The Cult of Trump and the Demise of Veracity

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INTRODUCTION: The Cult of Trump and its Strange Bedfellows

There is going to be a lot of counselling needed soon in the Western world. I am referring to the followers of Donald Trump, who are going to be hugely disillusioned when they discover that in four years not even the tiniest part of the swamp was ever cleaned, that all the paedophiles in the world have not been arrested, that Amerika has not been made ‘great again’ (and never really was, actually), that QAnon must surely be an intelligence services psyop to test the gullibility of conservatives/rightists and as a likely pilot for future mind-control projects, that the “deep-state cabal” has remained completely intact (not even been dented), that all the wonderful acts of justice which had been promised to happen never took place, that Joe Biden has been inaugurated without a coup d’etat occurring, and that Trump has not got another four years, as they claimed he definitely would. Really, it has all been a spellbinding four years of hypnotic powermongering and cult-gathering.

Now you may wonder why I am writing about all this. You may say, “Why bother? It’s all a silly theatre of bathos and it’s nothing to get hung up about”. On one level that is absolutely true. Bathos is an apt expression. But, without wishing to sound corny or trite, I write this out of love (as with all my writings). Love isn’t sloppy and sentimental. It is straight as a die and real. It cuts through bullshit like nothing else. It doesn’t give illusions a pass. It is the true foundation of all friendship. And that is the rub. So many of those who are my “friends” on social media seem to have fallen hook, line, and sinker, for the Cult of Trump and the associated psyop, QAnon. Having watched it all happen over the years, and mostly kept quiet about it, as a writer and researcher/investigator I feel compelled to try and set down something in writing about it now that it has reached this level of deception. You see, love doesn’t give up until it reaches the truth, or as near to it as one can possibly get in more difficult cases.

I believe that the entire phenomenon of the Cult of Trump and QAnon attests to the power of mind-control and the gullibility of the human mind when it is not hedged about by the necessary spiritual checks and balances. I count myself as a reasonable judge of character. I try to give people a fair crack of the whip to see who they really are, and I listen intently to the music behind their words. In particular I look for wisdom and lovingkindness. Sadly, in this cracked old world, one has to use the utmost discernment and practise due diligence if one wants to see behind the masks and into the hearts. For I never want to judge someone unjustly. So I let a person’s entire field wash over me and reach parts of me which go way beyond mere superficial conclusions. I have watched Trump very closely for some years and I can only conclude that he must be a walking psyop for the gullible. I do not state this as a cast-iron, proven fact. But it is the only conclusion to which I can come. “By their fruits you shall know them”. That is my litmus test. I don’t think that he would be aware of his psyop status, though he is certainly aware of the magnetic effect he has on people and is a master manipulator. But I do believe, solely from observing the results (the fruits), that he has been permitted (by the dark powers in the higher government which lies beyond all elected governments) to come into the presidential office as part of a psychological operation to savagely divide the population (which, of course, is a major intent behind the entire political arena) and to bring genuine conspiracy enquiry into disrepute. That is the only reasonable conclusion to which one can come when one puts together all the telling evidence and examines the fruits. For massive division and the disrepute of truth have been the observable results. When I watch him in action — taking in his body language, physical mannerisms, personal claims, and phraseology, I see a supreme narcissist and demagogue who has no deep self-awareness whatsoever — the very opposite of what could be called “a Lightworker”. In fact, he comes across to me as a blend of mafia boss and a phony guru presiding over a nutty religious cult.

This Cult of Trump is actually a very interesting phenomenon. I have been trying to work out what attracts a person to want to laud Trump as a saviour of the world, when it is all based on rhetoric, rabble-rousing, and esoteric wishful thinking for something which never happens, but which remains as a carrot dangling on a string in front of a donkey. This phenomenon has taken in such diverse groups as white supremacists/nationalists, Christian rightists, conservatives, and New Age folks, which is astonishing really — a mighty strange alliance. The white supremacists and nationalists see him as an all-American saviour of their nation. The Christian rightists see him as ‘God’s man’ to stem the tide of evil and corruption in the world and act as the hand of justice smiting the “satanic cabal of Illuminati”. While the New Age folks see him and his wife, Melania, as avatars sent on a mission from another galaxy to overthrow darkness and usher in the Age of Aquarius, which they now claim began with the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction on December 21st, 2020. I have actually seen Trump and his wife described as “supreme Lightworkers”. I am not joking! [See this link as a classic example, entitled “Trump’s Star Origins”, of how Trump is viewed in New Age circles: ]. And below is an image from social media which represents the same set of falsehoods about the “cabal” falling as a result of the extreme romanticization of Trump and his wife.

How could such nonsensical and phantasmagorical ideas have taken hold of such a large swathe of the populace, involving what is probably a total of hundreds of millions of people across the Western world? One first has to realise that Trump himself adheres to false religious ideas and practices and will thus be under the control of dark forces. Which brings us to our first main heading:


The astonishing element in this whole process has been the gullibility of all those many people — professing Christians, conservatives in general, and New Agers — who have lionised Trump as a saviour and avatar. It can be a good thing to have a role model, or someone to look up to as a spiritual and moral guide, or even as an exemplary Lightworker (assuming we are talking about working with the true Light of the Christ rather than the false ‘light’ of Lucifer). How Donald Trump could possibly fit into any of those categories is a mindboggling mystery to me. The personality of Donald Trump is one which covers all the angles of narcissist, ranging from his classic boast, “No one does (fill in the blank) like I do”, to his claiming to be persecuted and victimised. Playing the victim is a form of narcissism, whether one realises it or not. It is a form of attention-seeking. Seeking sympathy and followers for perceived wrongs like a crybaby. That is not how a hero or leader behaves. Obviously, we all find ourselves in a jam occasionally and may need to seek counsel. But one should beware of those who make a big public meal out of their hassles. However, my main concern in this section of the article is Trump’s religious delusions and how they have coloured his life and actions.

