You Were… [poem]

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You were a light
a singing rock of shineness
in my darknesses
your thereness (like your skin)
was always soft and velveteen
you never goodbyed on a whim
or skimmed the surface
in a swim of unseasoned sanctuaries

You were a dream
an ever hand of kindness
through my starknesses
your shareness (like your form)
was only ever selfless done
you never once became a thorn
although you could be
(if you felt there was a threat) a little prick

You were a sleeve
on which to wear my heartness
buy my quarknesses
your squareness (like your trust)
was a foil to my circles
you never chafed against my rust
except to make me
full believe that I was more than I conceive

You were a coat
to keep me in aliveness
fuel my sparknesses
your rareness (like your smile)
was all-apparent from the start
you shared my self-exile
then turned you roundly
while you found your own sleep-soundly featherbed


© 2011, Alan Morrison

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