Medicine Mouth [poem]

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It washed right through my many-coated
crude defensive multi-moated
barrier-reefs of weathered ways
so carefully built in recent days of
darkness. Your mouth a waterfall
of wonder struck my stupid wall
like thunder and, to cut the story short,
I, defeated by your beam, arose
through empty spaces springing
over frozen traces; ice blaspheming
all the writhing awesomeness of love
with pseudo-caution seeming from above.

Your face alively blithely cleansing out
my waterspout tornado-troubled
bland untrysting trustless doubt.
My mind had given up on ever
seeing seemliness in parted lips
I thought at most I’d pass like ships
in nightwatch coasting never
docking watch the clock and hope
the violent rocking of the sea
would cold distract my aching bones
until eternity took hold of me and
set me free from such uncertainty.

The moistful welcome near your tongue
so playfully left me all undone and
sensing conversation flowing while
I grasped your growing tendril shoots
and touched your glowing rootless tree
in finely etched-out ecstasy we stood
together on that battered raft of wood
and laughed. At first a gentle chuckle
rose umbilically-suckling trickling
juices from your cheeks then convulsive
crazy paroxysmal breeches in my wall at
last did make it fall (unthrall) foreverly.

© 2012, Alan Morrison

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