Firstly, his professed ‘Christianity’ or claimed allegiance to Christ and the Bible have nothing whatsoever to do with the true Christ but is known as ‘Health ’n Wealth’ teaching or the ‘Prosperity Gospel’, which teaches that gaining monetary and asset wealth is a sign of spirituality. The more you have, the more spiritual you must be. This is hardly surprising since he grew up in Norman Vincent Peale’s church in New York. [See these two links for more details of that: and ]. Donald Trump’s ‘faith advisor’, Paula White-Cain, is also part of that ‘New Thought’ milieu, being a preacher of the so-called ‘Prosperity Gospel’. (See this video as an example of her ‘ministry’: ). That’s right! She is the faith advisor to your president. Are you sure you want to regard him as the man anointed by God to save the planet? None of this has anything to do with the true Christ but is much more aligned to satanic philosophy. So why those who profess to be ‘Christians’ should laud Trump as one of them is a great mystery that is beyond my understanding.

However, because of that Prosperity Gospel connection, I can especially understand why New Age folks might want to proclaim him as a Lightworker sent from some other alleged galaxy. Just as Trump and Paula White have hijacked Christ’s words for their own religious predilections, so the New Age religionists do the same. In fact, their entire religion (for that is what it is, in a trendy kind of way) has been based on the hijacking of the words of the Christ. Their very title, “New Age”, has been ripped off from what the Christ said in Matthew’s gospel, chapter 24 and Mark’s gospel, chapter 13 concerning the end of the age and the age to come. They have hijacked the term “ascension” which pertains to his exit from earthly human experience and that of all who would be his followers. They stole his words, “Ask and you will receive”, wresting them from their clearly spiritual context and making them into the basis of their teachings about the acquisition of material abundance being a sign of spiritual success — as evidenced in many New Age writings, such as “The Secret”, etc. Anyone who falls for that license for greed disguised as spirituality has tasted nothing more than the kiss of death. When the Christ promised a life of abundance in John’s gospel, chapter 10, it was nothing to do with the accrual of earthly wealth. What a distortion to make it mean that! The Christ specifically said,

“Do not accumulate for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and devouring insect destroy and where thieves break in and steal. But accumulate for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and devouring insect do not destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”.

The hijacked texts from the words of the Christ are the basis of New Age religion. It has been a supremely satanic scheme to make a false religion (which found its inception primarily in the theosophist, Alice Bailey) appear to be the spirituality of the Christ which looks like love and peace and promises a phony ascension, with material abundance being “manifested” (a favourite word of theirs) along the way. It is no coincidence that this should have ‘blossomed’ at this point in history, as the time of the end of this ersatz civilisation (as it must surely be) draws slowly to a close. Christ himself prophesied that an outburst of false christs, false prophets, and false teachings would happen increasingly towards the end of the age (although those are words which most do not like to hear). By this, we know that the end cannot be too far away.

When it comes to hijacking the words of the Christ, everyone wants a slice of the pie. (How many have stolen the words, “Do not judge”, out of its context, along with many others?). Then again, the institutional Christian Church is as much of a counterfeit as the New Age religion. The Vatican, popes, vast cathedrals, archbishops, bishops, the wealth, lands and stocks and shares portfolios of so-called “Christian” denominations. All of it is as despicable as New Age chicanery.

Continuing the religious deception surrounding Donald Trump and the way he is regarded; we see him in the above image which is doing the rounds on social media depicted as a beleaguered suffering man being comforted by what one presumes is a depiction of Christ. However, this supposed representation of Christ comforting an agonised Trump is as false as the image of Christ himself. Far from being a tall, long-haired Caucasian man dressed in a long guru-like robe, which is how he is generally presented in religious circles, instead — as the author of the book, “What Did Jesus Look Like?”, concluded — “Thus in the end we see him as a man of Middle Eastern appearance, with scruffy, shortish hair and beard, wearing very basic clothing: a knee-length, thin, one-piece tunic and an undyed mantle”. If you couple that with the fact that the average height of a male in Israel in Christ’s time is believed to have been just over 5 feet or 153 centimetres, you realise that the real Christ will have been nothing like how he is portrayed in so much trashy art and will have been a stocky little guy with no imposing physical appearance (as the prophecy about him in the Book of Isaiah shows: “he had no stately form or majesty that might catch our attention, no special appearance that we should want to follow him”), although he will have had a spiritual magnetism that did not rely on looking cool or like some phony guru). That image here of a supposed Christ with Trump really sums up the lengths to which people will go in order to present a false picture of a man such as this. It is pure propaganda. All of it. The US flag, the agonised Trump, and the sympathetic, supposed Jesus figure is in every detail a complete chimera (a word defined in the dictionary as “a grotesque product of the imagination”). I can guarantee that Trump supporters will see that image as actual reality rather than a work of human propaganda. Christian types will see it as God’s misunderstood leader for our times, Trump, supposedly being comforted by Christ. New Age folks will see it as Trump the Starseed being comforted by Master Jesus, the ‘Ascended Master’. A propaganda poster.

In the end, it is so ironic that professing Christians should choose an unspiritual chump like Trump to be their saviour sent by God and that New Age religionists should choose him to be their extraterrestrial lightworking hero sent to lead the world into their new age ‘ascension’. Really, is that the best they could do? I am absolutely flabbergasted at the crassness of it all!


