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INTRODUCTION: Strategies of Deception

This essay involves a whole subject area which I propose to develop more fully, with the use of many references (there are sixty-nine links in the whole essay), than I might have done with others — not only because of its sinister implications for humanity but also because people will most likely need a good deal more convincing as we are moving into the realms of what many might label ‘conspiracy’ (though it is very much not theory!) and an underground contrivance which so many cannot stomach yet must face up to if they are to make sense of the world today. So be prepared to follow up on a great many links.

For I am opening up the role that intelligence organisations, manipulative statisticians and behavioural psychologists have played in processing the fake pandemic of Covid-19. I use the word “fake” not because I believe there is no pathogen on the loose but because it has been monstrously inflated and crassly sensationalised in order to manipulate people’s minds more easily. To this end, statistics have been overstated, hospital admissions exaggerated (so-called Nightingale hospitals built, and left unused, for nothing other than to terrorise the public with an end-of-the-world vibe), with gruesome deaths portrayed graphically on the news (sometimes even using older photos from other disease situations), press conferences called with grim-faced suited ‘experts’ announcing terrible prognoses using national flags as a backcloth, and so on. So often, the rising number of people on respirators would be solemnly announced, amidst gruesome details of people clutching at their last breaths and being put into a coma as they said goodbye to loved ones. In fact, respirators were entirely the wrong treatment for Covid-19 [see ], and vast amounts of money was wasted on them; but it all made great television to show rows of people hooked up to a machine just to continue breathing and remain alive, though medically comatose. All those photo-ops to place on the front page of newspapers were just to ‘put the frighteners’ on everyone. Proven alternative treatments were ignored and even censored on social media (as I will show below). Every possible alternative panacea suggested by eminent scientists, epidemiologists, geneticists, immunologists, doctors, and nutritionists for which there was good evidence of efficacy was dismissed by government health authorities with some disdain. The massed government mantra was, “Just wait until the vaccine. That alone is what will save us and bring us herd immunity” — all of which was a lie so that the control could be continued, and profits made.

I should say that although some of what I write in this essay pertains particularly to the situation which has developed in the UK, it is still applicable to many other parts of the world, only with a different cast of characters. So here, right at the outset, I have to bring a rather shocking statement before you. It is one which many will baulk at; but I hope that by the end of this essay, it will not be so surprising. Here it is: Contrary to popular belief, what you have to remember is that the vaccine has not been made to counteract the virus, but the virus was created so that people would take the vaccine. This is the terrible reality about Covid-19 and the only conclusion to which a sane person can come if s/he examines all the evidence and deception, including the stances and attitudes of government health people. Until people realise this and understand why, this whole episode of history will be a mystery to them.

If what I wrote in the previous paragraph causes you offence and you right now want to stop reading, let me say this: Please continue reading, if only just so you can prove me wrong. I am not going to be quoting wacky conspiracy sites. I will mainly be using respectable references such as conservative national press and even the British Medical Journal to prove that a terrible deception has been pulled on the public by unscrupulous people in government and healthcare. However, you are going to have to read this essay with an open mind. By “open mind”, I do not mean a gullible mind, or a blotting-paper mind which soaks up anything thrown in its direction — any old meme, media puff-piece or YouTube video (an undiscerning attitude which seems to thrive not only among those who are wilfully sleepwalking through this world but even among a great many of those in the so-called “truth movement”). I mean instead being in full possession of a discerning, adventurous, objective, beautifully-questioning mind which practises due diligence and leaves no stone unturned in the quest for truth, instead of the usual unquestioning acceptance of any propaganda or disinformation which merely supports one’s current narrative. In other words, I do not want you merely to believe what I write but to find out for yourself if what I write could possibly be true, and if it is not, I want to be the first to know because I will retract it all. You have no right to get angry with, or dismissive towards, what I am saying unless you have done your own deep research and not merely read what your government has told you or watched your TV for your information.

The Preparation of Inanity

So, in order to  bring such deception to pass on the public, perfected strategies have had to used. The population of the world has been prepared for many decades to receive without question government ‘$cientistic’ and medical propaganda. That preparation process is known as ‘dumbing-down’. A well-developed human being must be able to make intelligent choices, exercise due diligence and make prudent decisions. For that, one needs to be discerning, insightful, penetrating, with a mind that is uncluttered by baser instincts which are merely ego-driven. But such developed human beings will naturally become dissidents, seditionists and even be criminalized in today’s governmental climate. For thinking, discerning, perceptive individuals are the very last thing that the power-elite and their puppet governments desire. Thus, in order to clear the way for their proposed machinations to bring about a one-world government via the backdoor, it is imperative to ensure that the majority of the population is thoroughly stupid. This has been achieved with remarkable success.

When I was a child, there was a popular programme on BBC television, called “The Brain’s Trust”. Each week, a panel of very brainy men and women would answer pithy questions with no prior knowledge of those questions. It was fascinating and I was deeply impressed. I remember one of the panel, Prof. Jacob Bronowski (see image, right), would listen to the question then he would put his hand to his forehead and quietly think for some time before answering. That would not happen today. Not only because most TV is not centred on intelligence or personal development, but questions have to be answered snappily with lots of posing and even tomfoolery in the case of chat shows and the like. There is no room for people being interviewed today to think quietly or to deliberate, or they will be accused of stalling and will probably become the object of the usual ‘torch and pitchfork’ ridicule on Twitter with sardonic memes being created depicting someone with a hand on their forehead. (If you want to amuse yourself, checkout this account about MI5’s bungling twenty-year ‘keystone cops’ style of surveillance campaign against Bronowski, the highlight of which was when he wrote a poem entitled “How I Hate War”, ).

For over many decades, entertainment and the media have engaged in a projected campaign to dumb us down by maintaining our interest in superficial claptrap, diversionary nonsense, or pretentious blather. Rigged competitions, ludicrous game shows, documentaries presented by mere entertainers rather than genuine experts, obsession with celebrities and their lifestyles/clothing, moronic chat shows with zero content, a plethora of soap-operas, so-called reality TV, and heavily propagandized news media have all contributed to the demise of the discerning mind. The growth of political-correctness has also played into (and been a symptom of) the stupefaction of the human mind and its endemic aversion to being challenged by truth.

The attention-span of most people and the depth of knowledge and understanding they desire to have on any serious subject has depleted immeasurably in recent decades. An essay such as this will be read by very few, for people are generally disinterested in an abundance of information (what I call “Black Forest Gateau Input”) and expect their knowledge bank to be filled up adequately by a ‘meme’ or soundbite or soap opera, or some brainwashed talking-head on TV. This has nothing to do with one’s level of education, social class, or IQ. It is purely a matter of the dumbing-down of the human mind with what has amounted to systematic psychological warfare over many decades. (Why certain minds should be impervious to this assault while the majority soak it up will be the subject of a later essay).

The result of these decades of preparation in dumbing-down the ability of the human mind to make critical judgements and to think logically (i.e., being able to work through from a premise to a conclusion) has been the openness of the mass mind to receive propaganda unquestioningly as if it were fact and to abandon the level of discernment necessary to decipher corruption and skulduggery. Puffed up and full of their imagined importance, yet without any substance, people have become extraordinarily capable of hurling insults at someone who presents them with an uncomfortable truth on Twitter but utterly unable to see through the psychological warfare being waged against them by their own government — thus demonstrating the depth of their stupefaction by social engineering.

How else could you get people to line up like sheep and voluntarily take into their bloodstream — even beg for it, then boast about it — as guinea pigs, an experimental genetically-modified product which has been manufactured by companies which have a horrific track record of corruption and mendacity and whose goal is not at all a wholly healthy population but one which is entirely dependent on them for the suppression of symptoms through lifelong consumption of their dubious products? Really, you couldn’t make it up! If you are one of those uneducated people who now wants to tell me, “The vaccine is not experimental and it has been fully tested”, please go to e.g., Pfizer’s own website and read their Q and A about it. You will see there that the “Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is still being studied in clinical trials” and “Pfizer and BioNTech will track participants in our Phase 3 clinical trial for two years following their second dose, in order to document the long-term effectiveness and safety of the vaccine”. [See those quotes here: ]. FACT for all you people who think you have been jabbed with a safety-certified product: The vaccines have not been fully tested for safety. Neither have they been approved by drug approval organisations such as the Federal Drug Administration (USA) (equivalents in Europe and the UK: European Medicines Agency and Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), but have merely received “emergency use authorisation”, known as ‘EUA’. In short, those who receive the vaccines are guinea-pigs. In order to make people so stupefied, malleable, and compliant towards receiving a shot from criminal corporations with a bad track record on honesty and transparency — for an illness which has a 99.5% survival rate and is almost exclusively fatal to those over eighty years old or with serious prior health issues — there needs to be a preceding softening-up of the public mind and a diminution of its level of intelligence and independence. This is precisely what has been happening for the last seventy years of media output and social programming.

The Kind of Control which Despots Dream of

So, as preparation, over many decades through a whole raft of dumbing-down experiences, authorities acting on behalf of the power-elite have deliberately machinated a dumbed-down, compliant, undiscerning, easily-deceived, unhealthy population with a messed-up immune system, riddled with social conflicts and division, imagining itself to be so smart, while at the same time being completely fooled by the faux-democracy perpetuated within their nations. Then they whack that population with a respiratory illness which mostly only kills off the frail, medically-compromised, obese, nutrient-deficient, and those already old enough to be past their sell-by date. (Sorry to have to put it like that but a great many elderly people are just being kept alive yet in a very diminished state of animation through the perpetual use of a multitude of medications). Then tell all the rest of the population that they will be next unless they are jacked up with an experimental, mostly untested artificial “immunity” manufactured by known criminal corporations. [For examples of the criminality of the pharmaceutical companies, see first of all about the vaccine-producing company, Pfizer: and then about the pharmaceutics and vaccine-producing company, AstraZeneca, , and about the pharmaceutical giant, GlaxoSmithKline: ]. These are seriously criminal organisations forever skirting around the edge of the law, always trying to avoid doing the right thing and always trying to cover their tracks and get away with as much medical skulduggery as possible. Surely only the most wilfully ignorant, undiscerning, and foolish people would voluntarily receive into their bodies the concoctions they produce.

This is the kind of population control which Stalin, Hitler and other such despots only ever dreamed of! All that was needed was to convince people through the repetition of mantras that “herd immunity can only come through vaccination” and that they must therefore remain heavily restricted under lockdown, limited socialising, etc., until such time as that vaccination programme could be carried out. Coupled with that, the public has to be continually frightened out of their wits by bombarding them with statistics from hell about infection rates and deaths. In order to carry that off successfully, governments have to resort to methods of stealth normally only used under battlefield conditions. This is where corrupt statisticians, behavioural psychologists, and spooks (intelligence agencies working with the military) come into play. This is what I want to open up in this essay, which is a conflation of most of an unfinished article with a broader context on which I’ve been working, together with writings on which I am currently working and notes that I have made over recent months. I regard the information in this present essay of such importance that I am bringing it before you now, without the broader context (which is spiritual in nature). It is a summary of all that I want to say on the subject.

