She insisted on her presence when I least desired her there.
How I wished she’d disappear without a trace!

First Refrain:
Do you wonder if I’m speaking of a person that I know?
One with no respect for boundaries, very unsimpatico.
Do you think I’m sounding bitter ’bout a predatory “ex”?
No, it’s none of those whose sting disturbed my flow.

There were times I felt defeated like a tree that’s just been felled;
I resigned myself to lameness with distress unparalleled.
But eventually I realised I that I wasn’t thinking straight;
so my outlook changed — all enmity dispelled.

For I noticed when I fought her, she would win the war with ease;
reduce me to a pulp with this incurable disease.
But then one day I realised if I took her as my friend,
her sting would fade and from her thrall I’m freed.

Second Refrain:
Are you thinking this sounds crazy, like a desperate little scheme?
The ultimate delusion or a strategy extreme?
Well, let me here assure you the Creator’s in control
of our health and pain and all things in-between.

So Pain’s no more my enemy but an ally on my way;
a stern, saturnine influence — my precious protégée.
She keeps me from seduction by the sheen of vanity;
I’m humbled much when Pain comes out to play!

It’s so good to be reminded of our frailty of form;
in this fallen world we live within, it’s easy to be torn.
But our woes can burst the bubble of our ego’s empty hopes;
when we’re friends with pain, we calm the raging storm.

Third Refrain:
There’s just one more thing to tell you re. annulment of my pain:
There were countless times I fell to earth and fervently did pray.
So I came to see that marriage twixt my painfulness and me
(like the answer to my prayer) was preordained.

© Alan Morrison, 2019

One thought on “LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #38: “My Friend Called Pain”

    djsbzbee said:
    Jul 22, 2019 at 8:26 pm

    Finally had some space to listen! This is one of the loveliest melodies I have heard come from you. Really sounds like treasured vintage wine! Pain certainly has a way of taking the sharp edges and pricklies out of our souls when we embrace it’s purpose within a purpose. This is an encouraging and compassionate resolution – especially in light of how more pain is heading straight at the world. So many peeps do not understand others in pain until they experience pain themselves. Our response to pain, for better or for worse, is telling of Whom we love. ❤

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