I have Cut Off my Love [poem]

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I have cut off my love
for you
Like sailors stem the strident tide
(I did it only to survive)
Pushed all the crazy paving way outside
That I no longer have to walk beside you

I have strapped up my arms
with glue
A jacket strait from padded cells
All wrapped up in my little shell
I hug myself in vain [my private hell]
That I no more can throw myself around you

I have frozen my heart
With ice
From Arctic circles miles below
My blood transformed to driving snow
[While penguins gasp and watch the burlesque show]
That I no longer am congealed within you

I have condemned myself
to death
An execution I will stage
While squatting in my stupid cage
(Cupid breaks his bow and stamps with rage)
That I no more can shelter soft inside you

I have cut off my love
(It’s true)
Like soldiers in a trance will kill
I swallowed the abortion pill
Then plunged my broken knife up to the hilt
That I will be condemned to be behind you


© 2011, Alan Morrison

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