Month: Aug 2017

Cosmic Barbecue [poem]

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So here he lies, washed up on farsome shores;
his ragged soul now grown in all its broken glory,
like a used & once-upon-a-time was-useful vessel
(dangling from a wizened mountain precipice
just by his fingertips alone, within his jaded story)
from another starfield light-year’s wayward world
which astronauted space seas’ crested foam,
manufactured from the sap of some galactic trees;
discovering he’d lost forever how to be at home,
destined from now on in hinterlands to roam.

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It’s quite Strange and Alienating…

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© Alan Morrison, 2017

Tears & Transcendence (like my Geranium)

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[A Meditation for an Eclipse Season]

“Saw the face on the Moon last night —
shocked, marvelled and amazed
that the wrong ain’t made right.
Looking down on this broken old world
over which flags of cowardly deeds
have unfurled.”

I am a Fool [poem]

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I’m always ever willing
to be judged a fool
for being vulnerable
acting uncool
for showing courage
seeing life as “school”
dreaming dreams
imbued with passion
sprouting deep salvific schemes
exuding love from every pore
giving much (then giving more)
and all for free (a natural law)
eschewing herds
inventing words
living alone and watching birds
walking on untrodden earth
(even where there is a dearth
of angels on the way)

Centrifuge [sonnet]

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The structure of the Universe dissolves
and I am riddled (w)ho(l)ly through with joy.
It took me by surprise; what it involves
is not what it had seemed. It’s all a ploy!

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