The Law of Burdens [poem]

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Every burden not picked up
at this stage on the road
if picked up later down the track
becomes a heavier load.
That’s a basic rule of life
which many do ignore;
and I myself have walked away
from weighty loads galore.

But poised behind the lacework veil
which lies between two worlds
a force unknown but full of love
around our actions whirls.
If we then choose to disregard
this gift through which we’re saved
it leaves us to our own just ends —
it only aids the brave.

“I haven’t got the spine for this!”
so often do we cry
not realising if we start
our strength will multiply.
For those who dare to take a step
into the realms unknown
will find that they’ve received some help
and all their fears have flown.

The magic fact of burdens borne
and picked up in their time
is that eventually they yield
rewards and gains sublime.
Far from weigh us down in fact
they only build us up;
and then they pour their healing balm
into our empty cup.

At first sight this may seem to be
inconsequential verse —
a fanciful and naïve poet’s
jaded universe.
And so a challenge here I give
to those who pass this way:
When burdens come just ask for aid
and boost your vertebrae!

© 2011, Alan Morrison

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