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[I would not normally publish this on my Naked Troubadour blog as all my articles now go on my Diakrisis Project blog. However, the subject matter is so important that I am exceptionally putting it here as well]

THIS MORNING I FEEL MOTIVATED to create what I’ve somewhat pretentiously entitled the ‘State of the Word Address 2022’. It was going to be a video of me as a talking head at my desk. But I thought if I put out the transcript of my talk as a little article, it would be better than exposing my ugly mug to the world, as people can reread sentences rather than having to keep going with the flow of a video recording. So here we go…

Prominent internet services are being built around the provision of information about the state of the world as part of what has come to be known as the “Truth Movement” (though swathes of that I suspect are now compromised as ‘controlled opposition’ or have gone ‘away with the fairies’ into pseudo-optimistic psyops like QAnon or its equivalent).  People broadcasting from their car or living room in their own names, or from a sumptuous studio in “The So-&-So Show”. All competing to be the most informative person ever on exposing the deep state, the global elite or even what they rightly call “the satanic cabal” (by which they seem to believe in Satan without acknowledging Christ!). Their broadcasts are littered with buzz expressions: The Great Reset, Agenda 21, Agenda 30, Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, etc. There is often an almost desperate feel to their broadcasts, as if all people have to do is “shut down Bill Gates” or “oust Fauci”, or get certain people out of political office or, if they don’t believe in governments, increase their resistance or make it more widespread, and all this evil will simply go away. “It only gets worse because you let it become so”, seems to be the claim. “Resist the New World Order and usher in the Great Awakening”, as they say.

Many of the folks running these services have the best of intentions and I applaud them for at least seeing through the bullshit of this world with some perception and putting it out there with some courage. But there is one dimension lacking in that perception which is the vital missing piece of the jigsaw: The element of the spiritual battle. More specifically, it is missing that this whole world is as it is because it lies under the power of evil spirits, demons, archons, call them what you will. Even more specifically, it is missing that those spirits are under the control of a once mighty archangel people now call Satan. Even more specifically still, it is missing that the spiritual battle was won two thousand years ago when God manifested in the flesh (called “the Christ”) overcame the satanic powers, resurrected and ascended to heaven, from where He will one day return. You may understandably say, “Well if he overcame the satanic powers, why is the world still brimming over with evil? Why would he go away and leave us in this hellhole” The answer is because there is a process which has to be fulfilled before the world can be transformed. Let me explain a little more.

The cosmos in its present state is just a temporary ‘theatre’ in which the human stage-show is being played out to its finale. It was originally created in a very different state in which death, disease and other forms of corruption had no place. But prior to that, there had been a rebellion among the angelic beings in another dimension and that fallen element interfered in the human creation, resulting in the fall of this creation also. That fall, permitted by the Creator for His inscrutable purposes, involved a descent into the matter of which this creation now consists. It also meant that since that time this creation has been under the permitted control of the demonic realm I mentioned above. I say “permitted” because this has been allowed to happen by the Creator as His agenda overrides that of the demonic realm. In other words, although Satan thinks that he runs the world and is given a measure of control in doing so, the real controller is the Creator. In other words still, Satan and his band of badass angels are used by God to achieve His own purposes over time. You see, this fallen creation is not “evolving to perfection” in its present state. That is just a satanically-inspired illusion and utopian dream which has been seized on by countless unscrupulous characters over time promising the people a Reich or Empire of stability, security, and prosperity. Heaven does not manifest on the earth in its current state.

