The Rising [song lyric]

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Did you want to take yourself away in space –
lose yourself without a trace and be alive?
Listen hard with something other than your mind;
then so strangely you will plainly come to find
that you can hear the heartbeat of the world –
its secret soul unfurled.
It’s raw. What’s more,
you’ll ache for all the pain that power brings
and realise that you can simply sing
to heal it all –
just heed the call
to rise…

How did we come to reach this point
where everything seems out of joint?
The answer is discovered deep inside;
and then we have to swim against the tide

With courage we must act as one –
the power of words against the gun,
so we can look our children in the eye;
with love for every speck beneath the sky

Come with me and take my hand in harmony.
Make a stand and know you’re free to be yourself.
Do not fear the consequences of your deeds.
Now the time has finally come to fulfil needs.
You’ll find when you unlock the prison door,
the bird inside will soar
on wings and sing.
You’ll know in what direction you should go.
Towards your future you can truly flow
to heal it all –
just heed the call
to rise…

© 2011, Alan Morrison

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