At this point, it would be revealing to analyse some of the characteristics of those who have been attracted to the Cult of Trump and QAnon. Top of the list has to be…

1.  The Need for Triumphalism

Those in the Cult of Trump/QAnon seem to have an acute desperation to see what they regard as goodness ‘win’ and what they consider to be evil ‘lose’, even at the expense of the truth. You see, to New Age folks truth can very often appear to be ‘negative’. This is the rub. New Age folks want positivity at any cost, even if it involves lies or disinformation. They do not care if it is true or not or based on facts, so long as it spreads ‘positive energy’. This is what those who love the truth are up against. People in the Cult of Trump/QAnon would rather have comfortable lies than unpalatable truths. From that point on, one just ends up with an unethical soup of casuistry where anything can be justified. Unfortunately, because the whole Covid episode has brought nothing but ‘negative energy’ into the world, New Age folks have had to work doubly hard to overcome that, even if it means lies and disinformation. I will be going more fully into this tendency to use lies for positivity later in this little piece.

Similarly, for conservative or faithless Christian folks who do not know their Bibles, a world in which evil appears to be in the ascendancy seems to pour cold water on the public demonstration that Christ is King. So they too have had to be involved in the disinformation racket in order to overcome that. Thus, QAnon fits the bill to lift them out of their doldrums and feeds their need for triumphalism, albeit a hollow one. Thus, the Cult of Trump/QAnon attracts those who want a quick fix in which those they regard as the ‘baddies’ are brought to book and those they see as the ‘goodies’ win the day. Thing is, in this world of acute deception, one needs a huge amount of discernment to distinguish who are the goodies and baddies these days, and what it is which constitutes a ‘goodie’ or a baddie’? However, their positive projections are always placed in the near future; but it is a future which never comes. One keeps seeing memes from them on social media saying things like, “It’s just about to happen!” or “The arrests are about to go down”, or “Great things are coming”. But it is all a complete fabrication. It is very much like the way that New Age folks are continually saying that their “ascension” is about to happen or that this or that portal is “about to open”, and “the codes are about to be downloaded”. Yet more nonsense. Anything to create an aura of positivity.

This misplaced triumphalism is related to the need Cult members have for a positive-thinking mindset by which they only ever want to hear good news. When one QAnon fanatic in the Cult of Trump said to me that I was resisting positivity by rejecting the Cult of Trump and QAnon, I replied that I am all for positivity if it is based on something real. But all the made-up triumphalism about the Biden crew being arrested and Trump getting four more years is not positivity but mendacity! Even now, they are claiming that the build-up of troops around the White House/Capitol area is to arrest Biden and vindicate Trump rather than to protect the inauguration ceremony! I mean how crazy is that?

Naturally, people of good conscience who love the Light and abhor darkness want to see that darkness overcome. But that is not something which can be achieved through any human political systems which are themselves rooted in satanic power. The prophecies of the Christ and his apostles clearly show that the deeply corrupted political power structures and empires of this world will culminate in a single world government under satanic control, wielded by a single world leader. It will be the natural climax of human hubris which revels in itself and refuses to acknowledge its Creator. That is what this theatre of a world is all about, as Christ shows: The separation of “the sheep” (those who dedicate themselves to the Light which ultimately comes from the Christ, their shepherd) from “the goats” (those who reject his Light and thereby embrace satanic darkness, whether knowingly or not). This culmination of evil in which we are in the midst — despite our being able to enact some temporary respite or mitigating amelioration from time to time — is a humanly unstoppable process which can only be overcome supernaturally, as it will be at the end of this age when the Christ returns, not as a man as in his human incarnation but as a cataclysmic cosmic power which will finally overthrow the forces of darkness in this universe in a vast welter of judgement and transform it into a new creation.

If you desperately need a point of positivity for the future, this will be the true New Age, not the phony one which the New Age Movement has counterfeited. For New Age religion (as can be seen throughout Alice Bailey’s foundational works) teaches that a one-world government will be a great thing for the unity of the world and that its leader will be one who we should follow. This is the ultimate deception. So why would New Age leaders have designated Trump as a man to follow at this time? Because they deal in the deception and obfuscation which comes from their psychic lords. Their designation of Trump as a Lightworker sent from another galaxy has come through their channelling, which is clearly a portal through which demonic entities can control and deceive human thought and behaviour. I have watched New Age leaders building their powerbases, controlling the minds of many millions of followers for many decades. All those dependent controllable followers will now be left feeling bereft that their designated leader and Lightworker has been “trumped” (excuse the pun) and they will be easily swayed into following any other world figure designated by their leaders who are controlled by corrupt channelled entities. Anything to keep going the fantasy of triumphalism and positivity.

Second, the Cult of Trump seems to be attractive to those who have a tendency towards

2.  A Victim Mentality

The Cult of Trump/QAnon seems to attract people who have a vested psychological interest in feeling aggrieved and hard done by. The whole Trump-follower schtick is about being a victim — right down to the most recent victim experience of “the election has been stolen from us”. It ignores completely the fact that every election is a theft from all the voters because voting achieves nothing other than providing a cover for the power-elite getting a fresh bunch of patsy-politicians to manipulate (as I will show in a later section). To be a voter at all is to be a victim — a victim of power-elite manipulation and engineered consent via government and party strategies. But the victimhood of those in the Cult of Trump/QAnon involves a continual necessity to feel aggrieved. “Our rights are being eroded”, “The Constitution is under threat”, “The media is ganging up on Trump and wrongly accusing him of being a liar” (he certainly is a congenital liar), “Trump is being misreported”, “The election has been stolen from us!”, and so on and on. If someone fact-checks their wacky claims on Fakebook and exposes them as lies, rather than accept the truth, they will claim they are being victimised. It is as if they have a vested interest in being hard-done by or aggrieved.

But by far the most serious aspect of the Cult of Trump/QAnon is…


Those in the Cult of Trump/QAnon are the veritable Kings and Queens of hearsay. Rumour or Chinese Whispers are enough to provoke them into action. They post outrageously false subject matter or pure hearsay (usually with some video or meme which supports their narrative) and then whine about the erosion of free speech when the fact-checkers inevitably debunk it. That too is victim mentality. Frankly, a sizeable part of what I have seen by fact-checkers is perfectly valid. Just because someone puts a video on YouTube does not make it true. But try telling that to the people who pass it on without doing any due diligence. As soon as you tell them that it is false, they will accuse you of being a brainwashed sheep, remove your comment, then remove you, imagining they’ve done something honourable. How on earth did we get here? For these are all supposedly truth-lovers and whistleblowers of truth. So they claim. But their actions do not match their professed beliefs.

