I never cease to be amazed by my native language

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I never cease to be amazed by my native language. The richness bedazzles me! I often trawl the thesaurus just for fun and coming on the synonyms for the word “fool”, I there find a real cornucopia of imagination. For your amusement, here they are: “Blockhead, fat-head, dunce, dimwit, simpleton, halfwit, idiot, cretin, imbecile, ignoramus, moron, dupe, stooge, butt, laughing-stock, clown, comic, buffoon, jester, muggins, gull, Jack-fool, jackass, lemming, mooncalf, soft, softy, Tom-noddy, tomfool, punk, gowk, mumchance, barmpot, gump, haverel, coof, dottle, eejit, cluck, dumb-cluck, yap, old cony, fon, fondling, want-wit, patch, sot, wigeon, lack-brain, bauble, capocchia, snipe, nincompoop, ass, chump, ninny, neddy, clot, dope, twit, nitwit, nit, sucker, mug, twerp, birdbrain, lamebrain, knuckle-head, silly-billy, berk, Charlie, gubbins, sap, saphead, wazzock, dum-dum, coot, goat, head-banger, bampot, lunkhead, chowderhead, putz, doofus, dill, boofhead, wally, jerk, dumbo, muppet, pillock, prat, dork, geek, plonker, git, nerd, nerk, nelly, goop, josser, nig-nog, sawney, schlemiel, turkey, cloth head, dipstick, goof, kook, tosspot, jughead, schmo, dingbat, dweeb, prick, dickhead, cake.” 

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