It’s happened again

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It’s happened again. I see some random person in a shop, on the street, a bus, train or plane, and their whole life washes over me. It feels like a mixture of being breathed on by the sky and being hit by a truck. It is always shocking and powerful and mind-altering. She was mid-fifties, I guess; but I reckon younger than she looks, shopping with her husband. We had some eye contact and it was as if I saw every burden — every sigh which lay behind the lines on her face — her heartache, her indiscretions, her unfulfilled desires, her longings, her little successes, her perceived failures, her soldiering on in the face of hopelessness and much more. But not as separate elements; all of them at once, like an avalanche. And I sent some of my heart her way. It always makes me weep. She saw my wetted eyes and she knew. Yes, she knew. Do you have that experience too?

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