I Am a Free Spirit!

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I AM A FREE SPIRIT.  I am not this way because my freedom’s more important than another’s rights or because I think I’m so important that my own delight outstrips the needs of every other soul. For freedom never is a way to get the things one wants but is simply to be wholly who one truly is, without the mask or any other clothing surplus to that role. Therefore, one cannot aim to be a spirit who is free or reinvent oneself as one. The only way to be thus free is to be unburdened from encumbrances which are your inadvertent life-experience legacy. By which I mean all sense of victimhood — of using lack of something in your past to try and claw it back today (without you even realising how that process works within the theatre of your life, your petit [petty] cabaret). By which I mean your own non-stop defensiveness which you invented to protect you (so you think) from anything which threatens your imagined deity (though your defensiveness will morph into offensiveness when you are in the presence of a spirit you suspect of being free). Unless you find a way to realise a mask of clay is glued upon your face, and engrams writ in uppercase incarcerate your heart, you’ll never find the grace of freedom’s spirit in your space; for that is where free spirit’s wholeness starts.

To be a spirit who is free means to be at loggerheads with every soul who’s not — which, in this world, makes up most, the vast majority. (Free spirits do not seek such rifts but truth divides, and articulated truth is what makes spirits who are free with this false world collide). Not only will they hate the measured words of wisdom from you if you’re free, but they will even hate your very presence in their world, you see. For theirs it is for now (this world, I mean). They are usurpers of this hallowed sphere and if a spirit who is free you are, you’ll be regarded as a trespasser on land upon which they already trespass (for there is One alone who truly owns this earth, a lesson of which most human souls have never learned the worth). An interloper you will be to them, invading their imagined space. As far as they’re concerned, you are a danger to their human race. In all their selfishness (which, for them, is an unconscious state), they see free spirits as the selfish ones (an irony which is of some considerable weight!). If those who aren’t free spirits have some false authority, they will use that phony power to imprison those free spirits who torment them in their field. There is nothing more they wish with all their twisted little hearts than to make free spirits yield. If they persist in holding ground as spirits who are free, and use their freedom to expose the dark, they will even have their lives curtailed by decree — a contract put out on their heads in secrecy.

I AM A FREE SPIRIT. I remove myself from situations where I cannot be myself. If you should try to ‘rein me in’, I will escape your clutches for my freedom does not come from anything which you can hold but solely from within (and even from beyond). I am a free spirit. All I want is to be left alone by those misunderstanding what it means to be a spirit who is free. I will do anything to help souls to be spirits who are free, in the only ways I know: with words and music wrapped in poetry. If you have freedom in your spirit too, then I will welcome you. But if your desperation means you’ll try to clip my wings or silence any/everything which in me sings, then you will merely bang your head against the forcefield round my form. For angels round free spirits swarm, as having no defences of their own, free spirits (if they’ve bowed themselves before the Throne of thrones belonging to the One who made all this that can be seen) will be defended to the hilt. (If you’ve experienced this, you’ll know exactly what I mean 😉).

Free spirits here will know no rest (in outer terms), though in their inmost parts they will. They know this life is just a briefsome test — a temporary somewhat bitter pill — a fleeting glimpse of what life can become when darkness gains free-run. It will not always thus be so. I tell you this so if you reading this free spirits are, and in your spirit you are having difficulty holding onto “free” or only sense it from afar, know that you aren’t alone. Just redirect your inner eye towards that Throne of which I wrote above. The only way our joy can slip is if we undermine the fellowship we have with what and who exists outside what can be seen with merely eyes. For this is how free spirits can maintain their heart of love within a world which worships self above all else and has no consciousness of what exists ‘beyond’, ‘behind’, ‘above’.

I AM A FREE SPIRIT. It’s lonesome here. For few will understand, and next to none will take my hand. But never lonely am I on this plane. For thoughts of what will be when dark one day is overcome is what here keeps me sane. 😍

© Alan Morrison, 2021

[The copyright on my works is only to protect them from any wanton plagiarism which could result in undesirable changes (as has actually happened!). Readers are free to reproduce my work, so long as it is in the same format and with the exact same content and its origin is acknowledged]

2 thoughts on “I Am a Free Spirit!

    djsbzbee said:
    Jun 14, 2021 at 6:19 am

    Tis grace that clips the bonds away . . . Ever more I’m learning this grace. There are new spots in my brain. I took a few steps back and sat down. Then I realized it didn’t matter! It’s a conscience made clear by grace that makes a spirit free. I’m so grateful to be free. And say, there’s even more freedom in being grateful. Anxiety rolls away making room for more freedom. Now, to keep remembering that I’m free! :-D))) Thank you again for sharing your heart.

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