There is Nothing More Attractive…

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THERE IS NOTHING MORE ATTRACTIVE in a human being than the intense desire to improve and grow… Read on below…

This means wanting to be more compassionate (without being schmaltzy), more knowledgeable (without being a ‘know-it-all’), more perceptive (being a ‘seer’ of people, seeing through bullshit and knowing when to act), more vigilant (watchful, awake), more diligent (dedicated, conscientious), more active (physically and mentally), more proactive (making good things happen just by being there), more liberated (from following others in one’s thinking and behaviour), more original (therefore innovative), more industrious (without being a workaholic), more generous (expecting nothing in return), more humorous (in the cleanest, sanest sense possible), more creative, more playful (being ludic, frolicsome, kittenish 😜), more healthy (less of a slob), more attentive to one’s nutrition and bodily needs (without being egocentrically obsessive about it but simply because one’s body is God’s gift), more sweet (therefore less bitter), more selfless (less ‘drama’ and less playing the victim), more mature (that’s different to playing at being ‘grown-up’), more sane (which, in this world, means being more INsane in the right sense! 😉), more curious (which is different to being nosey or intrusive), more adventurously-minded (less narrow-minded, less closed to challenging words and ideas), more (quietly) knowing, more incisive (without being cutting), more courageous (5-star aim), more genuinely spiritual (6-star aim!), more authentic (comes naturally if all the rest is followed), more disciplined (though never a disciplinarian), more prayerful (7-star aim), more centred (not ‘self’-centred but more constant, stable, therefore trustworthy), more gracious (one of the greatest signs of maturity), more patient (therefore more tolerant, which means being magnanimous, but not to the point of tolerating evil or that which is counterproductive to truth and goodness), more loving (less sentimental), more spontaneous (always careful that one’s spontaneity is not careless towards others), more honest, more nonconformist (which is not the same as being rebellious or intransigent), more unwilling to compromise (though one can be accommodating if wisdom deems it good and proper), more empathic (being careful not to fall prey to the vampiric vibes of others), more impervious to deception and manipulation, more lissome (less stern, less rigid, less hard), more adaptable (especially to difficult circumstances), more truth-loving (8-star aim), more truth-seeking, more truth-sharing, more truth-telling, more teachable (being open to wholesome instruction and also learning by experience), more open to epiphany, more anything which improves us and grows us.

In short, be a flower in the desert!

One thought on “There is Nothing More Attractive…

    Tina Gould said:
    Aug 15, 2021 at 11:37 pm

    BRAVO! More, please. (A heart cry.)

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