1.  If You’re Prepared to Slander, Don’t Complain if You Are Fact-Checked

If you ask them for proof of any of their claims, they will send you to a YouTube video which is… hearsay! Or they will send you a very obviously fake and photoshopped image. Or a meme. Or the newsletter of someone who has made their name through… hearsay! Hearsay is their speciality. You see, they confuse hearsay with truth. If you put slanderous hearsay out there as if it were fact, don’t complain if you get fact-checked! I will even fact-check you! I even fact-check myself! So many online today do not know the difference between Chinese Whispers and true facts. If you receive, or see online, something which you are immediately tempted to share, so your friends will admire you and think you are a cool dude or chick who is “trusting the plan” of QAnon, try another tack instead. Here is how it should go: You look at the ‘something’ you have received and instead of rushing to share it, you say to yourself, “This might not be true. It slanders someone and makes a very bold claim. I should check it out properly and see if it really is true, for it is morally indefensible to slander someone unjustly. If there is any doubt, I will not send it out”. So there is your watchword motto: “If there is any doubt, I will not send it out”. Say it again after me… “If there is any doubt, I will not send it out”. But they will not follow this advice. Instead, they will be extremely annoyed with what I am saying and filled with resentment.

2.  Some Examples of Their Slanderous Statements

The same kind of falsehood-based ideas seem to gel together in one mind. Here are some examples of these ignorant and often slanderous statements I have heard from members of the Cult of Trump: “5G is what really causes Covid and the virus is a hoax” (unproven assumption gaining traction through fear and paranoia). “Temperature ‘guns’ are an Illuminati plot to zap your pineal gland with harmful rays” (try telling them that those devices emit nothing whatsoever but merely measure the heat emitted from your temporal artery!). “Rothschild patented a test for Coronovirus in the Netherlands in 2015” (proven completely false, see this link in Spanish and translate it with Google into your own language: ). “Trump is going to pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute and serve another term. That’s why the troops are surrounding the inauguration area — it’s not to protect Biden; it is to arrest Biden, Harris and Pelosi”. (Desperate nonsense from those who don’t like losing). “Tom Hanks is a paedophile” (as asserted by the psyop, QAnon, and its followers). When one member of the Cult of Trump/QAnon (after passing on a QAnon pronouncement on Fakebook) was challenged in a comment to provide proof that Tom Hanks is a paedophile, he had none and said, “Do your own research!” and accused the commenter of being a supporter of paedophilia and an enemy of the children. There is a whole plethora, too many to mention here, of false claims which all seem to hang together as a set. Members of the Cult of Trump have no problem spreading lies to support their conspiracy ideas or about those they regard as the enemy. So long as it paints their enemies in a bad light, whether it is true or not is irrelevant. The end justifies the means, so they think.

It is strange that those who claim that the media is full of fake news (and who claim to want to “clean the swamp” of lies and hypocrisy) should be the first to pass on a slanderous or completely false meme or image if it suits their cause. I have been flabbergasted to see this so rabidly practised even by some of my (now former) “friends” on Fakebook who seem to have aligned themselves with this cult. In very recent examples, not only are they claiming that it was Antifa who broke into the Capitol building, when it was really just a bunch of the many fanatics in their own cult (see this link to discover the real identities of the ‘rogues gallery’ which posed in the Capitol building for photographs: ), but a recent hoax they are spreading is that Nancy Pelosi wrote a letter to Ted Wheeler with a list of suggested responses to riots which are extremely damning. However, that letter can be proven to be a fake, as this video clearly shows: (and as the stilted propagandist language and poor punctuation in the letter reveals to anyone with the slightest ounce of discernment). You can even show Cult of Trump members this video and they will refuse to accept it. These are people who complain about government false flag operations yet who are willing to frame their own enemies by creating false evidence. That is known as hypocrisy.

3.  They Soon Back Down When They’re Sued

In every election there are irregularities. Every single one. (There is a sense in which every election is a fraud because those who win it do not really run the country, but that’s another matter!). Many claims have been made this time about the “election being stolen” or making claims about Dominion Voting Systems swinging the vote in favour of Biden and away from Trump. The lawyer and Trump/QAnon afficionado, Sidney Powell, was one of the main protagonists of that claim. She claimed that Dominion’s voting system was created in Venezuela to rig the elections for former Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chávez, and said that secret algorithms in Dominion machines were also used to manipulate votes towards Biden in the 2020 presidential election. She is now being sued bigtime by Dominion for $1.3 billion and the company have said they are not interested in settling with her but want to pursue it in open court, where of course she will have no evidence, so that their name will be publicly cleared. Powell never came up with the proofs she claimed she had, and some big names have already backed down on this because there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever. It was plainly invented to play the victim about the election being stolen. Dominion claims that Powell was trying to use it all to get publicity for her book. Here is one example of the back-down from a publication which printed unsubstantiated claims about the company: . There have also been claims that votes were manipulated from Italy. Again, this has been debunked as yet another QAnon invention. See this link: . Another ‘backdown’ — though on a different issue — occurred one day before the inauguration of Biden. Sidney Powell withdrew her final remaining Supreme Court lawsuit challenging the election results in Georgia. No surprises there. She plainly had no evidence. [See  ]. At one stage, she claimed that she had a “secret intelligence contractor” who was supplying her with evidence. But that was shown in reality to be a nothing more than a pro-Trump podcaster! [See ]. What planet are these people living on? Either they have been smoking pure Afghan resin or they are actually assets in the whole Cult of Trump/QAnon psyop. I fancy the latter is closer to the truth.

