And thus the Day will Come [poem]

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And thus the day will come when every mystery mote falls into place
when every vainly sign
[which chanced itself in every bleak unbrace
on every lunarscape or masquerade of hearting aching breaking veins
unmaking love refrains and all the broken promises and wrongnesses
and unexplainful silences misunderstandings empty ramblings all the
soulless vain mishandlings angry outbursts dried-up thirsting ousted
curseful never-coming-even-closeful best case scenes made arioso
though they should be grandioso riven run through cut to quick too
driven out and undervalued scavenges for healthful soulfood under
token lifeforce subdued silenced wholly misconstrued unlicensed
crisis torque aborted countless golden pleasures thwarted stridently
connivances beclouded drowned]
through specks of cherub-dusting
clean will straight be traced and quarantined as chastely atom beams

© 2012, Alan Morrison

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