So, I will proceed to deal with this information about the manipulation of populations in the programme involving Covid-19 under four main headings: 1) The Use of Sensationalised Statistics; 2) The Use of Mind-Control and Psychological Operations; 3) The Involvement of the Pharmaceutical Mafia; 4) The Connection with the Wider Use of ‘Atrocity Propaganda’.


When one is being bombarded with figures about death rates, it is easy to make them seem shocking because most people are entirely ignorant about what regular rates of death look like even under normal circumstances. For example, are you aware of how many people normally die in any year in the UK each month? According to official figures for just England and Wales, between around 35,000 in a good summer month and up to 65,000 in a bad winter month. [See ]. That seems like quite a lot, doesn’t it? It works out at an average of between just over one thousand and just over two thousand every single day. Yet, these are just absolutely normal figures. We may not like it, but death is all around us and is extremely common. However, if some newspaper headline suddenly yelled at you one morning from a tabloid like this…

65,000 DEAD THIS MONTH IN ENGLAND & WALES! Prime Minister to call special COBRA meeting in Downing Street bunker. State of Emergency Declared. Parliament recessed.

… you would probably find it alarming, even though 65,000 deaths in a bad winter month is absolutely the norm in any year. In the midst of life, we are in death. Many tens of thousands of people die every month in England and Wales, from natural causes, suicide, accidents, illness, homicide, or just the decline of old age. Nevertheless, the average person-in-the-street has little ability to see beyond the stark awfulness of such a headline. Three times as many people die from tobacco-related disease than from Covid-19, yet your government and media never make any fuss about that. (In fact, your government is making a lot of money from it in taxes). [See ]. Neither does it show you all those among them who are gasping for their last breath, as many will have done. In San Francisco, drug overdoses have killed more than three times as many people in 2020 as did Covid-19 in the same year, yet your government and media never made the same kind of fuss about that. [See ]. You never saw these statistics being splashed all over the front pages, day in and day out for the past fifteen months. It all comes down to ‘spin’. Statistics are extremely easy to massage and present in numerous different lights depending on what or who one wants to influence. Because your government and media have wanted to frighten you to death about Covid-19, they have been spinning it for all it is worth. In fact, deaths from Covid-19 have been deliberately bumped-up to make them look worse. After the sea of numbers flashed on people’s TV screens for the past fifteen months, it was finally discovered that at least almost a quarter of the death figures for Covid-19 are not valid. In an article headlined, “Nearly a Quarter of Registered Covid Deaths are NOT Caused by the Virus”, it was stated:

“The latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveals that 23 per cent of coronavirus deaths which are registered are now people who have died ‘with’ the disease rather than ‘from’ an infection. This means that the person who has died will have tested positive for Covid-19 at some point, but that the disease was not recorded as the victim’s primary cause of death on their death certificate”. [ ].

Daily Mail, April 21st, 2021

If officially they are now admitting to 23%, you can guarantee that it will be a lot more than that. Massaging of statistics for maximum effect. In another example of the way that people have been easily brainwashed, for the past year I have had people saying to me, in a scary voice, that loads of previously healthy younger people are dying of Covid-19. But when you actually check the statistics instead of falling for the overkill on your TV news, you will discover that between the beginning of April 2020 and the end of December 2020, only 388 people under 60 years old who died of Covid-19 had no underlying health conditions. That is all. Just 388:

“Just 388 people aged under 60 with no underlying health conditions have died of Covid-19 in England’s hospitals since the start of the pandemic, NHS data has showed. The figures show that 1,979 previously healthy people died in hospitals in England after testing positive for Covid-19 between April 2 and December 23. Just 338 of these people were aged 40 to 59, with another 44 aged between 20 and 39, and just six under the age of 19, according to the data”. [ ].

Daily Mail, December 27th 2020

As a sample, in the previous year to that, in 2019, between April and December (which covers the same period as in the quotation above), around 387,000 people died in total in England and Wales of all causes. (These official statistics are readily available on the internet; I will give you a link later in this paragraph). Really, 388 deaths in the same eight-month period is nothing in comparison. (I am speaking purely statistically here. I fully realise that for their loved ones it was not ‘nothing’). Even in 2020, in most months (apart from April and May), the overall monthly death rate was much the same as it had been in previous years, as you can easily see from the Statista diagram online here: . The reason that it will have been so high in April and May 2020 (as you will see there in the spike on the graph) is surely because so many elderly people had been sent from hospital into nursing homes where poor preparation due to government negligence caused many thousands of unnecessary deaths. This was such a heinous scandal that even Amnesty International wrote a damning report about it. [See ]. Here is a quote from it: “Between 2 March and 12 June this year, 28,186 ‘excess deaths’ were recorded in care homes in England, with over 18,500 care home residents confirmed to have died with COVID-19 during this period”. None of that needed to happen, if the government had made proper provision, as Amnesty’s report declares.

Key figures in the UK government cabinet, with chief medical and scientific officers, who are guilty of neglect of human lives, need arraigning on charges of criminal negligence, at the very least. The Director of Amnesty International said, The Government made a series of shockingly irresponsible decisions which abandoned care home residents to die… The appalling death toll was entirely avoidable — it is a scandal of monumental proportions’. Anyone reading Amnesty’s report will be in no doubt that serious criminal charges need to be brought. Amnesty International’s Senior Crisis Response Adviser said: ‘It is as if care home residents were seen as expendable. Despite thousands of empty beds, they were de-prioritized when it came to getting access to hospital care and had blanket ‘do not resuscitate’ orders imposed on them without due process. Such abuses are deeply disturbing’. Deeply disturbing? They are absolutely criminal! Why water it down? Surely, it was all done deliberately, as part of the psyop to put great fear into people’s lives with the rocketing death rate. There is no other explanation, as the outcome was entirely predictable to anyone with expertise. Amnesty’s Senior Crisis Response Adviser says that it is “as if” those people were regarded as “expendable”. There is no “as if” about it! They were actually regarded as expendable!

Covid-19 is not Bubonic Plague or Ebola

So, statistics have been massaged during the past fifteen months to make Covid-19 appear to be a terrifying killer on the loose moving through the air in the way that the Angel of Death was portrayed in Cecil B. De Mille’s 1956 movie, “The Ten Commandments”, as a green fog which moved snakelike among the unprotected population in Egypt [ ]. Plainly, this pathogen known as Covid-19 was weaponised against the elderly and frail, the medically compromised and those with identifiable physical characteristics such as obesity, low vitamin D, inadequate intake of vitamin C, poor general immunity due to lack of exercise, bad diet, and so on. We are not dealing here with the Bubonic Plague, which would kill a very high percentage of those infected (100% if untreated. 40% if treated), or Ebola, which kills an average of 50% of those infected. By way of contrast, survival of Covid-19 is extremely high (between 99% and 99.5%), especially with a healthy immune system and a decent intake of vitamins and minerals. Thus, responsible people can weigh up the risks and can make changes in their lives in order to be as healthy as possible (though there are no guarantees in this life about anything). But for authorities to use psychologically terrorising statistics to make it seem as serious as Bubonic Plague or Ebola is disingenuous, to say the least. If it were a real pandemic plague, everyone would personally know healthy younger people who had died. In a real pandemic, it would be like tumbrils going past your window calling, “Bring out your dead!” In 2017, more than 80,000 people died of influenza in the USA. But it wasn’t treated in the sensationalistic manner as that of Covid-19. Because there was no agenda designed to freak people out. You would only read about it almost a year after. [See ] But Covid-19 has been treated in a most disproportionate manner. As conservative Member of Parliament, Sir Desmond Swayne, so clearly stated in a brave speech to a virtually empty UK parliament on 28th September 2020, “the policy of the Government has been disproportionate in response to this threat. There may be a virus one day that threatens our very way of life, but this is not it, even if we are behaving as if it were”. [His speech in Hansard is here: ]. You can also view that astonishing speech in this YouTube video: ]. It is notable that Sir Desmond, in the same parliamentary speech, also referred to one part of the government’s publicity campaign as “project fear”, adding: “It was an attempt to terrify the British people, as if they had not been terrified enough”. The terrifying of the people about a virus which is not what it is being made out to be is the crux of the issue. So, who is it that organises that terrorisation of the population and how is it achieved?


This management of the public’s behaviour and thinking — if one researches all the data — has clearly been a psychological operation organised by intelligence agencies and their spooks, alongside experts in psychological manipulation in order to wield mind-control and bring about behavioural changes in the population. This manipulation (finally, after more than a year of it) has even been ‘outed’ in the mainstream media:

“A document presented to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) called for an increase in the ‘perceived threat’ of Covid using ‘hard-hitting emotional messages’, reports claim today. Psychologists have accused Downing Street of using ‘covert psychological strategies’ to emphasise the threat from Covid-19 without contextualising the risks… Experts fear Britons have been the subject of an experiment in the use of tactics which operate ‘below their level of awareness,’ it was said”. [ ].

Daily Mail, 3rd April 2021

See also this official government PDF format link on SAGE’s proposals to ramp up fear in the public: . On 2nd April 2021, an article had appeared in the Daily Telegraph with the headline and rider:

STATE OF FEAR: how ministers ‘used covert tactics’ to keep scared public at home. Government’s ‘psychological strategies’ to manipulate unwitting public’s behaviour may backfire and lead to long-term damage, experts claim”.

In an extract from this article [available here: ], one regular (plainly dissenting) attendee of the U.K. government Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies committee (SAGE) said of the lockdown policy and the way that it has been implemented:

“The British people have been subjected to an unevaluated psychological experiment without being told that is what’s happening. All of this is about trying to steer behaviour in the direction an elite has decided, rather than deciding if it is the right thing or the ethical thing to do.”

‘Cyber-Squaddies’ Patrol your Social Media

But no matter how many complaints are raised about these policies, nothing will be done about it. No one will really care. All will continue with business as usual. Governments can get away with these actions on the basis that “it is for the good of the people” — a phrase repeated many times in countless totalitarian contexts down the ages. However, I wonder what people would say if they knew that the UK government’s Covid-19 programme is being shadowed by the psychological warfare division of the British Army, known as the “77th Brigade”? A major part of the 77th Brigade’s remit has been to control the narrative on the pandemic on social media through ramping up fear, guilt-tripping people, trolling and exposing what they claim is false news — i.e., subverting and overturning genuine news. (I will give a number of links below). So, they are posting a great deal on social media such as Facebook and Twitter to generate the fear factor and counter any whiff of insight into this whole fiasco. They not only actually create viral posts, but they also comment and engage in dialogue to change minds and influence the direction of society. This is real “1984” stuff. If you are involved in some wrangle about Covid-19 or other similar issue with someone on Facebook, you have no idea if it is a civvy with whom you debate or a cyber-squaddie from the 77th Brigade. In one of the 77th Brigade’s offices, there is a huge poster on the wall which says, “Behavioural change is our USP”. “USP” is short for the sales jargon phrase “Unique Selling Point”. This is like a motto. Because the 77th is selling behavioural change. That is its purpose. Usually, that would be in some far-flung theatre of war. But today, the British Army is carrying out behaviour modification of the British general public with its own psychological warfare unit. This is unprecedented.

