The Shadow [sonnet]

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Here’s a sonnet I wrote to a lover 27 years ago. (Just click on the title below). I was so foolish in those days. Nothing much has changed…

Sometimes I feel your sunlight move away;
I fade and I grow cold and lifeless leaves
On limbs outstretched; in darkened skies there grieves
A dying tree for fields in which we lay.

Perhaps I am a fool to love and cling
To velvet skin as though it were the bark
Of oak in safety gripped and not the dark
And downward path of bird with broken wing.

Yet, every woman met becomes, for sure,
Compared with you and – falling short of all
Your beauties, ways of speech that men enthrall –
I stand alone, untouched by their allure.

My love to them I’ll never fully give,
Because without your light the less I live.

© 2010, Alan Morrison

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