I have been so dismayed to see the way that “friends” on social media have been perpetuating these uncorroborated claims as if they were proven facts. I am always willing to entertain hard evidence. I have been writing investigative articles for decades. I know a good story. But this isn’t it! Each time I have asked people to show me evidence, they either showed me some cobbled-together image which could easily have been photoshopped, or they sent me to a website which was full of uncorroborated claims, or all they could say was, “You’ll see. It will all come out”. That was actually an admission that they had no proof; yet they still persisted in propagating the claims. That is a disgraceful act of slander. But, apparently, hearsay is all they need as evidence of ‘truth’.

4.     Choose Your Sources Carefully

It is interesting that many of the false claims being perpetuated among those in the Cult of Trump have originated with a Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, a Trump supporter who was actually the military leader who, in 2004, made the false claim that Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, had transported weapons of mass destruction out of the country to Syria and Lebanon for safekeeping. This kind of classic disinformation type, a military hawk who is willing to stoop to lies to gain a following for his ideas is not an example of someone to follow or be influenced by. Definitely not a Lightworker! Another of the Trump/QAnon influencers has been L. Lin Wood, a lawyer who is perpetuating so much of the material being hawked around by those in the Cult of Trump who spread their falsehoods. Another of these QAnon advocates has been retired General Michael T. Flynn, who greatly influences the Cult of Trump. On January 6th, 2021, a video was released of the General being interviewed by controlled opposition activist, Alex Jones. [See the interview here: ]. In the interview, he clearly says (at 2:00 minutes in) that Trump is going to serve for a further four years. Because he was a General, those in the Cult of Trump see him as supporting the coup d’etat they are expecting on Inauguration day (January 20th). These people are going to be so confused when everything goes as normally planned without any coup or arrests of Biden, Harris, and Pelosi. No doubt, they will continue to say, “You’ll see. It is coming”. Incidentally, Flynn was a military intelligence operative for thirty years and was one of the intelligence architects of the genocidal war on Iraq by the USA. He admits in the video that he has taken part in invasions of other countries. Is that a man who can be trusted? He plays the patriot, but ‘once a spy always a spy’. These are not spiritually-minded, trustworthy people. They may be churchgoers or call themselves “Christians” (a label which doesn’t mean shit anymore). But they are not influenced by the Light of the Christ which they espouse. Flynn was investigated in 2017 for making false statements to the FBI, to which he pleaded guilty. Sidney Powell became his lawyer in 2019. In November 2020, Trump gave him a pardon. These people, who all pledge allegiance to QAnon and Donald Trump are not wholesome characters to be followed and revered. They are key players in a psychological operation which is so powerful that even conspiratorially-aware folks can be completely deceived.

Many of those propagating all these lies refer to themselves as Christians or New Age Lightworkers, both of which normally pride themselves on being honest and upright people, followers of the Light. This is how deep the deception has gone. It is a real sign of the times. For we are told in the prophecies of the Christ and his apostles that the end of the age will be characterised by people who have no love of the truth, believing the Lie. This specifically refers to right at the end when the world leader of the one-world government (identified by apostles of the Christ as the Antichrist) is installed. This is why I see the Cult of Trump and QAnon as being a kind of rehearsal (what will no doubt be one of many) for that hyper-deceptive time, in which a mass of people is manipulated and given over to lies and a tenacious hatred of truth is being manifested by their mendacious words and actions.


How does it work? How does a reasonably intelligent, discerning human being end up in the Cult of Trump and being taken in by such obvious psyops like QAnon? It starts off with a justifiable disillusionment with many aspects of world affairs, politics, the media, etc. That person then becomes aware of various genuine conspiracies. They have given up on following politicians because none of them seems to be saying the right things. Suddenly, Donald Trump looms into view saying he has become the president in order to “drain the swamp” of corruption in conventional politics and accusing the media of being “fake news”. I must admit, I was intrigued myself when I first became aware of this. But I always stand on the sidelines and delve and pray and don’t let sentiment get in the way before committing myself to anything (which I rarely do, because a great deal of what humans produce is fake). All that sounds like magic to those disillusioned people; and then they immediately start to follow him without leaving a space for due diligence. Then (in the case of the Christian ones) they read an article about QAnon or hear a sermon saying how Trump is God’s man to bring judgement on this wicked world; or, if they are New Age folks, they start to discover many channellings allegedly from discarnate entities in other galaxies claiming that Trump and his missus are Starchildren sent to earth from their world to rescue this planet from the ‘Illuminati Cabal’ and usher in the new age.

Up till that point, those Christians and New Agers had just believed a subset of genuine ‘respectable’ conspiratorial elements, e.g. that there is a shadow world government power elite, that 9/11 was an inside job, that Operation Paperclip brought Nazi scientists and deathcamp psychologists over to the USA to be part of CIA operations, that the CIA has carried out for many decades experiments of mind control and psychological operations, and so on. Just run-of-the-mill stuff. However, as soon as they begin to get sucked into the Cult of Trump and its associated QAnon mindset, they then fall prey to a multitude of conspiracy ideas which are partially or entirely false. Yet, they put them on the same level as the genuine conspiracies which they already knew. The effect of that is to bring the genuine conspiracies into disrepute while at the same time putting off any curious observers. This is another reason that I am compelled to write this piece. They have brought shame onto the word “conspiracy” by claiming the most outlandish and false ideas as if they were proven conspiracies rather than the hearsay and gossip which they really are. One of the ways in which this happens is…

