My Dreams are Becoming Increasingly (Sur)real

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My dreams are becoming increasingly (sur)real and far out these days. Last night I dreamed I was on a bed in someone’s house very conscious of my lonely, rootless, troubadour existence and wondering how much longer I could do this. I looked over towards my computer and an attachment had arrived which was a new variety which actually materalised (like a hologram only more corporeal) in front of the screen. It consisted of a smorgasbord of domestic plants with flowers on a platter. They were lovely to behold. I moved closer. Suddenly, they started wilting in an accelerated manner and then decaying into brown dry matter, then into powder and dust which just disappeared. Not just the plants but their containers too and the platter. Then I noticed that the same process started with everything else in the room — the plants, the furniture, carpets, my instruments, everything began to decay as if in a speeded-up process of decomposition and dissolution. It was as if the attachment was a contagion. Once everything around me (including the walls and buildings) had turned to dust and nothingness within the space of what seemed like a minute or so, I realised that only I was left. Then I, too, began to dissolve and, of course, as I did so I woke up… disappointed that I hadn’t been there to witness the conclusion — a participant observer of my own disintegration. What an edgy concept!

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