The 77th Brigade has overtly only been publicly operational since 2015, yet its reach in social media and cyberspace is tentacular. The social media giant, Twitter, even has a 77th Brigade officer working as one of its key executives. As of the present time, its Head of Editorial in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), Gordon Macmillan, is a straight-up 77th Brigade officer, though in his resume on Linked‑In he disingenuously referred to the 77th merely as “specialising in non-lethal engagement” rather than “specialising in psychological warfare”. You couldn’t make this up. Spooks and military behaviour modification units are now running the whole shitshow you call political life. Everything is so much more developed than people realise. In fact, most people just haven’t got a clue. They do as they’re told, go down the pub, waddle to some soul-destroying job each day like automatons, get married, mindlessly watch TV, eat shit food, get fat, fuck like rabbits, churn out babies for the state, then send them to schools to be brainwashed and prepared for a sick society, trot off to church every Sunday to virtue-signal to God and their neighbours how religious they are, care about nothing except their own backyards (metaphorically and really) which are full of rubbish anyway (metaphorically and really), read their trashy newspapers uncritically, distrust politicians yet still do everything they’re told, live a life of whacked-out boredom and puppetry, waiting for something called ‘retirement’, rail at people who see through the theatre about them being conspiracy theorists, while being completely blind to the wave of godless evil which is unprecedented in its global reach. Now even many so-called “alternative” people have fallen into line bragging about their vaccinations on Facebook and conforming to a corrupt government.

{NB: Twitter boss Gordon Macmillan’s reference to himself as being in the 77th Brigade has now been removed from his resume on his Linked‑In page, but one of the links I provide below has a screenshot of the original description. For any sceptical readers, the engagement of the 77th Brigade on social media, including propaganda about pandemics, is not fiction but is checkable by anyone. In one of the links here, you will read about the poster on the 77th Brigade office wall saying, “Behavioural change is our USP”. Here are the relevant links to this context: }.

Prime Ministers & Presidents are not the Real Controllers

The real control of the direction of society is not being wielded by presidents or prime ministers, governments and political parties — for they have no real power — but by a Conglomerate of banks, global corporations, a handful of billionaires and hyper-wealthy families, a plethora of organisations with the word “World” at the beginning (e.g. World Economic Forum, World Health Organisation, World Bank), the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, some secret or semi-secret societies, arms manufacturers, militaries, intelligence networks, pharmaceutical companies and their advocates masquerading as scientists and medical officers. The spooks act as the enforcers of the agenda of the Conglomerate via national governments.

For, example, when you see someone like Boris Johnson on TV waving his hands about while giving one of his ‘poor man’s Churchill’ imitations of a speech at a podium with a sign saying, “protect the NHS” and other such guff, he has been primed by spooks. People say, “Boris should do this or shouldn’t do that”, but Boris merely rubber-stamps what he is led to say by the Conglomerate acting through spooks (aka ‘chiefs of staff’, ‘top civil servants’, or ‘advisers’, which are the spin-words). Boris is not really “in charge” of anything. Boris, like all figurehead leaders of political parties, is being ‘run’ (‘handled’). Like all prime ministers and presidents, Boris is a spook asset with handlers. In the UK, as elsewhere, spooks are running the show from behind the graphical user interface (GUI) people delusionally call a democratically elected government. It’s straight off the pages of a John le Carré novel. Anyone who thinks that their president or prime minister is tackling the virus alone, like some beleaguered hero to whom all around him are saying, “What should we do next, Prime Minister/President?”, is living in cloud-cuckoo-land. Boris Johnson, for example (who the media credit with ‘doing’ things every day) is merely a hooray-Henry front-man, while behind the scenes the whole thing is stage-managed by spooks. Boris Johnson was responsible for governmental liaison with the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6) when he was Foreign Secretary under Prime Minister Theresa May. The connections will have been forged then if they were not already. He also has advisors and chiefs of staff who all have spook connections, as I will show below. It is the same with all the politicians. Most of them don’t have an original idea in their heads of any real value. And even if they do, if it is not in tune with the agenda of the spooks, then it will not fly.

I can guarantee that anyone in government who is being thrust into the limelight at this time of a virus emergency is either a spook, has spook connections, or is being groomed and schooled by spook handlers. Who do you think has been steering Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock, First Secretary of State and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, in the UK, and all the other fronting ham actors in the stage production they call a pandemic? For some time, they were being groomed by a guy called Mark Sedwill, who has known links with intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6, who went by the typically (and deliberately) misinformational title of “civil servant” and who is also President of the Special Forces Club. To quote a Guardian article about him, which showed how Dominic Raab has Sedwill as his handler: “With a CV suggesting connections with MI5 and MI6, Sedwill has been portrayed by enemies as a “securocrat” — a stiff-collared spook happier in the company of spies and soldiers rather than gossiping with politicians and journalists” [Here is the link: ). As Cabinet Secretary and also as National Security Adviser to the government until recently, Sedwill was one of those unelected folks who have basically been running the country. (Rather like the character of Permanent Secretary, Sir Humphrey Appleby — though a good deal more sinister than he — in the sitcom, “Yes, Minister”, of which I have watched some very amusing episodes).

Politicians are all just cardboard cut-outs who maintain the graphical user interface with the public who imagine they live in a democracy. But the world is run by spooks acting as the enforcement arm of the Conglomerate or power-elite. It is they who guide the government into how it should act. It doesn’t matter what you have voted for them to do; they will do what they are steered into doing by the spooks who are their handlers. Apparently, regarding the manipulation of government, there was an alleged power struggle (or that is how it was spun) between Mark Sedwill and Dominic Cummings — another unelected and rather suspect former adviser to the government. A journalist with deep connections in the world of intelligence, John Helmer, wrote in an eye-opening article about Cummings, “Cummings once, and still now, enjoys the protection and confidence of the British secret services”. [See ]. This is why nothing that Cummings says can be trusted. One simply does not know for whom he is a mouthpiece at any one time. One cannot be sure who he is being run by. Though he ran Boris, that’s for sure.

The new current Chief of Staff at No.10 and special advisor to the UK government is a chap called Dan Rosenfield, who took over from Dominic Cummings. You have probably never heard of him. Yet, since 2016, Rosenfield has been a partner and global head of corporate clients at Hakluyt, known euphemistically as “an upmarket corporate advisory firm”. But if you dig into it a little… guess what! Hakluyt (as you can see from its own website) is an intelligence firm founded by former officials of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6). While Rosenfield took over from Dominic Cummings, Sedwill’s role as Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service was taken over by one Simon Case — again someone you have probably never heard of and certainly never voted for, as he is one of the unelected leaders of your country. Simon Case is actually a former Director of Strategy at GCHQ, the government communications headquarters in Cheltenham, which is “an intelligence and security organisation responsible for providing signals intelligence and information assurance to the government and armed forces of the United Kingdom” — basically eavesdropping, bugging, and intercepting. The nearest equivalent in the USA of GCHQ is the National Security Agency (NSA). Simon Case is currently news in today’s papers, where we read a headline like this: “Boris Johnson is ‘deeply suspicious’ of top civil servant Simon Case after Dominic Cummings claimed he hired ex-royal aide to nudge the Prime Minister into a second lockdown”. [See ] . Essentially, Boris Johnson is in over his head with all the spooks and spook assets who surround him, giving different shades of advice, like a theatrical scene out of the spy-filled court of the first Queen Elizabeth! Though it is really something of a tragedy. This is why, in spite of all your idealism to change the world through politics, no matter who you vote for, they all become subject to control by spooks who will not be remotely interested in your voting agenda because they have one of their own. Backbenchers will have some more freedom; but once a politician reaches cabinet level, s/he is wholly under the thumb of spooks and subject to their agenda.

Worthy of some scrutiny is the pedigree of Carrie Johnson (née Symonds), now wife of the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. I have wondered about her for some time, having tried to imagine why a girl like that would (to put it crudely) want the likes of hooray-Henry Boris Johnson rolling around on top of her. Why on earth would she latch herself onto him. The fact that she and spook-asset Dominic Cummings were so often at loggerheads was also a red light. You may think that she’s just a Sloane Ranger with ambitions and she nabbed the top man in politics, but I do not think it is that simple. Her father is Matthew Symonds, a founder of The Independent newspaper (which is anything but independent and is really an establishment mouthpiece of the national security state). He was also defence and diplomatic editor at the Economist, a role which must have brought him into much contact with spooks, military and arms manufacturers. Most interesting of all is his Trusteeship of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a so-called “think-tank” which is really a front for NATO and arms manufacturers. As it states on the rather interesting Strategic Culture website:

“The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), (is) one of the world’s most influential think tanks. Also situated in central London, the organization is directly funded by NATO and its member states, as well as by major weapons manufacturers such as Airbus, BAE Systems, Boeing and Raytheon… Founded in 1958, the IISS provided much of the intellectual basis behind the Cold War scaremongering around Soviet military capacity, thereby pushing NATO members to spend more on arms. On its advisory board are a former NATO secretary general, the former chief of defense intelligence for the Israeli Defense Forces, and, until recently, the CEO of Lockheed Martin. Today, the think tank is a major driver in the increasing hostility towards China, Russia and North Korea. A number of other current Department of War Studies academics have held positions at the IISS as well. Indeed, King’s College boasts that one of the “key benefits” of studying there is its “established links” with the IISS.” [See ].

The King’s College Department of War Studies mentioned at the end of that quote is basically a spook factory as you will see if you read that entire article. Also on the advisory board of the The International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) is the spook “civil servant” with MI5/MI6 connections, Mark Sedwill, who I mentioned above. The International Institute of Strategic Studies was the organisation responsible for sparking the illegal, genocidal and unnecessary Iraq war in 2003 after its entirely false dossier was published on 9 September 2002, entitled “Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Net Assessment”, in which it was falsely claimed that Saddam Hussein has stockpiled huge amounts of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Organisations such as the IISS are crawling with spooks, military contractors, arms manufacturers and political heavyweights whose purpose is to foment endless war and conflict across the world. And it is this organisation of which Carrie Johnson’s father is a trustee. I suspect that there is far more to her than meets the eye. She is certainly not just an innocent young woman in Laura Ashley style dresses who has delicately hobnobbed herself into high places. One day, the whole truth will emerge.

