False Worship or A Mirror’s Tacky Dreams

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How easily we make a fleshly idol out of people,
or imaginary objects, things, and even of ourselves.
Virtually worshipping a mirror’s tacky dreams
or anything which into bogus ‘godhood’ streams.
Our lifestyles, hairstyles, beards and faces too
all lined up for worship as our love of selfness grew.

And do not get me started on our adulated folk:
Putting people on a pedestal’s a sad, unsanguine joke.
Politicians & prime ministers, presidents, and queens,
celebrities and actresses; they’re all of them has-beens.
Pop stars, entertainers, and chat show hosts to boot;
the lapdogs in our purses & the cats we think are cute.

Then making idols of our children, we indulge in vanity;
they then become the victims of our concentricity.
Pride in their achievements or in ways that they excel
means we fall into a trap. We just should wish them well.
Our kids are not extensions of our ego’s self-conceit;
they should not be burdened because we’re incomplete.

Over in the temples made with hands, those images
of countless gods and goddesses (so-called) all made
of gold and stone, and Jesus as a hippie on a cross
(not even on a throne), while worshiping so formally
our stiff ideas of deity expressed anthropomorphically,
seduced are we by eye’s lies to unfaithfulness, apostasy.

You may now rightly say 2 me, “So what is not idolatry?”
to which I would respond, “Align yourself with truth
and what has made all that you see and even tiny you,
then you will understand the differences between
your fetish worshipping of all 2 which U wrongly cling,
4 I long 4 what’s eternal & not what with my eye is seen.

So, let us not take seriously the ‘evidence’ that we see
around us, in the mirror, or in players in this pond.
It’s a theatre of distraction to beguile us with a fantasy
if we are prone to value it more than what lies beyond.
By all means see the temporary beauty of this plane;
but not if through our vanity it renders us insane.

© Alan Morrison, 2021

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