It is also a tragic and even childlike mistake to imagine that all the evil people in the world can and will be overthrown by human actions. In this world (unlike in Hollywood movies), the ‘goodies’ do not win. On the contrary, they are ridiculed, reviled, rejected, and assassinated. I have seen so many people believing in a false hope. “The cabal will all be arrested”. “The perpetrators of the pandemic will be brought to book in the International Criminal Court”. Have you not realised yet? With occasional exceptions, there is no justice in this world and goodness and truth do not generally outdo evil and lies. This is the sad reality of this fallen world. After all, even the Christ Himself said that Satan is the ‘father of the lie’. So what chance has truth got in this world that is under satanic dominion? Truth shines through despite the suppression, but it is a constant battle.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating passivity or inaction. On the contrary, dissidence in the face of evil is vital, and all disciples of the Christ should be at the forefront of that, for we are called to be counterculture, as the main culture is the satanic world-system. But one has to realistically be aware that one can only maybe bring about some temporary amelioration of bad stuff, or do one’s best to protect the weak and vulnerable, or assist those who are making a stand, or do some good thing locally. But one cannot profoundly or fundamentally or lastingly change the world as a whole through resistance (and especially not through armed resistance). Even every political revolution has descended into the revolutionaries becoming as revolting (word-play deliberate) as those they were revolting against! Thus, one has to be a dissident realistically. This is because one must be aware of the whole process of this creation which has to be fulfilled. What do I mean by that?

I said above that there is a process which has to be fulfilled before the world can be transformed. That process involves two things…

First, there will eventually be a complete supernatural transformation of this cosmos to a very different state than the present one — what is called “a new heaven and new earth”. The population of that new cosmos will consist of those who have renounced evil in all its forms, small or large, subtle or obvious, and who switch their allegiance from Satan to God and His intermediary with human beings, the Christ. This is why there has been a delay (so far of 2000 years) before ratifying Christ’s victory over Satan. This is a time in which people are being ‘gathered in’ to be part of the eventual new creation (though still, for now, living in this fallen world as transformed beings — the ‘avant-garde’ of the new creation). You may say, “But I have never had any allegiance to Satan”. I am sorry to tell you that you have an allegiance to him by default if you do not give your allegiance to Christ. Denying that Christ is God manifested in the flesh is the equivalent of giving allegiance to Satan and is part of what is known in the scriptures as “the spirit of the Antichrist”. Satanism is far more subtle than people imagine.

The second part of the process which has to be fulfilled before the world can be supernaturally transformed involves that way that evil has to come to its head. Prophecy shows that the succession of godless empires of this world are leading inexorably — after a period of deep apostasy, which we are already in now — to a single one-world government under a satanically-energised leader known as the Antichrist, propped up and promoted by false religion, philosophy and science. People are rightly observing today the so-called “Great Reset”, “Agenda 21” or “Agenda 30”, power-elites, global conspiracies of all kinds, government-sponsored genocides, medical experimentation, collectivism (to destroy individuality), deliberately-induced division, the encouragement of betrayal, the stigmatization of dissidents as mentally unstable, false flag and psychological operations, massive gaslighting of the public, manufactured pandemics, institutionalized invasion of privacy through vast surveillance systems, the deliberate degeneration of society with feminism, confusion of sexuality and gender-bending, mind-numbing political correctness, ubiquitous censorship of truth, mass psychosis of populations, the widespread assassination of influential dissidents, transhumanism and posthumans, extreme debauchery in high places with paedophilia, human trafficking and other abominations (believe me, the Epstein and Maxwell case is just a minor sideshow compared to the full spectrum of the ‘molest and snuff’ of minors), and much more. But all these are merely little cogs in a vast process of burgeoning evil which is coming to its natural climax of human narcissism and rejection of Divine law. You can accumulate as much knowledge as you want about all this but it will be meaningless in spiritual terms. It won’t help you in knowing how to respond either. One may be able to be of some small nuisance value to the power-elite, but one cannot finally stand in the way of this whole process. It is both destined and necessary so that the world can be supernaturally purged of evil at the end of the age with the return of the Christ who will judge the world and all in it.

So this is the future timeline as I read it from the scripture texts and prophecies: Mass apostasy from Divine law and the rejection of absolute truth (already well underway), increasing global evil as the one-world government is formed, the revealing of the Antichrist to head up that one-world government, the worldwide persecution and extermination of the vast majority of disciples of the Christ (which is part of what is known as “the time of great tribulation” referred to by Christ in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 24), the resurrection of the remaining disciples, quickly followed by the return of the true Christ and the judgement on the world, then the inauguration of the new heaven and new earth (the true “new age”). However, when He returns, it will not be as a mere man but, as the scripture says, “like lightning flashing from the east to the west”. In other words, in a welter of worldwide cataclysm which will be observed by all across the entire globe. At that point the resurrection of all will be completed. Those who will be resurrected to life (i.e. those who have pledged their allegiance to their Creator and the Christ) will become part of the new creation, while the rest (i.e. those who have denied Christ) will be resurrected to undergo what is called “the second death”, complete alienation from the divine, with all the horror that entails. In other words, there are those who in their resurrection will experience God as Light and those who will experience God as a consuming fire. So NOW is the time to decide to whom it is that we will give our allegiance, Christ or Satan. There can be no neutrality.