So, when we are told that “Boris Johnson is building a White House-style situation room” — basically, a secret bunker — “beneath Whitehall for tackling national security crises”, you can guarantee that it is not Johnson who is building anything but MI5 and the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6):

“The Premier has ordered the construction of a £9million “situation centre” — dubbed SitCen — where top ministers, senior spooks, leading officials and invited experts can monitor developing disasters, be briefed on terror outrages and watch RAF drone strikes live. The secret bunker, which looks set to take over from Cobra as the main meeting point for dealing with such emergencies, is being developed beneath 70 Whitehall. It will be connected to Downing Street through an existing labyrinth of subterranean tunnels. No10 sources said the coronavirus crisis showed that ministers needed more real-time information and data”. [ See ].

Straight Out of a Le Carré Novel

I can guarantee that Johnson has “ordered” nothing, for he is subject to the orders of spooks. That is the real agenda in all politics. Once you have seen through the Big Lie of political life — that Presidents, Prime Ministers and governments have no autonomy — you cannot unlearn it. So, that secret bunker will be used to turn the screw of secrecy even tighter with regard to virus psyops and the like. Essentially, the whole show at Downing Street is a hotbed of spooks or spook-assets who are the real power behind the throne, and always have been. What people see on their TVs on news or current affairs programmes is a fiction hiding a cloak-and-dagger reality. Now you might somehow be reminded here of John Le Carré’s brilliant novels. The dark, shabby, corrupt, lowlife, dissembling, black-ops world of UK spooks has never been better portrayed than in his book, ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’, which was later made into a hellish film depicting the whole sordid atmosphere. In fact, this cast of characters in Britain who have suddenly been pushed into the pandemic limelight seems to be more like something out of another work by Le Carré, ‘The Constant Gardener’ (which was later fashioned into a well-made film), based on a true story which took place in Kano, Nigeria, involving antibacterial testing by a pharmaceutical company on small children. In the film, a naïve young diplomat (played by Ralph Fiennes) involved with aid agencies discovers that his activist wife (played by Rachel Weisz) has been murdered in Africa because she uncovered a conspiracy involving deadly medical experimentation by pharmaceutical companies there, which went right to the top of the Foreign Office in the UK government, which of course had covered it all up (and also covertly arranged the assassination of the diplomat’s wife). Interestingly, John Le Carré (himself a former spy for British Intelligence) wrote this about his novel: “By comparison with the reality, my story is as tame as a holiday postcard”. Food for thought right there. (For reviews of this disturbing but astonishingly real film, click on this link: ).

Spies on NHS Advisory Boards

But more here about UK Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock: Towards the end of 2018, he created an NHS HealthTech Advisory Board, which of course has pharmaceutical company bigwigs on it, plus various academics and so-called health people. But included in the list of members — and appointed by Hancock himself — is a woman called Nicole Junkermann, who is described as “founder of NJF Holdingsan international finance and investment company”. [ ]This is another classic example of spook-driven obfuscation. Nicole Junkermann is actually a spy with Israeli connections and who also had a close relationship with the Mossad asset, Jeffrey Epstein. His flight manifests show that he flew with her alone on two occasions. I have seen her described as “a female James Bond”, so what on earth is she doing being appointed to an NHS health advisory board? [See this link and ]. Spooks having control on committees and being placed in prime positions to enable control by the Conglomerate is the norm now.

Christopher Whitty’s Strangely Spooky Background

Even the Chief Medical Officer of the UK, Chris Whitty, has some kind of spook connection, though I have no idea how much of a role it plays in his life today. For I found it strange to see that he comes from a spook family. His father, Ken Whitty, typically described in the media as a ‘British Cultural Attaché’ in Athens, was assassinated there in 1984 by a Palestinian hitman when he worked for the British Council when his son, Christopher Whitty, was a teenager. For “British Cultural Attaché” and the like, I generally read ‘spy’, and in this case that is absolutely true. As has been revealed on the Jerusalem-based Israeli Military Intelligence website, DebkaFile: ‘This secret war [between Abu Nidal/Iraqi intelligence and the British secret service] occasionally came to the surface in the form of high-profile assassinations, such as the 1984 killing in Athens of Ken Whitty, the top British intelligence operative in Greece’. [See ]. So, Christopher Whitty’s dad was a leading British spy in Greece, and presumably had been in the other places around the globe where they had lived (notably, Africa, where Christopher Whitty would himself eventually work as a doctor). Perhaps the son was recruited as a spook asset long ago ‘in his father’s memory’, so to speak (there I am simply speculating, but who knows?). Try and find out about Chris Whitty’s personal life. You will just hit a dead end. His must be the most protected personal life in the universe! Nothing whatsoever is known about it, or him. It’s a non-story. Ghostland. No one will touch it. Very strange. You will also never find a single whiff of a mention of the fact in media puff pieces about Christopher Whitty that his father was a top British spy; merely that he was a “diplomat”. Also, how very convenient that Whitty, an epidemiologist, should be appointed to be Chief Medical Officer in Britain in October 2019, right before the emergence of a purported pandemic. I noted that he had a vast amount of experience in Africa in the 1990s where so much medical experimentation has been done on poor and ‘expendable’ people with questionable drugs from the corrupt pharmaceutical companies. (That is what I call ‘The Constant Gardener Syndrome’). Not only that, but as a researcher, Whitty was awarded $40million by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It all dovetails together.

W. Gates — an Intelligence Asset

You may also wonder where William Gates fits into all this. Well, he is one of several billionaires who are tied into the Conglomerate. He is presented to the public as a kind of philanthropist. That’s the spin. But as you must surely know, virtually everything propagated by humans in the public arena is fake. The world we live in is characterised by deception, dissimulation, and the wearing of masks (and I’m not referring to surgical masks!) Of course, most people would say that is ‘too negative’. Most people desperately want to believe that all one has to do is ‘elect some nice politicians’, or ‘get women running the world’, and everything will be sorted. That is extremely naïve, entirely mistaken, and completely pointless. Most people have no idea that they are caught up in the midst of a spiritual battle of cosmic proportions, though they would ignorantly dismiss such a concept as ‘outlandish’ or even ‘insane’. Most people desperately want to believe the everyday narrative fed to them by their parents, schools, colleges, universities, media channels, governments, etc., even though many would say that deep down they don’t trust those last two. They would rather stick with false optimism than scary reality. Comforting lies will always captivate the masses rather than unpleasant truths. This is why there are so many  people saying things like the following that I have seen on social media: “I vote Christopher Whitty for the next Prime Minister!” or “Chris Whitty is the man for our time, like Winston Churchill was in WW2”. They are so easily fooled by exterior guff.

So, when people see Bill Gates described as a “billionaire philanthropist”, they believe it. The reality is that Bill Gates has been in cahoots with intelligence networks for decades and he plays his part well. The seeds were sown at Microsoft. You cannot run a huge corporation like Microsoft which provides software like the Windows operating system which exists on one billion computers in the world without the CIA and other agencies getting involved, for obvious reasons. (The same can be said for Facebook, which is yet another intelligence network data-mining front, with Mark Zuckerberg as the anointed character who heads it up. [ . He was indeed ‘anointed’ by Klaus Schwab when chosen as one of his Global Young Leaders in 2009. See . True to form, not only has Facebook been employing the use of censors misleadingly called ‘factcheckers’ but it has been algorithmically programmed to demote post comments which express any doubts or hesitancy about the Covid-19 vaccine. See ). In 2013, it was revealed that Microsoft enabled the National Security Agency (NSA) to have access to users of its Outlook dot com email client. [ ]. Microsoft is basically in bed with intelligence agencies such as the CIA and NSA and has been for years. You cannot set up a global operating system without being in hock to the intelligence/military agencies. The same goes for Facebook as social media. Any software or social media enterprise which has a tentacular global reach is going to be nobbled by the top intelligence agencies. It would be obvious to anyone with half a brain that such agencies would use software which is already planted on one billion computers! This relationship is even outwardly acknowledged. A couple of years ago, Microsoft ‘secured a lucrative cloud deal with the intelligence community…worth hundreds of millions of dollars’, allowing ‘17 intelligence agencies and offices to use Microsoft’s Azure Government…in addition to other products Microsoft already offers, such as its Windows 10 operating system and word processing programs’. [see ]. “Word processing programs” means Microsoft Word in Office. Meditate on that. In 2017, Wikileaks revealed “Vault 7” [ ], a series of documents “that detail activities and capabilities of the United State’ Central Intelligence Agency to perform electronic surveillance and cyber warfare” using web browsers and operating systems, including Microsoft Windows. When this was disclosed, many companies did not respond to the flaws in their software, about which WikiLeaks stated: “Most of these lagging companies have conflicts of interest due to their classified work with US government agencies.

Just like the late Mossad-connected Jeffrey Epstein (with whom Bill Gates was friendly and had visited a number of times), Gates is essentially an intelligence asset anointed by the power-elite and in cahoots with intelligence agencies, who has been handed enormous clout, and his Foundation is a classic front operating in countries like Africa, doing nothing except facilitating dodgy corporate interests and pharmaceutical rackets. [ ]. However, people like him (and like Epstein) are still merely players who can be eliminated at a moment’s notice by the layers of control which lie above him, should their faces no longer fit, like Epstein. Types like Gates will always be prominently operating in continents like Africa, for obvious reasons, doing pharmaceutic and vaccine tests on poor people in less developed countries (The Constant Gardener Syndrome). Speaking of the CIA and Bill Gates, even the Director of Global Security at the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’, is a former CIA spook with eighteen years’ experience at the intelligence agency. [See].

All this dovetails into the fact that this whole debacle of the present time — the virus and the draconian control — is being deliberately engineered by spooks, the military, behaviour modification units, health chiefs, and pharmaceutical companies. In other words, it’s a Psyop racket. Most people fail to realise that the agenda of the Conglomerate power-elite — that is, those who really run your country, not your government which is always just a bunch of ball-less narcissists, posers, and patsies — is complete control and that control is enforced by intelligence agencies in cahoots with corporate interests, and a big part of those interests is the maintenance of the devilish pharmaceutical cabal. As a pharma-watching researcher, Birgit, said in the film, ‘The Constant Gardener’: Put $50,000 in the right hands, and you can test battery acid as skin lotion”; and as a doctor working in the African bush said near the end of the film:

‘Big pharmaceuticals are right up there with the arms dealers. This is how the world fucks Africa, Mr. Black. Blood on their hands? It’s how they expiate their guilt. Pharmaceuticals, the aid agencies, everybody’”.

