Dark Side and the Pathway of Light

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There is an easy way to tell the difference between the Dark Side and the Pathway of Light. For the Dark Side always has an affinity for acquisition and accrual. It loves to accumulate things — whether it be power or material objects. The Pathway of Light, however, involves renunciation. Acquisition and renunciation are the two diametrically-opposed qualities on which darkness and light pivot. When I see statements all over Facebook about techniques for “manifesting one’s desires” in abundance (i.e. creating wealth) I see the Dark Side. They are simply motivational get-rich-quick schemes dressed up in psychobabble and “spiritual” clothing (often involving some kind of pyramid-selling scam or getting you to attend some “energy alignment” sessions in order to become a session leader yourself and make loadsamoney — thus creating a self-perpetuating cult which sees itself as the ultimate answer to humanities ills!).

If the New Age to come is characterised by how adept one is at accruing wealth then we have totally lost our way and gone over to the Dark Side. The Pathway of Light is about renunciation. It is about letting go, not drawing material stuff to oneself. It is about the eschewing of such wealth and power rather than the accruing of it. We have to know how to strip ourselves down to the barest of essentials if we want to invite Light into our lives. As soon as I detect a whiff of that “you have a right to be happy, healthy and wealthy” shtick, I run a mile. It is a terrible mistake, for we don’t have that right at all. Often we need some blow in our lives to free us, grow us, move us on. Illness, too (like weakness), can be a great teacher, awful though it is. Being able to walk away from wealth can be the most upright, decent, growful thing we can do. We get what we need in this life, if that is what we humbly ask for. That may not align with what we think we want. But as a wise person once put it: “The thing that we think is best for ourselves is often worst for our souls”.

To chase the idea of happiness, health and wealth as if it is a right by using certain techniques (which you usually have to pay a lot for!) is witchcraft of the darkest kind posing as evidence of spiritual growth and light. That’s a neat trick; yet it is highly symptomatic of the present transient era, which features rampant deception and disinformation at its heart. (Oh, how much we need to understand that phenomenon!). If we wander around this world as undiscerning, permanently-smiling, positive-thinking puppets we will wind up in some Dark Side guru’s back-pocket as their pawn, stooge and gopher, spouting the same clever-sounding inanities as they do. The perpetuation of myths through popularity. A degenerate society founded on baseless dreams with more of an affinity to the New World Order (a manifestation of the Dark Side) rather than the true New Age (the culmination of Light shining out of the former darkness). The

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