My Semantic Sea [poem]

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I always have the feeling
that I say too much.
In my oral fever
I am constantly ready
with words that gush.
Bubbles come out
from my lips with ease;
I leave not one stone
unturned (unseized).
For words are to me
like a fecund flow
of turquoise-coloured
streams searching hard
for a place in a harbour
to anchor my wildest dreams.

I am a wordful waterfall
a tideful torrent which
(more) comes and (less) goes
(hardly) ebbs and (always) flows.
In all my words
(I did not choose them
but they chose me)
I am the tears of the Cosmos
[Lachrymae Universalis]
sprinkling down
a semantic sea.

I say in hesitant
woeful whispers
to the One I love:
“My Darling
please do not drown.”
You simply look my way
smiling sunly and say
“Don’t worry, dear you,
your deluge I love.
With your words
you brighten every hole
and lighten any darkened path—
cut right through to my very soul.”

Then I glidely start to rise
and say “I’m smiling
broad from ear to ear.”
You touch my hand
and say “Your words
have rayed my day
dissolved my fear.”

I used to feel
I said too much
until you showed
me with that touch
that words can
never overflow.
Infinity provides
the space and
like our love
our words will
now forever

© 2011, Alan Morrison

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