1.  Through Falling for a Misrepresentation of the Meaning of Satanism

I mean fancy whacking folks with the idea of the world being run entirely by a bunch of Satan-worshipping paedophiles who habitually inject themselves with, or drink the blood of, frightened-to-death children on which they have preyed and then harvested. That is such a distortion of reality. The words of the Christ and his apostles make it very clear that the powers who run this world are influenced by demonic entities. But that does not mean that they dress up in hoods and gowns and chant “Hail, Satan” before an effigy of a horned goat while sacrificing children and drinking their blood. The real meaning of Satanism is very different from the garish Dennis Wheatley/Hammer Horror Film version being touted in QAnon/Cult of Trump circles! One does not have to be a hood-wearing, Black Mass chanting, sacrificial blood-drinking character to be a Satanist. This is where a true understanding of the spiritual battle in this cosmos comes into play — a fallen cosmos under the thrall of fallen angels (also known as demons or archons), headed up by an archangel known as Satan, all of which was the reason that the Christ came into incarnation to “cast out” the forces of darkness and restore the cosmos into what it should be at the end of this age in a completely new age. This is the reality of the world in which we live. Ignorance of these matters is what causes all the problems of the world, personal and global. None of this has anything to do with any organised religion, which hijack some of these ideas and create a counterfeit to undermine the real message of the Christ. It is simply a matter of spiritual reality which must be faced if one is to grow in any real sense in this life.

The Christ has made it perfectly clear that this world is one in which a person is either an adherent to the Light of Christ or a slave to the darkness of Satan. That is the stark, uncomfortable spiritual reality. There is no in-between. To state such things will not gain me any friends but more likely lose them. But, in the midst of so much mayhem and absurdity, I cannot keep quiet. Put simply, the real definition of satanism is “the celebration of the self and the denial of the incarnation of the Christ”. Thus, being a Satanist — someone who walks in the footsteps of the fallen angels — involves narcissism, acquisitive consumerism, drunkenness on power, total lack of empathy, heartlessness, cruelty, violence or the violation of other humans, mendacity, psychopathy, and so on. If one engages in such things or supports them, then demonic entities will take an interest in you and start manipulating you. This is a spiritual reality of which most are unaware. In other words, Satanism involves the wanton revelling in one’s separateness (especially alienation from one’s Creator, who they deny) and ‘bigging-up’ one’s selfhood. The power-elite or those who imagine they run this world secretly behind the scenes do not have to be drinking or injecting themselves with adrenochrome-laden blood from children to be Satanists. Far from it, actually. That is just a gothic myth to put you off the scent of what Satanism is really all about. One merely has to accrue vast wealth, wield ruthless power, imagine oneself to be autonomous (behaving like a little god), deny that the Christ ever existed, reject the notion of a benign Creator, and eschew true love. That is more than enough to put you in Satan’s pocket. I could say a great deal more at this point, and I have done elsewhere, but it would be going outside the remit of this present article. But I am sure you get the picture. To sum up, QAnon’s projected fantasy about the elites of this world spending their time drinking the blood of terrified children while worshipping Satan not only brings genuine conspiracy into disrepute but, more importantly, it is a manner of diverting you away from having a real understanding of Satan’s work in this world and how one can be rescued from it. You see, my friends, the antidote to satanic activity is not to vote for a hollow man like Trump so as to “rise up against the demoncrats” (which is what the QAnon hoax would falsely tell you) but, rather, to discover the extraordinary way that the Christ himself is the antidote to it through what he did through his death, resurrection and ascension, what he does through his work in the souls of those who believe and follow him and his Light, and through what he will do supernaturally to obliterate darkness from this cosmos in the future as this present age morphs into the new one. In other words, the Cult of Trump/QAnon offers false salvation and in doing so is one of the false “christs” which the true Christ warned about prophetically concerning the time of the build-up to the end of this age. For there will be no ‘Golden Age’ on this earth as it is presently constituted. Only after the cosmic, cataclysmic return of the Christ in a supernatural jaw-dropping act of transformational intervention at the end of this age will the evil and darkness of this fallen civilisation be finally overcome.

Another way in which someone becomes entranced by the Cult of Trump is more than likely…

2.  Through the Interference of Intelligence Agencies

The transition which people make from being a believer in ‘respectable’ conspiracies to a fanatic for totally wacko ‘conspiracies’ is why I believe that the entire Trump schtick, from his 2016 election campaign right through to the present time, has been one cleverly executed psychological operation. Obviously, it is impossible to prove this as they are masters at covering their tracks. But I am sure you know the saying of the Christ, “By their fruits, you will know them”. You can tell where someone is at, and make a justifiable judgement about them, by the outcome of their actions. Thus, if those who were formerly ‘respectable’ conspiracy theorists (i.e. believing in provable conspiracies and extremely likely ones) and disillusioned with conventional politics suddenly become fanatics for fake conspiracies and pushing a dodgy political agenda and a narcissistic president as a result of getting sucked into an arena which claims to be genuine politics and real conspiracy, then you know there is some force at work which is successfully undermining what had previously been a solidly growing group of levelheaded dissidents. This is common sense. One must then wonder what it could possibly be which is manufacturing the Cult of Trump and the undermining diversion of QAnon. This is why I put it to you that the fruits of this cult and the huge distraction caused by it give credence to the idea that it is being generated by intelligence services to divide the so-called Truth Movement and dilute and discredit the knowledge which it carries.

It would not be the first time that a growing movement of culturally aware dissidents were suckered down a rabbit-hole by intelligence agencies. In the Vietnam war period, there was a huge groundswell of opinion against it and a burgeoning radical dissenting peace movement which spanned all classes and ages. The CIA’s response was to introduce psychotropic drugs such as LSD into that powerbase through influential assets within the group, such as Timothy Leary. Coupled with that a number of influential musicians and artists entered government-sponsored LSD test experiments at Menlo Park Veterans Hospital in Palo Alto, California, in the 1960s. This explosion of psychotropic drugs among the youth movement of peaceniks completely undermined it, believing that LSD was the answer to the world’s problems. One of the influencers who had been in those experiments, Ken Kesey, later denounced that idea as delusional. But the work had been done and articulate young people went on a fruitless magical mystery tour. The CIA has engaged in mind-control experiments as one form of its psychological operations for many decades. So I have no hesitation in seeing Trump being permitted to become president, and the resultant outcome of it being like a virtual cult, and QAnon, being part of that kind of psychological operation. For it has made conspiracy whistleblowing look absolutely ridiculous while creating huge division among those who would call themselves part of a ‘Truth Movement’ — of which I now would never consider myself a part.