Which brings us neatly to this…


If you examine all dictatorships, they always have a strong element of scientific/medical intrusion. The soviet dictatorship was underpinned by a heinous system of tagging any dissident as being insane and confining them to a psychiatric institution if they were not consigned to the gulags. The Nazi regime was a veritable laboratory of medical/psychiatric scientific experimentation in the camps. Men and women in white coats carry authority and power over the mind and body of the people. Most will sell themselves to anyone who gives them finance and free rein in their dastardly work. This so-called pandemic is no different. Chief medical and scientific officers of nations are in bed with the pharmaceutical mafia and at the behest of the spooks controlling the agenda, as I showed in the previous section. Yet, they show up in suits and ties, grim-faced at press conferences and the TV-watching masses fall for their guff. Their scaremongering and steering of populations towards vaccines has played a vital role in the development of this psychological operation. The mass of people believes them because they appear to be experts. But all they are really expert in is how to usurp a healthy natural immune system with a manufactured one.

The Failure to Acknowledge Natural Immunity

All these government characters, with chief medical officers, knowing that a pandemic would occur sooner or later, as we have been warned in the past, should responsibly have prepared for it by training the population to build up their immune systems, lead healthy lives, cut out rubbishy food, and take exercise. If that had been done, there would be far fewer obese people and those with cardiovascular problems, or with Diabetes Type 2 — just the kind of vulnerable people who are susceptible to these pathogens. But they did not. The reason is because they want you taking their drugs and receiving their vaccines. They want you to be dependent on those vaccines for immunity, and on their drugs, rather than it being your own responsibility to keep yourself strong and healthy. Then when the virus hit, they forced the population into ‘lockdowns’ (a prison term) in which you get no immunity-providing sunshine, sit around on a sofa snacking on crap foods the whole time and watching shit TV, getting no exercise, being isolated from relatives who need physical contact (hugs help your immune system too), and fester at home in an atmosphere of fear and potential domestic abuse, in which the suicide rate increases hugely. You would almost think that they intended that to happen so your immune system would be even further compromised and people would be beaten down into a dependent vulnerable mess. I contend that this is actually the case. The real disease in this world is a phenomenal ignorance encouraged by government health services about how to follow a healthy lifestyle and build a strong immune system. You never hear them recommending vitamins D and C or zinc and Echinacea as ways to build up one’s immune system. In fact, you would think that there was no such thing as a personal immune system if you were to listen to them. It is never so much as mentioned and the only reference to immunity which you will hear from them is that supposedly provided by pharmaceutical companies. Why do you think this should be? (Rhetorical question).

The severity of this virus in certain countries and the fact that so many wind up in intensive care or on ‘intubation’ could well be a barometer of the poor health of that nation. After decades of governments ignoring fast food consumption, stressing people out with financial hassles, failing to encourage fitness regimes, ignoring the widespread nature of obesity, deliberately avoiding educating the public about the preciousness of their natural immune systems, it is hardly surprising that there should be so many taken badly by a virus epidemic. Even when Covid-19 was just being spoken of as a possible threat, at no stage did any government spokespeople or health officers speak of the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system. Do you not find that strange? At no stage has a government health agency set out a programme of how people can prepare beforehand with ways of boosting their natural immune system, or how they can greatly diminish Covid-19 symptoms and severity through increased sunshine or doses of select vitamins and minerals (notably C, D, and zinc). This is because the basis upon which they were always working was that vaccination would take over people’s immune systems and do it for them. They do not want people to take personal responsibility for their own natural internal health systems. For they require the population to have, in the main, a depleted natural immunity and thus be dependent on pharmaceutics. This is just one plank in the gradual removal of all personal autonomy leading to the creation of a single global government. The idea of people being free spirits is totally anathema to governments.

‘Experts’ in Hock to the Pharmaceutical Cabal

In the fields of virology and epidemiology, how many ‘experts’ and institutions do you think are absolutely in hock to the pharmaceutical cabal and therefore cannot possibly be impartial or give sound health advice to the public about pandemics? There is bound to be a conflict of interests. For example, Imperial College, London, is up to its eyeballs in sponsorship from the pharmaceutical industry. In 2019, the college held an event, “Achieving Success in Drug Development Through Collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Industry”, which was funded by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd. Two key speakers were Sheuli Porkess, Deputy Chief Scientific Officer of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, and Dr Mark Toms, Chief Scientific Officer of Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK. [See the following links: . Bear in mind that Neil Ferguson’s team at Imperial College advised the British government in March 2020 on its anti-virus policy (which led to the initial disastrous ‘lockdown’), providing them with figures for projected nationwide deaths of half a million which were outrageously exaggerated, and on which they had to later backtrack. [See also: ].

The main epidemiologist at Imperial College, Neil Ferguson, was responsible for advising the government about Swine Flu (N1H1) in 2009, in which he predicted that 65,000 would die when, in fact, only 457 died. The same happened at the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, as mentioned in the paragraph above. Ferguson is on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) committee which advises the government in time of national crises. Yet, he was ‘bankrolled’ by pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline, Baxter and Roche during the time when Swine Flu was extant and when they were actually producing vaccines for it. [See ]. In view of the way that his own college employer is up to its eyeballs in pharmaceutical sponsorship and of his own background relationships with pharmaceutics, and that he has continually provided hugely overstated projected death statistics of diseases (which obviously would benefit the drug companies) — even getting the World Health Organisation (WHO) to declare H1N1 as a pandemic when it never became one so that pharmaceutical companies would go ahead to create vaccines to sell — is he someone who can be trusted to deliver impartial advice on the SAGE committee or to the nation? Of course not. You would either have to be a fool or a supporter of corrupt governments and pharmaceutical companies to trust such a character!

The same kind of heist of the minds of the general public as that which has happened more successfully with Covid-19 also happened in 2009 when Swine Flu (H1N1) was falsely classed as a pandemic by the WHO when pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and Sanofi engineered a pandemic out of thin air (with the aid of bankrolled Neil Ferguson’s wacky death projections) by making secret agreements with governments in order to perpetuate their vaccines. Then, as now with Covid-19, a false pandemic of a disease was concocted in order to sell vaccines, rather than the other way round as it should be, when vaccines are made in order to counteract a disease. This was exposed in the brilliant 2018 documentary exposé of the WHO, entitled ‘Trust WHO’, which you can watch here: . One of the producers of the documentary issued a statement in 2020 about how Vimeo banned the film from its network, and which also shows a chunk of the documentary as a taster. You can view that here: . You will be amazed at how similar the modus operandi was then of filling the public with fear to generate a false pandemic vibe. Once again, we see that a vaccine was not made to counteract a virus, but a virus was created so that people would take a vaccine. It has all been done before. Covid-19 is simply a rerun of the Swine Flu contrivance — only this time the psyop has been worked much more successfully, with all the stops pulled out on the organ of mind-control. Really, Swine Flu was just a mini-rehearsal for Covid-19, which is a mini-rehearsal for… What, one wonders, will be coming next from out of the power-elite’s laboratories?

This is the kind of untrustworthiness which pertains to the World Health Organisation, a bogus outfit which receives huge sponsorship from the big pharmaceutical companies (despite WHO’s guidelines stating that it will not accept money from drug companies!) [See ]. The WHO is headed up by a medical gangster for hire called Tedros Adhanom, a Sinophile (China-lover) with a background in the corrupt Ethiopian political party, Tigray People’s Liberation Front. [See . Then when you examine the connections between the British government and health authorities, and pharmaceutical companies, you can see why they are gaslighting and bullying the British public with continually changing, often contradictory orders and fearmongering, then pushing so hard for a vaccine. This is dishonesty and corruption at the highest level. It is one thing to legitimately use spooks and military psychological operations units in defence of your land against foreign tyrants and malicious invaders, but to manipulate your own people on their own territory as to how they should respond to a fake pandemic and accept a vaccine en masse is betrayal of the highest order. The Secretary of State for Health in the UK, Matt Hancock (not personally, but through his office on behalf of the government), automatically has a 75+% share in Porton Biopharma, the pharmaceutical wing of the shady Government-run Porton Down Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (which, ‘coincidentally’, has its headquarters just five miles from where the Russian double-agent spy, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter were poisoned by a nerve agent in 2018), which has always been at the forefront in biological warfare, virus and bioweaponry experimentation. I could tell you umpteen stories about that laboratory which would make your hair curl. It’s a real Doctor Death joint, though it projects itself as a benevolent institution.

In fact, here are some links about all that so you can research these matters for yourself. For information about Porton Biopharma, please see this link: . The Porton Down Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, as Wikipedia states, has been “known for over 100 years as one of the UK’s most secretive and controversial military research facilities”. Just as an introduction to what Porton Down is really all about (and prove to you that your government does not care about you), read this exclusive 2015 report, entitled, “How the British Government subjected thousands of people to chemical and biological warfare trials during Cold War”. Here is the link about those trials: and see also this: “WMD Britain: How Ministry of Defence scientists tested chemical weapons including anthrax and the PLAGUE on soldiers and members of the public — and even released dangerous bacteria on the Tube”. . (Incidentally, ‘the Tube’ is the name for the metro underground railway in London).

And on the same campus as this Porton Down military biowarfare laboratory is the headquarters of Porton Biopharma, in which the British government, via the Secretary of State for Health, has a 75+% stake. To the left is a screenshot of the Companies House record for Porton Biopharma showing the Secretary of State’s stake in it. What do you think is listed as the main work of Porton Biopharma?” As it says on their website: “Our mission is to protect patients’ health through the quality-assured development and production of biopharmaceuticals.  We develop new vaccines…”. Matt Hancock is plainly nothing more than a stooge for the pharmaceutical companies. He has to be, by dint of his job. Were he to betray that role, he would soon be sidelined, or worse. This is the reason why he has to publicly deny the proven efficacy of vitamin D3 in building up one’s immune system against pathogens and especially against Covid-19. [See the link ]. It is extraordinary that a Secretary of State for Health should set himself up as more of an expert than so many of those who have dedicated their whole lives to the search for scientific and medical truth. In the highly respected British Medical Journal (BMJ) in September 2020, in a ‘Rapid Response’ riposte to a previous article entitled “Covid-19: Do many people have pre-existing immunity?”, Eshani M. King, an immunological researcher with “Evidence Based Research in Immunology and Health”, based in Gloucestershire, UK, wrote:

“Adequate vitamin D is critically important for the activation of T-cells from their inactive naïve state… High levels of vitamin D are also critical for first line immune defences including physical mucosal defences, human antiviral production, modulating cytokines, reducing blood clotting and a whole host of other important immune system functions. The obese, diabetics and people of BAME origin are far more deficient in vitamin D and men have lower levels than women”. [See

Thus, high levels of vitamin D could easily have been used to counteract Covid-19 and would no doubt have saved countless lives. Yet, the Secretary of State for Health told the House of Commons in September 2020 that he had “green-lit a government-funded ‘trial’ investigating vitamin D and that it did not ‘appear to have any impact’”. [See ]. But that turned out to be a lie. As the Mail article put it: “Officials have since admitted that no clinical trials had taken place and claim it was a slip of the tongue from the health secretary”. Slip of the tongue? Really, people have got to be stupid not to see through this whole fiasco. If an ordinary human lies under oath in a court of law, s/he will be charged with perjury, a serious criminal offence. If a politician lies in Parliament, it is a “slip of the tongue”. But then politicians in the UK do not have to swear an oath to tell the truth. Their only oath of office is allegiance to the Queen. In his BMJ piece, immunology researcher, Eshani King went on to say:

“Substantially more vitamin D is required for optimal immune function than for bone health. It seems Dr Fauci is not ignorant of this, having apparently confirmed on TV and by email that he takes 6,000 IU daily! (see Dr John Campbell on YouTube Vitamin D and pandemic science, 16 September 2020). Meanwhile the US’s health body continues to recommend only 600-800 IU and the UK’s, only 400 IU”.