Therefore, I call on all those courageous and outspoken friends who love truth and who are motivated to expose evil but have not yet put the final piece of the jigsaw into place. To them I say this:

“You have rightly discerned that all is not well in this world and that heinous things are taking place which are intolerable. Now take the next step and give your allegiance to the Christ. Turn your life around in every way. Banish anything which nullifies the beauty of Divine law in your life. If I can put it like this: Clean up and prepare to be beamed up! For when the time comes to be resurrected, that is precisely what will happen, leaving behind this world to implode and be incinerated in the fires of Divine judgement”.

My dear friends and fellow-travellers, I am just writing a commentary on the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible. All that I have spoken about above (and hugely much more) is in there. I have now reached writing about chapter 17 (out of 22 chapters in all). The whole panoply of the creation, its fall and its redemption and transformation is covered in that extraordinary book; and the fall of the satanic world-system (styled there symbolically as “Babylon”) is documented with garish detail in chapters 17-19. I am just being ‘wowed’ every day by what I am having to write about. (I say “having” because I absolutely have to. It is a calling and a mission). A terrible judgement is coming on this world after a hellishly climactic outburst of evil. This will happen as sure as night follows day. Where we are at now is just the beginning. That book, despite its deep symbolism, is not so difficult to understand if one applies wisdom, as the book categorically states that we should in two poignant places — one in chapter 13 concerning the mark of the beast and the number 666 (about which I recently wrote an article on my blog), and the other in chapter 17 concerning the need to understand how empire works in the unfolding of the “Babylonian” world-system of Satan’s attempt to form his kingdom on earth, which is being hatched before our eyes right now. Obtain wisdom at all costs, for it is the beginning and fount of all else of worth in this life.

All that I have written above may sound like science-fiction or mythology but it is real. I am not interested in illusions. In fact, I fully advocate dis-illusionment. All illusions must be dissed! I would not be remotely interested in, or writing about, any of this if it was fiction or mythology. For the last 38 years, since I first tentatively gave some allegiance to the Christ (though it would not be more fully developed  until some while later), I have been watching the countdown to the final denouement of this creation — even writing a book published in 1994 entitled “The Serpent and the Cross”, which documented how the Occult as a satanic influence has become mainstream, even in many churches — as a large part of the mainstream religion of Christianity is apostate and will welcome the Antichrist alongside other world religions, for Christ never came to start a religion but to gather a body of faithful disciples. The way that has accelerated in the first 20+ years of this century has been astonishing. It has also been a complete vindication of all about which I have been writing and, above all, of what is clearly prophesied in the Bible.

The greatest conspiracy of all has been that concerning the denial that Christ came in the flesh to supernaturally transform human beings and the cosmos. That denial is a satanic lie which the fallen archangel Satan has tried to establish from the beginning. He did everything possible to pollute Christ’s bloodline before His coming — even going so far as to get a bunch of demons to impregnate women and produce the mutant strain known as the Nephilim (thus necessitating the flood to preserve Noah) — all the way down to inciting Herod to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under. But nothing could prevent the Divine process from unfolding. So the Christ came, and He will come again. And now I had better stop writing or this will become another book! 🙂 If you want to know more about all this, you can read articles on my blog, such as this one: , or you can just send me a message and we will talk. That’s all for now. Love to one and all… 💝

© Copyright, Alan Morrison, 2021
[The copyright on my works is merely to protect them from any wanton plagiarism which could result in undesirable changes (as has actually happened!). Readers are free to reproduce my work, so long as it is in the same format and with the exact same content and its origin is acknowledged]

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