Another element to consider in how so many could be so inveigled by all this nonsense is…

3.  The Role of the Pandemic

Playing into this, of course, has been the insecurity generated by the pandemic (itself manufactured by spooks, as I showed in a recent chapter on my blog, entitled “What You See Is Definitely Not What You Get”). Fanatical allegiance to Trump has been around for some years; but it is only in the past year that it has reached such a high-octane level. I strongly suspect that this is a direct result of some kind of mass hysteria generated by the pandemic. The sense of helplessness which is caused by what is being touted as an invisible floating killer and the internal fear of disease and death, coupled with the loss of control which comes about as a result of being lambasted with government edicts, leads to the desperate need for some kind of salvific notions. So when Donald Trump is seen as someone who could stand up against “big pharma”, and who seems to be opposed to the same conspiracy ideas as the Truth Movement (though that is largely a misconception), the whole “bring down the swamp”, “arrest all the paedophiles” schtick is a way of boosting the idea that one can be in control. Trump is seen as someone who will wrest control away from liberals (or “libtards” — short for liberal retards — as they are derisively called by conservatives) and put people back in control of their own lives while eliminating all the evil in the world — or, in the case of New Agers, that a portal will be opened, and their longed-for “Ascension” can be facilitated. The fact that all this is essentially delusional cannot be allowed to permeate the minds of those in the Cult of Trump. This is why they become so angry (or their eyes fog over as a way of blocking you out) if you try to convince them that voting is a complete waste of time and that presidents and prime ministers have very little power at all outside of what they are permitted by the power-elite. For the entire premise of the Cult of Trump is that a single politician can turn the world around and overcome the Satanic forces of darkness on this earth. The idea that this could be accomplished by anyone other than the Christ and that it can be done by a man who isn’t even a disciple of the Christ is so farcical that it shouldn’t even be in the running as a consideration!

Now, you would think at the point when outlandish conspiracy ideas were being introduced to those interested in Trump that they might suddenly begin to twig that they are getting sucked into a web of lies. But no. Most go right down the rabbit hole all the way and become Trump fanatics believing every meme they see on Fakebook which supports their cause. Why should that be? I can only conclude that there has not only been a psychological element in the seduction of people into the Cult of Trump but also a spiritual one. Being in the midst of a spiritual battle in this world, there are dark forces of an unseen nature which can easily turn a person if they are not rooted in the spiritual simplicity which comes from the Light of the Christ. The sad reality is that Donald Trump, with his false religion and narcissism, is not a suitable representative or figurehead for those who are dissidents in a world of deception and inauthenticity and lack of integrity. It has utterly amazed me that so many otherwise intelligent and perceptive people cannot see this. It is as if they have been blinded in their minds — and, indeed, they have. One sees here how easy it will be for an unscrupulous world leader to blind the minds of most of the world when he comes in the future on the back of a one-world government (who followers of the Light of the Christ would identify as the Antichrist). That half the population of a vast country should admire a creepy, croneyist, liberal apparatchik like Biden, and the other half admire a blatant narcissist, false religionist and rabble-rouser like Trump is a testament to the gullibility of so many. It is also a testament demonstrating how easy it will be in the future for the world to be inveigled by a deceptive global leader.


Some may assume that because I write an article about the Cult of Trump, I am therefore a fan of Trump’s opposition. Far from it! I would never take sides, especially in a political dogfight. I have no skin in that game whatsoever. I have already written extensively about the folly of pseudo-liberalism in other articles. It is just as much of a manifestation of emotional disturbance as the Cult of Trump. It poses as being liberal and talks about freedom but in reality it is more Stalinesque in nature. It is no coincidence that the phrase “politically correct” was first conceived in the 1950s by Mao-Tse tung in rigidly communist China, and Nikita Khrushchev in rigidly soviet Russia. The whole of politics is a theatre designed to divide communities and deflect minds from perceiving the truth about what really lies behind world governance. What all those bewitched by the Trump-Biden, Red-Blue, Republican-Democratic dualistic axes fail to realise is that national government is just a sham, a theatre to mesmerise the masses. It makes not a cent’s worth of difference who is president or which party appears to have won an election, for there is a shadow government beyond all that theatre which really controls what happens and governments must fall in line and play whatever part has been allotted to them. I realise that this is too much for mostpeople to take in as it pulls the carpet out from everything they have been conditioned to believe and creates a cognitive dissonance in their minds. And before you are tempted to yell, “conspiracy theory”, I must point out that this shadow government has been acknowledged even in official academic works by experts. Let me expand…

The last century and more of disingenuous democracy has merely been a cover to disguise the real intentions of the power-elite from the masses. In fact, there already is a covert ad hoc ‘shadow’ world government apparatus in place, which is why I say “eventual open” formation above. Presently it operates through a conglomerate power-elite of banks and global corporations, a handful of billionaires, a plethora of organisations with the word “World” at the beginning (e.g. World Economic Forum, World Health Organisation, World Bank, etc.), the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, some secret societies, corporate enterprises, arms manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies with their advocates masquerading as chief government scientists and chief medical officers, with the intelligence networks enforcing it all from behind the scenes (i.e. ensuring that all governments get with the programme).