There it is right there. In the US, only 600-800 International Units (IU) of vitamin D is recommended per day, and in the UK, it is only 400 IU. Those doses are woefully inadequate, especially in a comparatively sunless country like the UK. I personally take 2,000 IU per day supplementally (not including sunshine and foods rich in the vitamin). If I contracted Covid, I would take 10,000 IU per day. The reality is that government health authorities (and pharmaceutical companies) do not want you to have the kind of healthy immune system which adequate vitamin D intake provides. This is because those health authorities are in hock to the pharmaceutical mafia. In a thrilling parthian shot in his British Medical Journal piece, Eshani King wrote: “It is high time for joined up solid scientific rationale to overthrow mainstream narratives based on an alternative “science” controlled by industry interests/politics”. Wow! This is what the Covid-19 debacle is all about. Money and control-based ‘$cientism’ (pseudo-science) versus “joined up solid scientific rationale” (true science). Governments and health authorities are pushing the former. Real scientists and medical personnel represent the latter. But what is $cientism really and where does it fit into the picture?

Real Science Versus $cientism

There are two influences which claim to represent Science. First, there is true Science, which in a good world must always be questioned as any true scientist knows that there can be no such thing as ‘fixed science’, for our knowledge (which is a direct translation of the word scientia in Latin) is constantly changing and being augmented if we are rigorously researching with inquisitive minds. True science welcomes investigation and will never censor views which question it. The brazen competitor of true Science is $cientism, in which the so-called “science” is written up by those who are paid (hence the ‘$’) by the ones with a vested interest in a certain product or concept, about which no criticism can ever be tolerated. Governments generally are up to their eyeballs in $cientism, as such a false narrative will usually support their efforts to control. Those genuine experts who question the false “science” of $cientism — even with impeccably argued papers — will be publicly vilified and censored (as has happened to countless genuine medical experts during the present pandemic, which you can easily research yourself), demoted from their positions, and could even be assassinated.

$cientism is a rigid religion enforced by corrupt corporations working in tandem with autocratic governments. It involves big money (huge investments and profits), crude manipulation (social engineering via tactical PR campaigns), and outright mendacity (lying propaganda). On the other hand, true science is the perennial quest for truth by human beings with enquiring minds and open hearts. Genuine scientists are not pushing a product or an idea and are not in hock to governments or corporations; they are searching for whatever is as near to the truth as possible. It is easy to see which of those two influences — genuine science or $cientism — is driving governments and pharmaceutics today in their dastardly mutual interests:  Just follow the money and the motivation. We are now living in the midst of a $cientistic dictatorship in which pseudo-science and psychological manipulation are being used to wield control over a beleaguered and largely ignorant population which is sleepwalking into enslavement and indentured servitude under unscrupulous governments fronting for a globalist power-elite.

So, when Eshani King wrote in the British Medical Journal, “It is high time for joined up solid scientific rationale to overthrow mainstream narratives based on an alternative “science” controlled by industry interests/politics”, he was calling for the intellectual overthrow of the kind of $cientism in which todays governments are involving themselves by the practice of true science, using the power of genuine research and knowledge which is unashamedly not rooted in profit and corrupt politics. If Eshani King, a professional research immunologist of some integrity, had put his BMJ piece on Facebook, it would have been censored and scrutinised by the app’s tenth rate “factcheckers”. Yet, social media “factcheckers” wouldn’t know a fact from a fart. They have a desperate vested interest in the suppression of truth. Were they to admit for one second a tiny smidgen of the veracity of whatever it is that they are checking, their whole manufactured, ersatz world would fall apart. More than twenty years ago, I became acquainted with a guy who had served as a cop (rising to appointment as a detective) in Cleveland, Ohio. When he read some of my writings (especially those which implicated the role of the USA in international skulduggery) he became deeply disturbed. He wrote to me saying that he was going to investigate it all with his skills as a policeman to prove me wrong and I would be hearing from him. A few months later, I received an email which said, “I am a broken man. You have pulled the rug out from under everything which I have been taught and believed in all my life”. Obviously, one has to counsel such an honest person of integrity with care. But this just shows what is at stake when one is truth-telling and why it is that people of less honesty and integrity are so desperate to prove it ‘wrong’. In a world such as the one in which we live, truth is more explosive than nitroglycerin, and free spirits who will not conform to lies become anathematised! These days, a free spirit only has to exist, and s/he generates waves simply by being there. This always rattles those who are drones in the world-system. Guaranteed.

It really is all so pathetic and boringly predictable. The more truthful a piece is, the more suspect it is to those ignoramuses who have set themselves up as judge, jury, and executioners of truth. Facebook (what I generally call Fakebook) is using phony “factcheckers” to bolster pseudo-science and censor the likes of a genuine immunologist such as Eshani King. For all its psychological battlefield bravado, the 77th Brigade of the British Army is, along with Facebook, also supporting false science with its programme of psychological warfare against the public on social media. We are now living in a topsy-turvy upside-down world, in which evil is being paraded as good, falsehood upheld as truth, fallacy flaunted as fact, and darkness presented as light. A satanic wet-dream right there, if ever there was one.

Real Experts say ‘Matt Hancock has no basic understanding of herd immunity’

So, none of the major players I have mentioned in this essay ever prioritise the importance of building your immune system above all else. That’s because they want to reserve the space for their vaccine and all the many drugs available. They do not want people to be healthy but to be pharmaceutics-dependent, which is not the same thing. That is also why Matt Hancock said, “Herd immunity is a flawed plan without a vaccine”, thus denying the opinion of world-leading epidemiologists. Many experts said then how shocking it is that the Secretary of State for Health in the UK should not have a basic understanding of how viruses and herd immunity work. At that time, an article appeared with the headline:

“Virus experts savage Matt Hancock for claiming herd immunity is ‘a flawed goal’ and thousands will die without tough restrictions – as they say, ‘after eight months it is shocking he does not have a basic understanding’. [See ].

What was repeatedly ignored by those supposedly “supplying us with the science” was that viral plagues naturally reach a point that is called “herd immunity” — when a sufficient number of people have antibodies so that the virus will start to wane. This comes about through the wonders of the natural immune system, provided it is strengthened through healthy living, good nutrition, supplements where necessary, exercise, and sunlight. However, government health people have only ever been talking in terms of “waiting till a vaccine can provide such herd immunity”. They have completely ignored natural immunity. In fact, it is almost as if they were denying there is such a thing. However, as an eminent professor has stated, “In terms of herd immunity, it’s clear that we already have more than enough herd immunity because of the degree of natural infections we had over the last year” (Professor Anthony Brooks, professor of genetics & genome biology, University of Leicester, UK, quoted in Daily Mail, May 12th, 2021, ). But because your government, with their buddies in the pharmaceutical industry, had already programmed the narrative for mass vaccination to take place, that information from Prof. Brooks was not widely advertised. There has been a hidden agenda, and the perpetrators are sticking to it at all costs. As I wrote in the introduction to this essay: Contrary to popular belief, what you have to remember is that the vaccine has not been made to counteract the virus, but the virus was created so that people would take the vaccine. This is the terrible reality about Covid-19 and the only conclusion to which a sane person can come if s/he examines all the evidence and deception, including the stances and attitudes of government health people. Until people realise this and understand why, this whole episode will be a mystery to them.

Even now, if you try to say that the population could have reached herd immunity simply on the basis of their natural immune systems, people will laugh you to scorn. Suddenly, the whole ignorant world of people rushing to be vaccinated have set themselves up as boastful ‘experts’ when they cannot even read their newspapers properly! But Hancock will continually resist all plans which are pro-health because he is working to an agenda which has been prepared for him. He is thus totally unfit to be a Secretary of State for Health from a health point of view but is a perfect one from a spook point of view. For he toes the line required by his masters and puts intelligence operatives on NHS Health Committees (as I showed above). One will know that a Secretary of State is really one who is for Health when he initiates ‘Wellness Centres’ in all towns and cities to teach people how to live healthily, eat healthy, build-up immunity and lower dependence on pharmaceuticals.

The Porton Down Connection

That Porton Down campus is the stuff of nightmares. It has subjected the British people, on a number of occasions to being used as guinea-pigs in experiments with toxins. And some well-known people have had connections to it. Remember Dr. David Kelly, the expert in weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) who died in mysterious circumstances in 2003? Well, he had originally worked as head of the Defence Microbiology Division at Porton Down in 1984 and was eventually employed in various roles by the Defence Intelligence Staff and was a regular advisor to SIS/MI6. Within 48 hours of being outed as having spoken to a BBC journalist about the dubious nature of there being Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq (and thereby undermining the false reasons given to invade Iraq three months earlier), he was mysteriously found dead with a slashed wrist and a large amount of co-proxamol in his bloodstream in a woodland near his home in July 2003. Many rightly saw that as an MI6 hit, either directly or as a contract killing. Killed on British soil, a British man, by British spooks! It is nothing for them to waste whoever betrays their Conglomerate.

Scientific Officers? Or $cientistic Enforcers?

Then there is the Chief Scientific Officer of Britain, Sir Patrick Vallance. Between 2006 and 2018 (for 12 years!), he worked in various roles at the major pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline, after which he was appointed as Chief Scientific Officer of Britain. He still owns 43,111 shares worth £600,000 in GlaxoSmithKline. After twelve years working in a major drugs company, how can he be objective in terms of health matters? He is a pharmaceutics man through and through, and he is leading the science in Britain. Does that suggest an agenda? Likewise, Vallance’s Deputy Chief Scientific Officer, Jonathan Van-Tam, has a background working in SmithKline Beecham, Roche, and Aventis Pasteur MSD. These chief players are all in hock to the pharmaceutical mafia. All of them. And all in place to run a pandemic. They are $cientistic enforcers rather than scientists holding office. When you examine the list of members (those which are revealed) on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), one sees the kind of names that one would expect from science, medicine and pharmacology, and then there is this, which is in the Wikipedia article on SAGE: These meetings are also regularly attended by officials from Her Majesty’s Government. These attendees have not been named”. Of course, they haven’t. You know what that means. Spooks controlling everything.

