One of the Principal Roles of an Artist

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One of the principal roles (one could even say duties) of the artist is to be a voice for those less able to express themselves. For the artist is able to put into words or pictures or song what others cannot (or maybe dare not) say or feel (or maybe have not even yet thought). In this way, s/he can encourage others to find their voice (and maybe even their thoughts). Through the artist, people are empowered to see and feel and think and speak in ways they never knew before. Thus, the true artist becomes a creative conduit for the dreams and inner longings of the mass of souls — a magician of the heart and mind, an alchemist transforming dull grey matter into floral patterns and filigree frescoes which issue in fiery deeds. Dictators, despots and corrupt governments know this only too well. They feel threatened by the very existence of such artists (and other thinkers); which is why they will set out to remove their influence from the world — either by ridicule, defamation, incarceration on trumped-up charges or assassination (ask John Lennon, Michael Jackson and many other highly influential artists who knew what was really happening and paid the price). Never has the world needed true artists as much it does today. People who will speak out and educate, stimulate, regenerate and elevate the sleepy human mind…

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