Played and Lost [song lyric]

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I played the game of love and then I lost
I knew not that it was a game at first
But now I paid the price at such a cost
All future close liaisons will be cursed

I loved a girl; she said that she loved me
She told me that she thought I was The One
But nothing in this game of love comes free
Especially living near the midnight sun

Yet at the time I couldn’t give my life
Although I gave my heart without a hitch
I swear I would have had her as my wife
I wasn’t able then to make the switch

So now she’s gone and found another guy
She couldn’t wait for me to reach the sky

I’ve tried to bathe in other rays of love
But nothing ever will compare to she
Unless release is granted from above
From her I know I never will be free

From time to time she sends me token hearts
She tells me that she loves me still the same
But her new life she cannot disembark
She’s happy, so she says, without the flames

Yet every time she sends her love my way
Such evidence of craving I do find
She said that when her passion is in play
It’s me who fills her body and her mind

I guess I’ll have to wait until she’s done
Until she cannot live without The One


© 2011, Alan Morrison

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