The Mirror of the Mire [poem]

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the poet is the pedlar of possibility
the architect of other worlds
reminder of responsibility
deflator of all hubris hurled
iconoclastic painter
dark defibrillator
narrator of all love unfurled
a rendezvous arranger
a nervous bold and
hungry bird

the poet dips his head
beneath the surface
of the curtains which
are used to hide
the outofplaceful
cut and dried
diseased and dreadful
always mazeful
labyrinths and
avenues of malcontent
mischievous and
maliciousful mendacity

the poet is the salesman of truth
the harbinger of unhinged dreams
a spring of everlasting youth
he overturns deceptive schemes
his eyes awide and core awake
he mouths the world’s secreted screams
transparent made from groans opaque
illuminating barren soars
he levers stiff and ancient lore
traditions fall before his sword
while making love despising war
his back a teacher knifed and raw

the poet is the mirror of the mire

© 2011, Alan Morrison

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