On the First Day of This Year

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On the first day of this year, I made a resolution to take shit from no one, never to settle for less than what is the best possible and always to gyrate to the highest ground. That is the first New Year’s Resolution that I’ve actually kept. So I echo it again as the year draws to a close: I will in all circumstances take shit from no one. I will not compromise on getting the best of all possible worlds in all things. I refuse to let others dictate my life for me or to let them mess about with my head with their twisted “logic” and manipulations. I will stand my ground and preserve the sacredness of my space – not on an ego-trip but so that I can be more useful to others in this world where too many try to puff themselves up and destroy the dreams of the brave. If you’ll join me on my journey I will be overjoyed!


© 2011, Alan Morrison

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