When people discover that I haven’t drunk any alcohol

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When people discover that I haven’t drunk any alcohol for more than 40 years I get some very interesting reactions. A popular one is “You don’t drink?!!? How boring!” They mean it must be boring for me because I don’t drink and that it’s also boring for them because they want everyone to be like they are. Another reaction is “Oh, are you a recovering alcoholic then?” For the record, I am neither bored nor am I a recovering alcoholic. I don’t drink 1) Because it only takes a thimbleful to make me silly (as I discovered when I was a teenager); 2) Because I am already high enough on life, love, music, wordness & nature to need any artificial stimulants; 3) I like to have a clear head and enough incisive focus to leave no stone unturned; 4) I’ve never liked to follow the crowd. So… I hope that explains everything! 🙂

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