Only a Dog [sonnet]

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[This little sonnet pays tribute to all those who are mistreated because they are different – especially prisoners of conscience who are tortured, abused and even killed by government agencies]

He’s only a dog, said the withered voice,
speaking intoned in a dark monologue.
[Only means onesome, uniquely a dog;
meaning (in real terms) there isn’t a choice].

This was after the boot had descended,
sending his blood spatters over the wall
clearly harder than she had intended —
he’s only a dog, as you may recall.

Why should this creature (who wasn’t a threat)
be treated with hatred, hounded away —
his corpse on a stretcher now in decay —
while she who had kicked walks off and forgets?

Abuses of nature can’t be ignored;
the price to be paid, we’ll never afford.


© 2011, Alan Morrison

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