Winter Romance [song lyric]

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This is a song about why there is so much wasted (suppressed) love in this world. Difficult though it may be, we have to confront our inner demons and unfreeze that which is frozen within us. In fact, there are aspects of our selves to which we have no choice but to die if we want to live and love.

Fearing untamed animals
On the dark and lonely moor,
Seeing only wintry sunset
Vastness through the door,
We take the lowest road
The line of least resistance
The better safe than sorrow road
To painful raw existence.

Frostbitten, frozen, we resist
Those things which have to be,
While secretly (resentfully)
Wishing we were free;
Rebuffing those within whose
Hearts encirclement awaits us
And for whom we have a boundless
Space within our own.

Iceberg memories hidden hugeness
Floats in frozen skies,
In terror of the infinite —
A lover’s limpid eyes;
Afraid to lose our selves
Preserved in glacial pride;
In squand’ring Spring’s fertility
Capacity for loving dies.

Love — when seen through falling
Snowflakes crystal vision —
Becomes a cold and clever mimic,
Object of derision,
Suffused with chill insanity
(The mind’s mad moorland surge);
For only from the seeds of Death
Can Love’s sweet bloom emerge.


© 2010 Alan Morrison

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