In a mainstream book published six years ago by Oxford University Press, of which a great many people will be completely unaware, written by a Professor of International Law and former Legal Counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the author shows why nothing of any real importance changes from one government to the next, regardless of the professed political ideology and intentions of all the parties and presidents involved. This 260-page book is entitled “National Security and Double Government” and was published in November 2014. Although primarily addressing the situation in the USA, it is plainly applicable to any other nation. In its pages, Professor Michael J. Glennon shows that the roles of President, Congress and the courts are an illusion built up by propaganda in the minds of the mass of people. “Presidential control is nominal, congressional oversight is dysfunctional, and judicial review is negligible”. In his book, Prof. Glennon proves that “security” policy has nothing to do with elected leaders and governments but is really made by several hundred prime movers in the military, intelligence, diplomatic and law enforcement agencies — hence, the idea of “double government” in the title, which clearly implies a “shadow” or “secret” unelected government, which is the real government.

Those who have reviewed this book in mainstream publications have been entirely convinced of its veracity. Reviewer Jordan Michael Smith, in his “Books of the Year 2014” in The Boston Globe, wrote: “Elected officials end up serving as mere cover for the real decisions made by the bureaucracy”.  Another reviewer, Andrew J. Bacevich, Professor of History and International Relations in Boston University, states: “In our faux democracy, those we elect to govern serve largely ornamental purposes, while those who actually wield power, especially in the realm of national security, do so chiefly with an eye toward preserving their status and prerogatives”. Our “faux democracy”! Exactly. (Faux means false). Strong words. But if even staid mainstream academics can understand this, why cannot everyone else, without throwing around accusations of “conspiracy theorists”? A shadow government hiding behind a false democracy is simply a fact, not a theory. However, it is still operating largely in the shadows and has not yet been openly proclaimed, as it will be one day, when a one-world government is ratified, along with a world-government leader who insightful people will be able to identify with his proper title. Remember this: The same people are always ‘in power’, no matter who is elected to be ‘in office’. And it is this fact which those inveigled by the Cult of Trump/QAnon fail to recognise, imagining that it can all be overturned by one man in the office of a president.

CONCLUSION: Is the Cult of Trump/QAnon Merely a Rehearsal?

Having written all that I have said above, I would not want to leave the impression that one just sits back and watches idly while “the world goes to hell in a handbasket”. We are living in extremely deceptive times — so deceptive that even the most insightful followers of the Light can be deceived if they do not have their wits about them or they are not living a prayerful life of faith and observation which is untainted by sentiment or the fear of ostracism.

It is so important to be a paragon of truth in a world in which truth has become a neglected commodity and the internet has made it possible for gossip, rumour, lies and half-truth to spread with rapidity from one end of the earth to the other. Thus, those who quietly understand what is really happening in the world — who have not compromised themselves with corrupted information or trusted in cardboard cut-outs, psyops, windbags, or Colonel Blimps — who can keep their heads when all around them are losing theirs — who value truth above all else — whose adherence to the Light of that truth is solid and unwavering — must engage in a loving but firm programme of education in humility and with no thought of personal gain. Why cheapen the information highway with propaganda? Why should one “trust the plan” of a source which is disseminating lies and disinformation? What is it in a person which feels the need to be sucked into a maelstrom of what is surely ‘controlled opposition’ — a way of bringing genuine conspiracy into disrepute by not seeing the difference between fact and hearsay? Why go down the road of division and alienation because of a hollow man who does not deserve your loyalty and an obvious psychological operation designed to fill you with wasted outrage and an emotionally-disturbed siege-mentality?

I have said that I believe this entire phenomenon of the Cult of Trump and QAnon is a psychological operation which has been effected by intelligence agencies to divide, to befuddle and to deceive. Yet, in some sense, it has had no need for a human hand to be continuously involved as it is a self-perpetuating phenomenon. Intelligence agencies do not need to be continually involved in machinating a psychological operation. They only have to set it off. Many people are already foolish enough to perpetuate it themselves; and there is more than enough aid available to assist it through discarnate entities fanning the flames of falsehood. This is why I see a satanic hand of involvement in it all. How ironic that a cult which claims to be standing up against Satan-worshipping elites should be nothing more than a propagator of satanic lies.

This is why I also believe that the inveigling of so many in a patent deception which has no regard for truth must surely be a mere rehearsal for further hysterical movements in the future. This is how the mind-control experiments and psychological operations of the shady intelligence networks have always functioned. Through those experiments, they are constantly gaining information about how best to control minds; and they are so accomplished at it now that they can even deceive people who consider themselves to be insightful conspiracy researchers. The Cults of Trump and QAnon have represented a huge leap forward in the successful control of the human mind by those who concoct these experiments within the intelligence services. This can only leap forward exponentially in future experiments, for this is only the beginning.

How much longer can this corrupt human civilisation exist alongside the beauty of nature? I am convinced we are entering the time of the end of this age as a precursor to the new one. But it will not be like the false “new age” of which the New Age folks speak. It will not be some fanciful romantic “ascension”. First, human evil (under the thrall of demonic manipulation) has to come to its necessary climax, with all the associated deception, which will be prolific, powerful, and all-consuming, amidst a global government of great tyranny under a leader with boundless hubris. This will not be pretty; and this world is going to become an increasingly dangerous one for those who love the truth. For the lie of “civilisation” has to have its mask removed in order to be ripe for supernatural destruction. That will come, as surely as night follows day.

It is going to take a very special faith, courage, and commitment to truth and Light in order to hold the line. The Cults of Trump and QAnon have not contributed one iota of those qualities on the world stage. On the contrary, they have fed into the fear, lies and disruptive paranoia of a demonically-inspired controlled opposition. To those who now want to abandon the cult, I hold out my hand in friendship and alliance. It takes some gallantry to walk away from all that. To those who are so entrenched that they have been triggered into animosity towards what I write and who refuse to consider their position, I say this: “You have a choice in this life of Light or darkness; but you also need to be aware that a great deal of what poses publicly as “light” these days is actually concocted by the forces of darkness. Your cult is an example of that. I can only offer you my loving hope and prayer that you will at some time come to see it and put your trust where it really belongs”.

© Alan Morrison, 2021
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