So Much a Woman [poem]

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you are more woman than I ever thought woman could be
a stream of softstrength waiting to hold and be held
laughingly. with gentleness we sigh at all the ways
that woman’s deep mystery-giveness is now no longer
deemed to be worthy of wonderful wide-eyed praise

it is your purity of heart which rolls away the layers
enabling you to feel that womansoul which shelters me
when in your presencesun I blithely bathe and you me save
with handsful of touchful healing strokes (not just with your hands)
like sea on the sands of time (you are now my tidal wave)

unburying non-esteemedness elements of woman’s
sacred anima without a thought for consequences
signals to me someone of integrity and liberty
who lives for what is goodandtrue (no fashion-follower
novelty-swallower) lives her life graceheartedly

the power that is lovely you lies somewhere in-between
your vulva and your smile (my secret code for heart)
and all the while emblazoned there I see your mind ablaze
with Perseid meteor showers scattered over skies of ours —
a woman’s hea(d)rt in every way despite what some may say

I place you on a pedestal not perched up in the air
(aloof) for it’s a pedestal I share with you, we two
man and woman being who we’re meant to be
not products of our generations’ compromised
psychologising truth-castration. how we love the sea!

you danced me with your woman’s dance, my haloed iris eyes
looked down on us as blessings in disguise. we waltzed away
the night and in the day we lay again upon our bed
while all the tender words we said accumulated
then gestated, we elated… into a fountainhead!

© 2011, Alan Morrison

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