Given the high level of censorship and restriction on truth in operation by governments and groups with medical/pharmaceutical connections, a truly remarkable article appeared in December 2020 in The British Medical Journal (BMJ) — which, along with The Lancet, is the most prestigious journal of medicine in the UK —  entitled “Conflicts of interest among the UK government’s covid-19 advisers”. [ ]. In that article was detailed how repeated attempts to get information from the government about the membership of the SAGE committee’s financial interests were thwarted. The article then pieced together information which had been disclosed through other channels at various times. This showed how folks such as Sir Patrick Vallance and many other authority figures involved in the Covid-19 scenario had conflicting interests. In another article in the same vein in the BMJ in February 2021, entitled “Tracking down John Bell: how the case of the Oxford professor exposes a transparency crisis in government”, the author wrote:

“As testing and the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine are hailed as UK pandemic successes, why won’t Oxford University or the government disclose the “long list” of financial interests of a high profile researcher at the centre of both?… Since the covid-19 outbreak began early last year, John Bell, regius professor of medicine at Oxford University, has held high profile roles in the UK government’s epidemic response while also working with AstraZeneca on the vaccine. But both Oxford and the government have refused to disclose Bell’s financial interests after The BMJ filed freedom of information (FOI) requests. More alarmingly, it appears that the government is referring media enquiries about Bell through the Cabinet Office and is scrutinising a reporter for The BMJ as it has other reporters it finds troublesome”. [See ].

Thus, it is quite plain that we are dealing not with a genuine pandemic of globally tragic proportions but with a systematic campaign of psychological manipulation against the public by governments in cahoots with the pharmaceutical mafia and enforced by spooks for the purposes of crass profit and autocratic control.

The NHS — A Drug-Peddling Institution?

When medicine was a Hippocratic vocation, before it had sold out to the pharmaceutical empire, there is no way that it would have prostituted itself in that manner to a drug mafia. The NHS has many wonderful people working in it, and I personally have had my life saved by some of them. But at the end of the day, they are aiding and abetting what is primarily a drug-peddling institution wholly tied to the pharmaceutical mafia. I will probably get lynched for saying that; but that is one pill which cannot be sugared. These days, when your doctor gives you a prescription, you cannot be sure if s/he is doing so on the basis of deep wisdom and concern or because she is in hock to Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Amgen, et al. We are living in an Orwellian world in which the underlying psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual causes of dis-ease are being completely ignored, so that hundreds of billions can be made by merely treating symptoms, and human beings become reduced to materialistic consumerist units. In place of bringing about a total change of lifestyle and mindset across the entire board of existence, which would seriously undermine the profits of the pharmaceutical and food industries, not to mention transform the health and well-being of society, the widespread use of drugs — many of which are harmful — is now just taken for granted as what ‘good medicine’ consists of. But it is all based on a completely flawed worldview. A spiritually-minded world would not behave in such a manner. The problem for the pharmaceutical mafia is that healthy people are of no use whatsoever to them; they need people to be constantly sick and dependent on their potions. Governments are completely subservient to that mafia. It is part of the way that people are controlled. Tranquillisers, anti-depressants, and dubious vaccines are just the beginning. With a bit of imagination, one can see a whole panoply of controlling interventions through the ingestion and injection of potions which will make human beings more controllable than ever by unscrupulous government agencies.

Chemical and Psychological Control

You can see why politicians are working hand-in-glove with behavioural manipulators and pharmaceutical companies. Rigid psychological and chemical control is vital to any totalitarian society because it is so soul-destroying. This was why, in the USSR, anyone who disagreed in any way with the doctrine and direction of the authorities would be shipped off to obscurely placed psychiatric units and forcibly drugged up to the eyeballs. The NHS, which everyone is supposed to clap and save, has been preparatorily complicit in a nationwide programme of the systematic drugging of society with anti-depressants and tranquillisers. “Doctor, I feel so dispirited with society and so depressed with the way the world is heading. I can hardly get up in the morning for my kids and I just want to end it all”. Then the doctor (who has drug reps continually hounding him or her for loyalty to their company and concoctions) says glibly: “Here’s a prescription for anti-depressants and I’ll send a social services rep round to assess your situation” — all of which is likely to make her suicidal and get her kids taken into care by the state. In 2017-2018 in Britain, 17% of the adult population was on anti-depressants. [See: ]. It must be much more now, and rapidly becoming a nation of zombies. They only treat the symptoms but never unearth the underlying causes which, of course, is what everyone is running away from.


Atrocity Propaganda — namely, the use of shocking world developments or ‘false flag’ operations in order to bring about the desired control of populations by governments and the power-elite — constitutes a major branch of the kind of psychological operations (psyops) and mind-control which are carried out by intelligence networks and shadow government ‘black operations’ (black ops) activities perpetrated in order to sway public opinion dramatically. Atrocity Propaganda involves the concoction and dissemination of scare stories in order to sway minds to get the desired result. I wrote about this extensively in an earlier article in relation to the Greta Thunberg phenomenon which, coming in the year before Covid-19, was a kind of softening-up through a global scare so that the world would be in an even more receptive state to be manipulated by this Covid-19 psyop. Essentially, during the 15-minute fame of Greta Thunberg, the idea was sown in people’s minds that an ‘extinction-event’ was coming up if the world did not act. When she thundered at the UN with her “How dare you!” speech and announced that “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction”, it would only be eight weeks before the first case of Covid-19 appeared. Then, when Covid-19 was presented as a global threat, the same sort of ‘extinction-dread’ was conjured up by the usual suspects. This repeat-process is referred to as “reinforcement” in the terminology used in behavioural psychology in relating to advertising and the suchlike.

“In behavioral psychology, reinforcement is a consequence applied that will strengthen an organism’s future behavior whenever that behavior is preceded by a specific antecedent stimulus”. [See ].

The “specific antecedent stimulus” in the case of Covid-19 was the Greta Thunberg phenomenon, which was as manufactured by the power-elite as was the laboratory virus.

NWO Global Government Hawks Come Out of Mothballs

In the same way that a one-world government was seen at the time as a solution to the alleged “environmental crisis”, it was also then posited as a solution to global pandemics. Suddenly, former ‘hawks’ began masquerading as ‘doves’ and old New World Order assets are being brought out of mothballs (or on their wheelchairs) as heralds of a transformed order and global government on the back of the virus! Here are some examples. In late March 2020, former UK prime minister, Gordon Brown, called for “a global government to tackle coronavirus” [see . Then, in April 2020, war criminal, Henry Kissinger (the original Doctor Death), writing in the Wall Street Journal, advocated the creation of “a global collaborative vision and program” in a keynote article which was entitled “The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order” ( ). A few days later, Mikhail Gorbachev (former puppet ruler of the USSR, writing in that old CIA rag, Time Magazine) said that “the overriding goal” in the creation of such a body “must be human security” and which will “revise the entire global agenda…cutting military spending as a first step toward a new consciousness, a new civilization” [See the link: ]. There is that buzz-phrase “a new consciousness” again, as these mouthpieces for the Conglomerate/power-elite present themselves as ‘woke folks’ with a New Age bent. (By the way, if you don’t believe me about Time Magazine being a CIA rag, do the research. You can start here: . Henry Luce, the founder and editor-in-chief of Time Magazine was a good friend of Allen Dulles who founded the CIA [see here: and see this photo of them on board a boat together ]. The media and showbusiness are packed full of intelligence assets. That deserves an essay all of its own). Earlier this year, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair called for the creation of a global governing body to deal with pandemics, adding, “It is now clear that what we are dealing with is not a crisis with a beginning and an end, but a new state of the world,” [see ].

It is not a coincidence that such relics are being wheeled out now one after the other, reviving their calls for “a New World Order”. They are ‘Atrocity Propaganda’ opportunists, seizing on global paroxysms in order to ply their deceptions. This pandemic is just the kind of opportunity they have been waiting for. One might even suspect that the whole pandemic debacle has been engineered for this very purpose, as a rehearsal for even more shocking events, which indeed I do believe. These guys are old hands at opportunistically calling for a New World Order. In 2014, Henry Kissinger had already published a book entitled “World Order” (Penguin Books), in which he laid out “how to build a shared international order”. This, coming from a war criminal who dare not travel in a number of countries in case he is arrested! [See ].

Way back in January 1990, speaking at a conference, Mikhail Gorbachev had said: “The threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster key to unlock the New World Order”. These guys know exactly what pushes people’s buttons. They know that with the threat of an environmental disaster or a pandemic (in other words, through the use of ‘Atrocity Propaganda’), the people turn to Big Brother in fear to give them (the illusion of) security. So surely it is no coincidence that right on the heels of the pigtailed globalist patsy, Greta Thunberg, preaching about world extinction through climate change in late September 2019 (by which so many of the world’s populations were subsequently unnerved) we get a manufactured pandemic which will, in Kissinger’s words in his Wall Street Journal article, “forever alter the world order” and which Tony Blair said would create “a new state of the world”. This is all going according to their plan. Their agenda is being fulfilled right before our eyes. For the New World Order under formation is a godless endeavour, and one which — despite its profession of a ‘new consciousness’ — can only end in a satanic wash of oppression and bloodshed for those who see through it and thus become passionate dissidents. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: Unless we see all world developments in terms of inexorably leading to the creation of a one-world government under a single leader, we will forever remain confused. But the development of that line of thought will have to wait until the writing of the “broader context” article I referred to near the beginning of this present essay, and which will come next.

CONCLUSION: The Dirt and the Shining Nugget in it

This whole debacle has never really been about ‘governments and health authorities caring for the nation’s health’. You have seen how the health authorities have completely ignored the compelling evidence which shows how certain vitamins could have made a dramatic difference to the rate of infections and death rate too. Over 80% of Covid patients in a Spanish hospital were found to have vitamin D deficiency. [See ]. High levels of vitamin C deficiency were also found in 90% of Covid patients in a major study of those who had Covid-19-associated Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). [See ]. A massive percentage of those affected seriously by Covid-19 are obese. Really, if at the outset the right healthy treatments and preventatives had been declared, the outcome for the disease would have been vastly different. But as must surely be clear now, governmental health authorities have deliberately rejected them, and even lied about them, showing no interest whatsoever in promoting a healthy lifestyle as a great panacea for Covid-19. It is now so obvious that health care today is not about wellness but about propagandizing pharmaceutics. Does this not in itself convince you that we are dealing with a government-run psychological operation rather than a true pandemic?

