Day: Jan 21, 2018

Fake News. Fake Films. Fake World

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A comparison of truth with 3 new movies

Fake Films

THE EXPRESSION, “FAKE NEWS”, has been a headline stealer in recent months. Let’s face it, is there any news which isn’t fake — fake in many senses? For example, fake in the actual content, fake in the way that it’s reported, fake in the propaganda bias behind it, fake in terms of the reduction of serious matters to a mere soundbite. Most of the mainstream media outlets are owned by a very few conglomerates which are controlled by the power-elite. Anyone who does not realise that today is living in Cloud Cuckoo Land — a realm which has a larger population than most of the countries you could name put together! 😊 So, the fact that most mainstream media news is based on fakery should not be a surprise. Even many who know these things still sit gawping at their televisions and newspapers (especially today, on Sunday, when fake papers come fat!).

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