You Didn’t Even Know [song lyric]

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This is a little song (in style naive) which I wrote many years ago in praise of my ideal woman (who probably doesn’t exist)



When I looked into your eyes
And it took me by surprise
I saw you — I knew you.
Never thought that it could be
Doesn’t come that easily
I loved you — it’s all true
It all happened to me.

You have got the kind of face
To wake up next to and embrace
In sunshine — at moontime
Doesn’t happen everyday
When it does it never fades
For ever — I never
Felt this way before.

{All this stuff was happening
You didn’t even know
Unless the same thing’s going down inside you
Maybe you can hide it all
Better than I ever can
I just wanna lay me down beside you}

You’ve a crazy crooked smile
On your lips. I like your style
I kissed them – I miss them
Deep inside I wonder why
I never felt the need to fly
Without you – the clouds blew
And rained stormy dark times

Little secret I can share
Just between me and the air
Around you — I found you.
When I fell into those pools
Drowning in them like a fool
I don’t care — I’m right where
It’s so easy to be.


© 2010, Alan Morrison

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