The Two Principal Industries of So-called Civilisation

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THE TWO PRINCIPAL INDUSTRIES of this “civilisation” are armaments and pharmaceuticals. One exists to keep the world in perpetual murderous conflict; the other exists to ensure that society is perpetually life-threateningly unhealthy. For our idea about how to create the greatest peace is just as screwed-up as how to be in optimum health. The warmongers and politicians tell us that maintaining the peace is about waging strategic and proxy wars “for freedom and democracy”, with spooks and militaries acting as agents for armaments manufacturers (rather than encouraging personal change so profound that conflict on all levels would become redundant). Scientific “experts” and medical administrative bodies tell us that preserving the health of society is about administering drugs after people have got sick, with hospitals and doctors openly acting as “dealers” for the pharmaceutical industry (rather than encouraging changes in personal lifestyle — such as diet, exercise, supplements, outlook, etc., — which are so profound that merely treating symptoms would be seen as superficially stupid compared to taking into account the condition of the whole person and the reasons for the illness in the first place).

In this way, the armaments and pharmaceutical industries have come to underpin the entire thrust of our “civilisation”. Their interdependence with governments and dependence on perpetual war and ill-health for their income and power has reached such an extent that the world is little more than a testing ground for their dastardly inventions, supported by governments everywhere and thought of as normal by the mass of people. In fact mostpeople are now so insane that they wilfully believe the lies of politicians (which mask the requirements of the armaments manufacturers) and think that everyone should be experimented on with potentially lethal concoctions by the pharmaceutical corporations (who the politicians have exempted from any liability). What a nuthouse the world has become! It has all gone way further than mostpeople realise. Anyone who imagines that this can be turned around with an election or through demonstrations is living in cloud-cuckoo-land. Only a cataclysmic supernatural intervention can deal with this… and indeed it will! I watch it all with much interest…

One thought on “The Two Principal Industries of So-called Civilisation

    djsbzbee said:
    Aug 24, 2021 at 4:07 am

    Me too.
    These perps believe all their own lies and agendas will somehow save and immortalize them. Will they be shocked when they find themselves prostrate before the Almighty? Or will it just sting like hell because they knew all along they were only fooling themselves?

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