“Virtual Embrace” (from my album, “The Key”)

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The relationship one has with one’s songs is always interesting, as each contains a little piece of one’s heart. But there are some which have a special place in there. Out of the 300 or so songs which I’ve written over the years, “Virtual Embrace”, is still in my top five personal favourites. I was so happy in the studio when it got the treatment it needed from producer, Otto Wellton (who also played the very tasteful piano part), and the arrangement for the Stockholm Concert Orchestra (oh, those sweet, sweet strings!) by their director, Johan Ahlin, and that “submarine” bass from Samuel Laxberg. The song recounts an occasion when I met an old friend after many years and we each pretended that we were happy when we weren’t. “How are you?” Pause. “Fine”. Familiar scene. But between us there was a virtual embrace which awaited fulfilment. A snapshot of truth. Please click on the link above to listen. Here are the lyrics:

She looked me in the eye and said “My dreams are satisfied”
but something else was screaming from inside.
The smile upon her face didn’t match her mournful gaze —
I saw through her disguise

She quickly looked away to keep my gaze at bay
and said her life had never been so fine.
I knew that wasn’t true but her stilted point of view
had found a home with mine.

For I am
like you I
smile for the crowd
But when I’m
alone I
shall cry out loud

Although I see your soul behind your self-control
I didn’t let you know I knew your heart.
I should have held your hand to show I understand
but my heart is so scarred.

For I have seen too much; yet I refuse a crutch.
That’s why I have this limp and stumble round
I wonder if you see right through my poetry?
I long for love profound.

For I am
like you I
smile for the crowd
But when I’m
alone I
shall cry out loud

So there we two were stood like puppets made from wood
making out we both were in our prime.
Between us in the air — unspoken but it’s there:
a long embrace sublime


© Alan Morrison, 2019 

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