Eurovision = Eurotrash

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If you want to see a model for everything that is depraved in this world, watch the Eurotrash Song Contest. It exhibits the ultimate in fakery, caricature, poseurs, political and social correctness, undermining the sacred masculine and ridiculing the sacred feminine, while making a mockery of the very idea of music. Any sensitive, conscious soul should find it disturbing. It all fits perfectly into the prevailing end-of-the-age satanic zeitgeist. The Eurotrash Song Contest is nothing more than muzak to appease the easily offended multitude. Its acts are made up of desperately contrived ‘inclusivity’. The more camp-kitsch and fake an act is — the more eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and nail colour male act members use, or the more effeminate or foppish a male act is (in voice or appearance), and the more flamboyant or indicative of so-called ’girl-power’ the female acts are — the more likely those acts are to gain points.  The Eurotrash Song Contest is a theatre for what I call “money-machine music”. An individual or group with genuine talent has no need to be entering competitions. One only needs to be oneself. The very idea of “making it” or creating “a hit” is only based on materialist egocentric ambitions and has no artistic merit whatsoever.

Right now, I am sitting here in the mountains looking at some wildflowers and listening to a vast array of birdsong. What authenticity and natural, uncontrived beauty! It just is what it is and does not have to strive to be anything other than itself. If we want to be real artists, we should imitate such nature in its raw hearting rather than prancing around trying to attract attention to ourselves with charlatanesque decadence and empty burlesque masquerade.

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