Alike [poem]

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like a leaf
half-driven by the wind
half by my own propulsion
I am blown
by strategies unknown
toward the goal

like a dream
from which I woke to find
I’d been some other person
in a haze
an uncompleted phrase
without a verb

like a straw
I’m bending in the wind
though sometimes lean the wrong way
show my arse
defaming bedroom farce
for hostile minds

like a stone
I sink down to the bed
of careless sea in waters
made from tears
wherein no dream adheres
to the heavens

like a fish
under a rock I hide
from predators and hindrance
woe betide
such anglers as won’t cry
or paddle there

like a heart
I pump a steady beat
waiting for the surge to come
and every cell alive
with semen’s flame

like a wind
of smokey rushing grey
etheric mist and wispness
which I am
I gently leeward lean
and bow to love
© Alan Morrison, 2013

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