Fuck “Lagom”!

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Fuck “Lagom”! That’s what I say. Let’s feel everything as much as is possible – experience everything hotly without rage or bitterness. Let’s express our passion and joy to the highest degree – no holding back – no defence systems – no walls – no barriers – no games. Weep with the suffering. Grieve with the griefstricken. Stand up boldly for the oppressed and all victims of injustice. Never cross the road to avoid defending/supporting a fellow human being on your own side of the road. Love with all lovers. Sing with all songsmiths. Laugh every laugh there is to be laughed. Treat convention as if it was a dinosaur – extinct and alien. Let conformity drown in its own vomit. Let mediocrity choke on the dregs. Let’s follow our hearts if we know they are true to the spirit of life and love. Then, at least, we can die with a clear conscience…

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