Two Diametrically-Opposed Worldviews

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THE CURRENT WORLD-SITUATION is like a mini-rehearsal, testing the waters, proving the efficacy or otherwise of psychological operations, yielding data which can then be applied in later strategies, by which the human forces of darkness are assessing reactions and responses, discovering how things can best work, plus identifying who is compliant and who are the dissidents. Chillingly (and as I will show in an upcoming book chapter), we can see very clearly that ‘dead souls’ and spooks are currently controlling the global agenda in the preparation for the creation of a one-world government under a single leader who is the culmination of the dark side of humanity and master representative of lawlessness.

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The Transformed Heart is not Controlled by Human Laws

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📕 MAYBE PEOPLE MORE READILY READ 📘 these text-based images than full-blown articles. It’s fun to put them together. Believe me, I could have written a massively longer article on this gorgeous subject. But, for now, here’s the soundbite precis of it… 🙏

Can One Fall in Love With Someone One Has Never Met? [Short Story]

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IT IS THE YEAR 1849. Harold Thimbleby was the owner of a little bookshop called “The Ardent Bookworm”, which nestled itself in a tiny ginnel in the city of London. One day, he received a letter from a Miss Elizabeth Jane Hargreaves of Liverpool asking if he stocked a certain edition of Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels”. It is a straightforward letter of request, such as he had received many times before. But as he reached the foot of the page, something about her signature caught his eye. Not only did the flourish of the final “s” tell him that the writer is left-handed but also the entire tenor of the letter — listening to the music behind her words and closely observing her style of writing — seemed to imply a certain delicate yearning which spoke deeply to his soul. As he took up his plume to pen his usual reply to corresponding clients, his head was strangely spinning, and an unmistakable feeling of impending destiny took hold of him. The entire incident was thickly swathed in déjà vu. He affirmed to her that he did indeed have the book while, at the same time, he took the liberty to (as he put it) “also recommend another book by a certain Ellis Bell, entitled ‘Wuthering Heights’, which will enable the perfect fulfilment of the longing expressed in your letter of request to me”.

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Ernest Bloch’s Engrossing Concerto Grosso #1

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I’LL TELL YOU A STRANGE THING about this unjustly unknown but brilliant piece of music: Since I first heard it in the 1980s, hardly a day has gone by without some part of it (most often the driving last movement) just popping into my head out of nowhere. Why this should happen, I do not know, apart from the fact that this is the work of true art — to become absorbed into the soul of its witness. And this is what has happened to me in relation to this short work of genius. It fills me with encouragement.

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Worthless Heroes Being Adulated…

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Simplicity: More Than Mere Beauty

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Recently, I wrote a sonnet entitled “Birthing Simplicity”. I knew then that I would have to expand on that with an article, even at the risk of undoing my purpose in it! For simplicity is something with which I have wrestled for many years — not in an aggressive manner but rather like what one does affectionately with a sibling as a child for fun.

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Abraham our Father – Jerusalem our Mother [substantial update]

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This is a substantial update of an article that was originally begun in the late 1990s concerning the relationship between modern day Israel and the Israel of the Bible. It answers the questions “Is modern Israel the Promised Land of the Bible?”, “Should all Jews have returned to the land of Palestine to create the modern state of Israel?”, “Should disciples of Christ be celebrating Jewish festivals, wearing prayer shawls and blowing shofars?”, “Will Christ return and reign from a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem?”, “Are the ‘times of the gentiles’ just a temporary ‘Plan B’ parenthesis before God begins to deal again with His real people, the Jews?”, “Are there two different classes of believers today, with Jews as the real thing and gentile believers being somehow inferior and second-class afterthought add-ons?”, and much more.

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Original Spin:The Only Real Conspiracy

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PROLOGUE: The Rise of Cyber Conspiracy Chaos

Anyone who inhabits social media for any length of time these days can see that it has become a hotbed of free-range madness and sensationalist claims which often verge on hysteria. Interestingly, my observations have shown me that there is at least as much ‘fake news’ from the so-called ‘Truth Movement’ as there is in the mainstream media. Frankly, that movement has become far more deceptive than the mainstream media because it claims to represent 100% truth then mixes in some truth with a lot of speculative twaddle masquerading as fact, while chucking in a bucketful of outright falsehood. At least with the mainstream media you know where you stand as far as mendacity and propaganda are concerned! Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Play the Victim!

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I’ve been manufacturing ‘meaningful memes’ again. Comes from my heart. Playing the victim is a narcissistic trap which leads to twisted outcomes, for oneself personally, in relationships, and societally. It’s addictive and hard to throw off. But it can be done, if thelack of self-respect which caused it is overcome. The interesting thing about this playing-the-victim stance is that it is in complete opposition to the beautiful process of Read the rest of this entry »

Absolutist Thinking on a Pandemic Scale

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AT 🕑pm TODAY, May 24th, MY 14-DAY COMPULSORY “QUARANTINE” CAME TO AN END, which began when I returned from Switzerland to Greece on 10th May. The journey was a highly interesting experience, as I will elaborate below. However, I want to write about this in a manner which would seem to go against the warped grain of so many posts I see on social media. Dear friends, I’ve never been interested in bandwagons or fashions or fads or extremes; and there are many of those around at the moment, which have come into being because of a misplaced absolutism. Let me explain what I mean by that… Read the rest of this entry »