Your Government Does Not Care About You

Thus, anyone who thinks their government cares about them is living in a fog of folly, as even some in the mainstream media are beginning to realise. In a deeply critical article in the Daily Mail on 11th December 2020, about the way that “there’s no evidence locking down pubs and restaurants saved a single life or stopped the spread of Covid”, commentator Richard Littlejohn said that government “ministers and advisers like the Two Ronnies couldn’t give a stuff. They’re only interested in covering their own backsides in advance of the inevitable public inquiry — and to hell with the economic consequences”. [See ]. His use of the term, “the Two Ronnies”, is a scathing comparison of UK Chief Scientific Officer, Sir Patrick Vallance, and UK Chief Medical Officer, Christopher Whitty, to a veteran UK comedy duo, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett. He shows quite rightly that those ‘Chief Officers’ “couldn’t give a stuff” (UK slang for “couldn’t care at all”) about anyone or anything. Littlejohn shows that the so-called experts based their advice about Covid on nothing evidential but (on their own admission to a parliamentary committee) they simply plucked their ideas “out of thin air” and “have been making it up as they go along”. These are very strong words for a mainstream journalist (though Richard Littlejohn has built his reputation on being politically incorrect and outspoken). The choice by ‘the experts’ to lock down so many small independent businesses has not really been so random or merely “plucked out of thin air” but is part of a deliberate strategy on the part of those who are the real power behind the governments you imagine you have voted into power. On behalf of that real power behind the throne of government, the intelligence ‘community’, working in tandem with the pharmaceutical cabal, has been the driving force behind the ‘strategy’ of the experts. Caring for society has been a completely non-existent element in their agenda. The use of the phrase “Ministry of Health” is a conduit for pharmaceutical companies and is designed to conceal genuine ways of healthy living. This is exactly like the twisted way that the four principal “Ministries” work in Orwell’s novel, “Nineteen Eighty-Four”. The Ministry of Truth drives propaganda through the false output of the media; the Ministry of Peace really oversees war; the Ministry of Plenty actually suppresses the distribution of resources; and the Ministry of Love specialises in torturing political dissidents. Thus, all the guff about “saving lives and the NHS” is an Orwellian meme which has completely the opposite effect. Rather than saving lives, it dehumanizes people and even kills them, while at the same time turning the NHS into a shambles which is tied to ministerial edicts and reduced to a lackey of the pharmaceutical cabal as it doles out drugs and vaccines to treat symptoms.

The best that governments can ever do is be patsies for the power-elite, co-conspirators for the Conglomerate, numpties for the non-elected quangos, assets for the intelligence agencies and the military. They would not only subject people without their knowledge to toxins and poisons if it furthered their corrupt agenda, but they also blithely send them off to fight illegal and genocidal wars and the politicians can be bought and sold (or blackmailed by the intelligence services who keep damning information on prominent people precisely for that purpose) so as to push any agenda the Conglomerate desires. And there are so many rabbit-holes that if anyone tries to fathom all this out, their mind will just play tricks with them. There is so much obfuscation and confusion everywhere. But this is deliberate, to break your sanity. When you know the real background to the Conglomerate, then you know that anything is possible and that there is no end to the depth of human cruelty.

The Clue Behind Confusion and Occultation

When humans have sold their souls to such an extent, so that there is virtually nothing of those souls left by which to dredge up a conscience or empathy — and love flew out of the window a long time ago — they become the playground for forces of which most people can barely conceive, the forces who are really behind this whole theatrical shitshow — not the human pawns and goose-stepping puppets who have a physical body but the discarnate bartenders of darkness who are pulling the strings of humans from the ether. One of the sure signs that they are hard at work — what one can call demonic infestation — is a kind of endemic confusion and deliberate occultation — an intentional lack of clarity, a strange whiff of darkness in which everything somehow seems ‘off’, indefinably twisted, degenerate, unclean, leading nowhere, and shot through with a relentless underlying fear and a crippling sense of hopelessness, all wrapped up in anomie. We see all this perfectly manifested in the way politics is operating at this present time. Political leaders these days want people who believe in nothing except their vague and dreadfully truncated panaceas, which right now are hegemonial $cientific ‘expertise’, untested dubious vaccinations, symptom-combatting allopathy, global governance, and anti-depressants (or worse) for anyone who doesn’t ‘get with the programme’.


It appears that people who will have received the vaccine regard themselves (and will be propagandized by governments, the WHO and the UN) as heroes and Über-menschen (a higher class of super-people) — in a kind of ‘vaccination-chic’ — with all kinds of privileges that those not vaccinated will not have — e.g. ability to attend large concerts and major events, to travel at will and maybe even shop in malls and stores. Those who refuse the vaccine thus become Unter-menschen (an underclass), considered inferior and not able to enjoy the freedoms and privileges of the Über-menschen. (In case readers have not noticed, I am deliberately borrowing terminology from Nazi racial philosophy). The bizarre thing about this is that it is precisely the other way round!

For those who have received the vaccine no longer have an independent immune system but one which is then controlled by a kind of pre-programmed “software download” they will have received from the laboratories of known corrupt corporations with a terrible track record on safety. Whereas those who have refused the vaccination have an intact immune system of their own (if they have looked after themselves and are not old and infirm) — and are thus still in line with the genetic coding supernaturally gifted by the Creator — which is thus independent of the nefarious influences of the pharmaceutical mafia. Thus, the unvaccinated are the real “super-people”, showing courage and independence, whose discernment and resistance to propaganda is exemplary; while those who have received the vaccination have made themselves into unattractive drones of the system who will willingly take into their minds and bodies whatever their corrupt governments recommend. This process has enormous ramifications for the future development of humanity, on social, psychological, and medical levels — even on a spiritual level. As an unvaccinated person, I am now surrounded by morbidly obedient people who have become drones for corrupt institutions. In many ways, it is a model for what is yet to come.

Looking Beyond Ourselves

Yesterday, when someone saw me writing this essay outside (I had twenty-something physical pages laid out on a large outdoor table), they asked me what it was about. When I told them, they said, “You know, I just don’t care. The world is full of shit, and I’m not interested in finding out more. I just live my life and want to be left alone”. I pretty much understand where they are coming from. I feel much the same way too. But there is more to it than that. So, my response is this:

“I appreciate your position. But you will not be able to be left alone. They’re coming for you. They want to pump poison into you, or make you feel guilty if you don’t want it, or restrict your life if you refuse it, and that will just be the start. Next, they will want to put other stuff into you. I also think it is important because this isn’t just a standalone subject. It dovetails with many others, such as the nature of government, the sham of democracy, not to mention the spiritual ramifications concerning why evil should exist at all and what will happen to it. While I also have had enough and just see this whole theatre as bizarre, I do think it is important to educate oneself, at the very least so that one can provide signposts for others when they are confused and at the end of their rope. I’ve tried shutting up. Then I get inundated with messages from people saying, ‘Where is the article from you about such-and-such? I’m waiting for your input!’. When one knows that we are here to serve, one does not and cannot shun that”.

The Shining Little Nugget in the Dirt

Let it be said here that in spite of my many words so far, I do not relish writing about all this sordidness and the follies of the world. Really, all I am interested in is poetry, in every sense. There is little that is poetic about governments and corporations deceiving people or people sitting at home as couch-potatoes being filled with excrement from their TV’s propaganda machine. But, hidden in the dirt is a shining little nugget. No doubt a number of you have been following with interest the ‘evidence’ given in the British parliament recently by Dominic Cummings, who I mentioned above as having connections with spooksville, when he lambasted a number of government figures. What you need to realise is that there will always be rivalries between different factions within the whole realm of spookdom. It goes with the territory. I showed above how there was an alleged rivalry between government advisors and spook assets, Mark Sedwill and Dominic Cummings. Then Boris Johnson is shown as being “deeply suspicious” of Simon Case. If you go back through all history — through empires, kingdoms, the courts of kings and queens, the whole works — you will find that all of them were shot through with power struggles between rival groups. The UK is really a major bastion of spookville in the world. You may speak about Mossad, the FSB/KGB, or the CIA, but they have nothing on the twisted intrigues in the echelons of British spookdom going back centuries. That is why it provided such a rich vein for writers such as John Le Carré, who caricatured that evil world. That’s the weakness with ‘Evil Empire’. It will always be riddled with rivalries, factions, power struggles and divisive intrigue. It can never ever deliver the unity in the world which it claims to proffer. Even one of its own ministers recently described the UK government as “a cesspit full of liars” and that the government is “the most distrustful, awful environment he has ever worked in” [ ]. As egos jostle for preeminence, any kind of unified purpose will be a lost cause. This is one of the main reasons why Evil Empires will always fall in time. This is the shining little nugget in the dirt. It is all part of a doomed theatre of destruction, for eventually even the present Empire which is being stealthily built in the lead-up to its planned one-world government will be eradicated supernaturally, as I will be discussing in full, no holds barred, in my next essay.

The Temporary Nature of this Present World

It is important for me to say what I just said above, because I regularly get messages like this one: I will look forward to reading your article but, knowing your writings are based on fact, if I am honest, I find them quite depressing and I lose any hope of optimism not just for me but for my kids and grandchildren”. On one level, you can find them depressing. That is, if you only stop at all the conspiracy and evil and look at it as if that is all there is. However, as I am always quick to point out, this world as we know it is merely a temporary phenomenon to allow anything not compatible with Light to come to its head and be ripe for dissolution. There are many supernatural aspects at work here, dark and light, and you need to know that darkness has only been ‘invented’ by the powers behind the creation of this cosmos in order to show the true glorious nature of the Light. “The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not appropriated it” (Gospel of John, chapter 1, verse 5). The darkness personified in demons and those who are controlled or influenced by them has not taken hold of the Light so that their darkness should be dissolved. Therefore, there will eventually be a cataclysmic confrontation of darkness by that Light and the Light will prevail and the darkness will be no more. This is not mere supposition or mythological fantasy. It is written in granite, and I will be expanding on that in detail in my next essay.

So Now What Will You Do?

So now that you know how all the statistics have been twisted and massaged — how psychological techniques have been used on you, how politicians and health authorities have been in bed with spies and intelligence networks to fabricate a fake pandemic, all for the profit and power of the pharmaceutical cabal and the benefit of the power-elite which together will play a vital role in this run-up period to the establishing of the future one-world government — what will your response be? At the very least, you need to find allies and friends who understand. Genuine allies at this time are a vital part of our armoury. Plus, it is our duty to self-educate and develop ourselves spiritually (taking care not to fall for false gods and gurus) in such a way that we are not able anymore to be deceived. For the oppression will increase in an extraordinary way during the coming years. (Hint: Wait till the formal announcement about ETs, as the pre-programming is already in place 😉). The great dance of the future will be how to be a beacon of Light in the darkness, while maintaining one’s integrity and authenticity in the midst of the maelstrom, and how to keep your head when all about you are losing theirs (and I do not mean by execution, though being incarcerated and/or liquidated by the forces of darkness will doubtless play a role). These matters will be opened up fully in my next essay, entitled “The Book of Revelation: A Primer in the Meaning of ‘Apocalypse’”.


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© Alan Morrison, 2021

[The copyright on my works is only to protect them from any wanton plagiarism which could result in undesirable changes (as has actually happened!). Readers are free to reproduce my work, so long as it is in the same format and with the exact same content and its origin is acknowledged]

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